Boston Civic - Government - Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Boston's government and representatives at all levels
  • Local: City and county government; note that Suffolk County doesn't have any central government functions
    • City: City of Boston; elected city government portal
    • Police: Boston Poice Department
    • Fire: Boston Fire Department
  • State: Commonwealth of Massachusetts access
    • Massachusetts: Commonwealth of Massachusetts government portal
    • Boston Info: List of Commonwealth Web sites of interest to the Boston area
  • Federal: The United State's government has a presence in Boston through elected representatives and some facilities
    • US Sen Cowan: United States Senator for MA
    • US Sen Warren: United States Senator for MA
    • US House MA: Massachusetts delegation; United States House of Representatives
    • FBI: Boston Division Federal Bureau of Investigation; serves northern Massachusetts; headquarters office in downtown Boston and four satellite offices
    • FEB: Boston Federal Executive Board; exchanges information between Washington and the local area; coordinates Federal programs
    • Fed: Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
    • FEMA: Federal Emergency Management Agency Region I; serves federal emergency management needs
    • USCG: United States Coast Guard Group Boston
    • -USA Federal-: USA Federal Government links; links to major top-level Web sites related to the United States government; you can use these to locate federal services available in the area
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