Washington, DC Media - TV - Washington, DC, USA

Television stations in Washington; in alphabetical order by call letters
  • BET: Black Entertainment Television; national network based in DC
  • CSPAN: Congressional and Public Affairs Network; created in 1979 by the cable television industry as a public service; public access to the political process through television, radio, and Internet; televises US House of Representatives and the US Senate when they are in session; covers congressional hearings, White House press briefings, and speeches
  • W28BY: EBITv; Executive Branch Internet Television
  • WBDC: WB 50
  • WDCA: UPN 20
  • WETA: PBS 26
  • WHUT: PBS 32
  • WNVC: Ethnic
  • WNVT: Instructional Programming
  • WJLA: ABC 7 ; Includes news and community network of bloggers
  • WRC: NBC 4
  • WTTG: Fox 5
  • WUSA: CBS 9
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