Madison Civic - Government - Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Madison's government and representatives at all levels
  • Local: City and county government
    • Madison: Madison, Wisconsin elected city government; provides information for aspects of city government as well as visitor information
    • Police: City of Madison Police Deparment
    • Fire: City of Madison Fire Deparment
    • Dane Co: Dane County
    • Elections: League of Women Voters–Dane County; encourages participation in government; provides voting information, position papers, candidate information
  • State: Madison is the capital of Wisconsin and home to the state's legislature and executive offices as well as many state offices
    • Wisconsin: State of Wisconsin government portal; a directory of Wisconsin government as well as information on public service, business, education, health, safety, and visitor information
    • Legislature: Wisconsin State Legislature; provides citizen's guide, information about all aspects of legislative session
    • Governor: Wisconsin Office of the Governor; provides information about Wisconsin's Governor and First Lady, news and speeches, and the Executive Residence
    • Find Legislators: Use this service to look up representatives in Wisconsin government based on a street address
  • Federal: The United State's government has a presence in Madison through elected representatives and some facilities
    • US Sen Johnson: United States Senator Ron Johnson
    • US Sen Baldwin: United States Senator
    • US House Pocan: Mark Pocan, 2nd District Wisconsin
    • US Ct: United States Court, Western District of Wisconsin; includes Bankruptcy Court, District Court, Probation and Pretrial Services
    • Army ERC: United States Army Engine Research Center University of Wisconsin--Madison; devoted to fundamental research on spark ignition and diesel engines
    • VA Hospital: William S. Middleton Memorial United States Veteran's Administration Medical Center; acute care facility providing comprehensive tertiary care in medicine, surgery, neurology, and psychiatry for United States military veterans
    • -USA Federal-: USA Federal Government links; links to major top-level Web sites related to the United States government; you can use these to locate federal services available in the area
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