Miami Miami - AM Radio Dial - Sorted by Frequency

This list shows AM Radio stations that are licensed by the FCC (except noted exceptions like low power FM stations) with Web sites sorted by frequency; You can see the other bands (AM, FM, HD). Alternatively, you can see all the stations with Web sites sorted in alphabetical order by call letters or all the stations with Web sites sorted by band on one page.
  • WQAM: AM 560 Sports
  • WIOD: AM 610 News Talk
  • WJNA: AM 640 Nostalgia; Royal Palm Beach
  • WWFE: AM 670 Spanish
  • WAQI: AM 710 Spanish Univision
  • WAXY: AM 790 Sports; South Miami
  • WACC: AM 830 Spanish Catholic; Hialeah
  • WINZ: AM 940 Talk
  • WHSR: AM 980 International; Pompano Beach
  • WMYM: AM 990 Children's Radio Disney +HD
  • WRHB: AM 1020 Spanish; Kendall
  • WLVJ: AM 1040 Christian Talk; Boynton Beach
  • WTPS: AM 1080 Talk; Coral Gables
  • WQBA: AM 1140 Spanish Univision
  • WAVS: AM 1170 Carribean; Davie
  • WSUA: AM 1260 Spanish
  • WKAT: AM 1360 News Talk; North Miami
  • WOCN: AM 1450 Spanish
  • WWNN: AM 1470 Talk health and money; Pompano Beach
  • WMBM: AM 1490 Gospel Music; Miami Beach
  • WRHC: AM 1550 Spanish; Coral Gables
  • WSRF: AM 1580 Carribean; Fort Lauderdale
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