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Name:Woodland Pattern Bookstore
Description:bookstore with reading series, classes, and workshops
Address:map link 720 E Locust St, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Coordinates:43.071178, -87.902097 (entrance on E Locust)
Place Area:riverwest
Place Type:store
Web Site:Web site
Other Links:yelp link yelp
Nearby:(A) Woodland Pattern Bookstore entrance on E Locust
374 metersNEto(B) Colectivo Humboldt
404 metersN to(C) Art Bar
408 metersE to(D) Gordon Park
414 metersS to(E) Fuel Cafe
626 metersS to(F) Riverwest Coop
641 metersS to(G) Bremen Cafe
1005 metersW to(H) Milwaukee Public Library Martin Luther King Branch
Woodland Pattern Bookstore Front
Photo Title: Woodland Pattern Bookstore - Front
Photo Description: along Locust Street
Photo Date: 2007-10-07
Place Area: riverwest
Place Type: store
Photo Category: scene
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