Milwaukee Commerce - Groups - Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Organizations promoting business and business opportunities in the Milwaukee area
  • Water Council: Water-related Milwaukee-area businesses, education and government people and organizations; more than 180 members; global water technology companies; water entrepreneurs; government agencies; non-governmental organizations; academic research programs; water professionals
  • Water Commons: Milwaukee Water Commons; community organization; stewardship, access, decision-making for water resources
  • StarupMKE: new business community
  • Commons: college students work to launch high-growth startups
  • Dept of City Dev: Milwaukee Department of City Development; aims to improve the quality of life in Milwaukee by guiding and promoting development that creates jobs, builds wealth and strengthens the urban environment, and at the same time respects equity, economy and ecology
  • Fair Trade: Milwaukee Fair Trade Coalition
  • Hispanic Chamber: Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Wisconsin; networks existing businesses with the personnel and technical resources to expand and diversify
  • M7: Seven-county region surrounding Milwaukee; promoting itself for economic development and business purposes; counties are Kenosha, Milwaukee, Racine, Walworth, Waukesha, and Washington
  • MiKE: innovation in MKE; a design, technology and innovation cluster
  • MMAC: Metropolitan Milwaukee Area Chamber of Commerce; encourages business development, capital investment and job creation, and provides networking opportunities, events, and volunteer opportunities; Council of Small Business Executives; represents businesses in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Ozaukee and Washington Counties
  • OurMilwaukee: Locally-owned businesses; a business alliance that advocates for locally owned businesses that provide a genuine, quality experience
  • Research Pk: Milwaukee County Research Park Corporation; manages the development of a university-related research park on 70 hectares of Milwaukee County owned land in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
  • SWWT: Southeastern Wisconsin Watersheds Trust (Sweet Water); a collaborative effort to achieve healthy and sustainable water resources throughout the Greater Milwaukee Watersheds
  • Spirit of Milwaukee: Promotes Milwaukee; educates the public about greater Milwaukee's many cultural, educational, historical and scientific institutions
  • World Trade Assoc: Milwaukee World Trade Association; membership organization that links companies and individuals with common interests: the expansion of international business, exchange of experiences, increasing member knowledge and expertise in international sales and services
  • World Trade Ctr: Wisconsin World Trade Center
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