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See live conditions and views of Minneapolis-St. Paul

  • Weather: Current weather observations and forecasts
    • Graphic; shows current weather conditions for Minneapolis-St. Paul
      Click for Forecast for Minneapolis, Minnesota from weatherUSA.net
    • Radar: National Weather Service radar; shows radar image for the area around Minneapolis-St. Paul
    • Minneapolis-St. Paul radar -- click to enlarge
    • Forecast:
    • NWS Forecast: National Weather Service Forecast Office
    • Satellite: Goestationary infrared image; satellite image for Eastern United States sector, infrared image; provided by National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, US Dept of Commerce
    • Air Quality: Current Air Quality Index; shows air quality index for the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area
    • Snow: (Seasonal) map of 7-day snowfall in Minnesota; National Weather Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, US Dept. of Commerce
  • Cams: Live views of Minneapolis-St. Paul; helpful for finding out about current weather and road conditions
    • G&G Webcam: Live from downtown Minneapolis
    • Traffic: Highway Views; Minnesota Department of Transportation
  • News: News and reports about what's going on in Minneapolis-St. Paul
    • Google News: Google News search for Minneapolis-St. Paul; find news and sports stories from a variety of sources
    • Yahoo News: Yahoo news search for Minneapolis-St. Paul; finds news and sports stories in a variety of news sources; includes photos
    • Traffic: Live Map; shows traffic accidents, road construction, and congestion
    • MN Roads: road conditions; shows road accidents, alerts, roadwork, driving conditions throughout state; call 511 for phone information; Minnesota Department of Transportation
    • Gas Prices; graphic image showing low and high gas prices; reported by users of TwinCitiesGasPrices.com Web site


Look up information about Minneapolis-St. Paul such as maps, facts, and census information

  • Maps: Online mapping services; most of these allow you to zoom in and out and select specific features to view on the map
    • MapQuest: MapQuest's Minneapolis-St. Paul map; integration with digitalcity.com city Internet guide
    • Yahoo: Yahoo's Minneapolis map; integrated with Yahoo's Get Local city Internet guides
    • Metro: PDF Metro Map; single sheet map shows 7-county metro area and principal highways
    • Historic: Map links from the History of Minneapolis; Minneapolis Public Library
    • -USA Maps-: More online mapping services; you can use this list of sites to get more maps of the area or specialized maps such as historical, topographic, or satellite imagery
  • Info: Look up basic facts about Minneapolis-St. Paul from online reference works
    • Answers: Answers.com entry for Minneapolis-St. Paul; gives factual articles from professional-edited sources as well as a Wikipedia article
    • Almanac: Information Please Almanac entry for Minneapolis; gives a page of basic facts about the city, including a general description and current facts
    • Books: MSP Books; a page presenting books about the city of Minneapolis-St. Paul
  • Census: Information from the United States Bureau of the Census;
    • Metro: Metropolitan Area Population; includes Minnesota counties Anok, Carver, Dakota, Hennepin, Ramsey, Scott, and Washington
    • Minneapolis: QuickFacts; shows a concise list of population demographics, business, and geography facts
    • St Paul: QuickFacts; shows a concise list of population demographics, business, and geography facts
    • Data Doorway: Directory to census data; Twin Cities Research Group

Minneapolis-St. Paul Living

Find out about things to do and places to see in Minneapolis-St. Paul


People in Minneapolis-St. Paul take part in many clubs and organizations; activities include interest groups, clubs, hobbies, community centers, organizations, and groups

  • Arts: Metropolitan Regional Arts Council; provides grants, services, and technical assistance to the arts communities of Anoka, Carver, Dakota, Hennepin, Ramsey, Scott, and Washington counties
  • Blues: Blues On Stage; Blues Music Reviews and other blues related news and information
  • Book Arts: Minnesota Center for Book Arts; traditional crafts of bookmaking; the book as an art form; the book in its aesthetic, historic, and cultural contexts
  • Clubs: TwinCitiesNightClubs; the Minneapolis/St.Paul Club Scene
  • History Hennepin: Hennepin County Historical Society
  • History Ramsey: Ramsey County Historical Society
  • Jazz: Twin Cities Jazz Society; includes musicians and groups, schedules, radio, clubs, concert series
  • Landmark Ctr: Cultural center; music, dance, theater, exhibitions, public forums, and special events; home to arts and cultural organizations
  • Music: Musicians network; includes information on live shows, CD sales, venues, resources, articles, forum, and band listings
  • MN Rec: Sports and Recreation; Minnesota Web Directory
  • Red Cross: American Red Cross, Twin Cities Area Chapter; provides relief to victims of disasters and helps people prevent, prepare for, and respond to emergencies
  • Singles: MSP Personals; find your match in Minneapolis-St. Paul
  • YMCA: Minneapolis and Saint Paul YMCAs
  • YWCA: YWCA of Minneapolis
  • -USA Directories-: Search organization directories; there are hundreds of thousands of organizations, associations, societies, and nonprofits in the US covering many interests; many of these are in Minneapolis-St. Paul; these directories help you locate an organization


Minneapolis-St. Paul is famous for its diverse events year-round

  • Listings: Connect to online calendars and databases; show what's going on and where
    • Metromix: Calendar/guide; current attractions, events
    • StarTribune: Entertainment Scene
    • Upcoming: Collaborative event calendar; shows upcoming events of all kinds: concerts, lectures, trade shows, community events, etc. as submitted by registered users; can view by date, venue, tag, submit group, or popularity
    • SP Arts: St. Paul Arts and Culture
    • TCMusic: Live Shows in the area
    • UMN: University of Minnesota events
  • Performing: Minneapolis-St. Paul is home to many performing arts and cultural groups
    • Orchestra: Minnesota Orchestra; formerly Minneapolis Symphony
    • Opera: Minnesota Opera
    • Philharmonic: Minnesota Philharmonic Orchestra
    • St Paul Chamber: Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra
    • Symphony: Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra
    • Classical: Classical Music Directory of The Twin Cities; organizations and series devoted to the performance of classical music in the greater Minneapolis-St. Paul area; provided by the Schubert Club
    • Theatre: CityPages; Performing Arts section gives rundown on current plays
  • Periodic: Minneapolis-St. Paul has many special events and recurring trade shows
    • Aquatennial: City-wide festival event; parade and free outdoor concert; fireworks show; milk carton boat races; art fair; triathlon, neighborhood park BBQ's
    • Art Loring: Loring Park Art Festival
    • Art Mosaic: Minneapolis MOSAIC festival; parades, performances, exhibitions, and neighborhood festivals
    • Art Powderhorn: Powderhorn Art Fair
    • Art Stone Arch: Stone Arch Festival of the Arts; artist booths, youth art, classic cars, culinary arts, and performances
    • Auto Show: Greater Minneapolis and St. Paul Auto International Show
    • Bicycle Fest: The Great River Energy Bicycle Festival; five day celebration of bicycling in Minnesota; professional teams; music, food, expo
    • Bike Walk Week: events celebrating getting around without a car; a collaborative effort brought to you by: Anoka County Commute Solutions, Bike Walk Twin Cities, Bicycle Alliance of MN, Commuter Connection, Commuter Services, Midtown Greenway Coalition, Minneapolis Bike Walk Ambassadors, Metro Transit, St Paul Smart Trips, and Transit for Livable Communities and many other regional partners
    • Cinco de Mayo: District del Sol
    • Fest of Nat: Festival of Nations; ethnic groups from around the world share foods, crafts and traditions; International Institute of Minnesota
    • Film Fest: Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival
    • Food Wine: Twin Cities Food & Wine Experience«; food, wine and fun; wine, culinary product, restaurant, and gourmet food exhibitors
    • Fringe: Minnesota Fring Festival; theater performances; film, mime, performance art
    • GLBT: GLBT Pride/Twin Cities
    • Grand Old Day: Street festival; along St. Paul's historic Grand Avenue; sporting events, parades, family activities, live music, festival gardens, and food and merchandise vendors
    • Holidazzle: Parades; seasonal parade series downtown Minneapolis
    • Irish Fair: Irish heritage with music and dance; Harriet Island in St. Paul
    • Jazz: Twin Cities Hot Summer Jazz Festival; at Peavey Plaza, an outdoor amphitheater in the center of downtown Minneapolis
    • May Day: MayDay Parade and Festival; In the Heart of the Beast Theatre
    • St Fair: Minnesota State Fair; St. Paul
    • St Patrick: Saint Patrick's Day Parade; Saint Patrick's Association Website
    • Taste: Tase of Minnesota; celebration of food and music; Harriet Island Regional Park, St. Paul
    • Winter Carn: Saint Paul Winter Carnival; winter festival including competitions, dances, art, skating, music, races, parades, plays, derbies, sports, and exhibits; first held in 1886


Minneapolis-St. Paul has many neighborhoods, entertainment venues, museums, and other places with Web sites

  • Sites: Places such as parks, buildings, public gardens and zoos, notable buildings, libraries, interesting places; see also the listings for Venues, Museums, Neighborhoods, Dining, and Housing; see Activities for cultural centers
    • Como Pk: Como Zoo and the Marjorie McNeely Conservatory; in St. Paul's Como Park; Conservatory is glass-domed garden
    • Ft Snelling: Historic military fort; established 1820; on bluff near confluence of Mississippi and Minnesota rivers
    • Hill House: James J. Hill House; house museum; 1891 red sandstone residence; French landscape paintings
    • Libraries Min: List of Minneapolis libraries; provided by Libweb; gives link to official Web site and information link; includes academic, public, and special libraries
    • Libraries SP: List of St Paul libraries; provided by Libweb; gives link to official Web site and information link; includes academic, public, and special libraries
    • Library HC: Hennepin County Library; suburban Hennepin County Library system
    • Library SP: Saint Paul Public Library
    • Library Service: Metropolitan Library Service Agency; alliance of over 100 public libraries in the Twin Cities area
    • Mall of America: Shopping mall in Bloomington; widely visited mall; approximately 520 stores; 23 hectare leasable area (not the largest mall in the world as sometimes thought, not even the largest mall in the US in terms of shopping area as often thought)
    • Minnehaha Depot: Milwaukee Road Depot at Minnehaha Falls; built in 1875
    • MN: Explore Minnesota; state-wide official tourism site
    • Mississippi NRRA: Mississippi National River & Recreation Area; boundaries include a 115 km stretch of Mississippi River from Ramsey and Dayton in the north to just south of Hastings; includes parks, agencies, organizations and communities
    • Parking-Spot Hero: Parking spots around town; rent by the day or longer
    • Parks Hen Co: Hennepin County Park Facility Locator
    • Parks Min: Park & Recreation Board; system of 2,500 hectares of parks and parkways; includes Chain of Lakes District including Lake Harriet, Lake Calhoun, Lake of the Isles, Cedar Lake, and Lake Nokomis connected by Rice and Minnehaha Creeks
    • Parks Ram Co: Ramsey County Parks and Recreation
    • Parks SP: City of Saint Paul, Division of Parks and Recreation
    • Parks 3 Riv: Three Rivers Park District; park system located in suburban Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area; 11,000 hectares of park reserves, regional parks, regional trails, and special-use facilities; formerly Hennepin Parks
    • Ramsey House: Alexander Ramsey House; Victorian-era house museum; home of Anna and ALexander Ramsey; Ramsey was the first territorial governor of Minnesota 1849-1853 and Mayor of St. Paul in 1855; guides dressed as servants
    • Sibley House: home of Henry Hastings Sibley; begun in 1838; Sibley was first governor of Minnesota from 1858 to 1860
    • State Capitol: Minnesota State Capitol in St. Paul; white marble dome inspired by the "White City" at the 1893 Chicago World's Columbian Exposition
    • Skyscrapers: Minneapolis high-rise buildings; shows information about office and other buildings, real estate and construction news
    • Zoo: Minnesota Zoological Gardens; Apple Valley
  • Neighborhoods: Areas of town with a distinct identity or official status as a business improvement district (BID), neighborhood association, or other designation
    • Min: Minneapolis Neighborhoods; provided by the Minneapolis Public Library
    • SP: Neighborhood info and District Councils
    • NLink Min: Minneapolis neighborhoods list; from Neighborhood Link
    • NLink SP: St. Paul neighborhoods list; from Neighborhood Link
    • NRP: Minneapolis Neighborhood Revitalization Program; neighborhood-based planning and priority setting
    • Downtown MPLS: Minneapolis Downtown Council
    • Grand Ave: Grand Avenue, St Paul; spans 25 blocks from the Mississippi River to downtown Saint Paul
    • Riverfront: Minneapolis Riverfront District; area on both sides of the Mississippi River around Nicollet Island; includes many landmarks including Ard Godfrey House, Boom Island Park, The Depot, Mill City Museum, Mill Ruins Park, Nicollet Island, Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Pracna on Main, St. Anthony Falls Heritage Trail, Stone Arch Bridge, and Upper St. Anthony Falls Lock and Dam
    • Uptown: Uptown Association; Uptown Art Fair; commercial and residential community in south Minneapolis; hub is the intersection of Lake Street and Hennepin Avenue
    • Warehouse Dist: Minneapolis Warehouse District; arts and entertainment neighborhood; near the south bank of the Mississippi River between Plymouth Avenue and Hennepin Avenue in Minneapolis; former site of many mills near the falls of St. Anthony
  • Venues: Places for performances, concerts, athletics, conventions, tradeshows, gatherings
    • Guthrie Th: Guthrie Theater; famous theater company
    • US Bank Stadium: in-development where the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome once stood; the home of the Minnesota Vikings of the NFL
    • Minneapolis Convention Ctr: downtown convention center; conferences, trade shows and events; nearly 45,000 square meters of trade show space; 87 column-free conference meeting rooms; a 2,600-square-meter ballroom; auditorium
    • Northrop Aud: 4,800-seat Northrop Memorial Auditorium; University of Minnesota campus
    • RiverCentre: Convention Center; Roy Wilkins Auditorium; St. Paul
    • Target Field: 42,035-seat baseball stadium; Minnesota Twins
    • Target Ctr: 20,500-seat indoor arena; basketball, concerts, ice hockey; U.S. Bank Theater
    • Xcel Ctr: 18,000-seat Multi-purpose arena; home of Minnesota Wild and Minnesota Swarm; on site of former St. Paul Civic Center; St. Paul
  • Dining: Find a place to eat in Minneapolis-St. Paul
    • Dining Guide: Twin Cities Dining Guide; search for restaurants, read reviews, and get recipes
    • CityPages: Restaurants section
    • -USA Dining-: National Dining directories; you can use this link to locate restaurants in the area that may not be listed in the local guides
  • Museums: Displays of objects; includes planned educational activities related to art, history, culture, or science
    • Amer Swedish: American Swedish Institute; historic house museum about Swedish culture; founded in 1929 by Swan J. Turnblad; Swedish glass, decorative and fine arts, textiles, and items from Sweden
    • Air NG: Minnesota Air Guard Museum; the history and on going missions of Minnesota Air National Guard units; aircraft on display include F-102A Delta Dart "Deuce,"F-4C Phantom II, P-51 Mustang, Mig 15, UH-1 Huey Helicopter, and Boeing C-97 Stratofreighter
    • Art MIA: Minneapolis Institute of the Arts
    • Art MMAA: Minnesota Museum of American Art; exhibitions and research; education programs; formerly Saint Paul Art Center
    • Art Walker: Walker Art Center; modern art collection; Minneapolis Sculpture Garden
    • Art Weisman: The Frederick R. Weisman Art Museum, University of Minnesota; early 20th century American artists; building designed by Frank Gehry
    • Bakken: Library and Museum; applications of electricity and magnetism in the life sciences; in Tudor mansion; rare books and scientific instruments; namesake Earl E. Bakken was inventor of the first transistorized cardiac pacemaker
    • Bell: Museum of Natural History; biota of Minnesota; University of Minnesota
    • Children's: Minnesota Children's Museum; St. Paul
    • Hennepin Hist: Hennepin History Museum; Hennepin County historical society; historic mansion setting
    • History Ctr: Minnesota History Center; museum exhibits; library
    • Mill City: museum chronicling the flour milling industry; built in Washburn A Mill; Minnesota Historical Society
    • Railroad: Twin City Model Railroad Museum; scale model panorama of railroading in the United States during the 1930s, '40s and '50s
    • Science: Science Museum of Minnesota; Human Body Gallery, Omnitheater, Mississippi River Visitor Center; St. Paul
    • Transportation: Minnesota Transportation Museum; operates various sites including Osceola & St. Croix Valley Railway interstate tourist railroad and Jackson Street Roundhouse
  • Housing: Find a place to stay or live in Minneapolis-St. Paul
    • B&B's: Minnesota Bed and Breakfast Association; find B&B's by location
    • HousingLink: information about affordable housing
    • -USA Housing-: National lodging and housing directories; there are national directories you can use to locate area lodging or housing


Minneapolis-St. Paul is home to major-league basketball and baseball, pro hockey and soccer, and NCAA sports

  • Pro: Professional sports in Minneapolis-St. Paul
    • Vikings: Minnesota Vikings National Football League team
    • Twins: Minnesota Twins Major League Baseball team
    • Timberwolves: Minnesota Timberwolves National Basketball Association team
    • Wild: Minnesota Wild National Hockey League team
    • Lynx: Minnesota Lynx Women's National Basketball Association team
    • Thunder: Minnesota Thunder soccer
    • Saints: St. Paul Saints minor league baseball
    • Swarm: Minnesota Swarm National Lacrosse League
  • College: Area colleges with athletic activities
  • Community: Amateur, organized sports clubs, and special community sporting events
    • Bicycling: Twin Cities Bicycling Club
    • CSC: CitiesSportsConnection; adult recreational sports leagues; indoor & outdoor soccer; beach, grass & indoor volleyball; indoor & outdoor touch football; broomball, softball, basketball, bowling, kickball; charity events, social outings & tournaments
    • Folkssports: non-competitive leisure sports in Minnesota State Parks
    • Hockey Youth: Twin Cities Youth Hockey
    • Lacrosse: Minnesota Lacrosse Association
    • Marathon: Twin Cities Marathon
    • MSF: Minnesota Sports Federation; amateur sports organization; provides recreational activities for youth and adults
    • Prep Sports: High School sports; covered by the Star Tribune
    • Rugby: Minnesota Amateur Rugby Foundation
    • Soccer MASL: Minnesota Amateur Soccer League
    • Soccer MRSL: Minnesota Recreational Soccer League
    • Ski: Downhill Skiing in Minnesota

Minneapolis-St. Paul Civic

Minneapolis-St. Paul's civic life


Minneapolis-St. Paul's government and representatives at all levels

  • Local: City and county government
  • State: State of Minnesota access
    • Minnesota: Minnesota government portal; the capital of Minnesota is St. Paul
    • Governor: Tim Pawlenty
    • Legislature: Legislative branch of Minnesota government
    • Courts: Minnesota State Judicial Branch
  • Federal: The United State's government has a presence in Minneapolis-St. Paul through elected representatives and some facilities
    • US Sen Franken: United States Senator Al Franken
    • US Sen Klobuchar: United States Senator Amy Klobuchar
    • US House Minnesota: Minnesota delegation; United States House of Representatives
    • US Dist Ct: United States District Court District of Minnesota
    • US Bank Ct: United States Bankruptcy Court District of Minnesota
    • FBI: Minneapolis Division Federal Bureau of Investigation
    • FEB: Federal Executive Board of Minnesota; works to improve coordination among Federal activities and programs outside Washington
    • Fed: Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
    • -USA Federal-: USA Federal Government links; links to major top-level Web sites related to the United States government; you can use these to locate federal services available in the area not listed here


Support for human needs and infrastructure

  • Human: Health and human services
    • theBeehive: 2-1-1 social services directory; also a variety of life topics
    • GMCC: Greater Minneapolis Council of Churches; social service programs including Minnesota Foodshare, Metro Paint-a-thon, Handyworks, Center for families, and Project preserve
    • Health Care Net: Neighborhood Health Care Network; community health clinics
    • Parent Pathways: Assists teen parents
    • PPL: Project for Pride in Living; works to assist lower-income people and families with housing, jobs, and training
    • Centro: Social service agency serving the Latino community
    • Wilder: Amherst H. Wilder Foundation; health and human services organization; serves greater Saint Paul
    • -USA Human-: National Health and Human services; you can use these directories to find doctors, hospitals, dentists, and other health and human services
  • Facilities: Institutions, units, organizations, or systems that build, distribute, plan, or and keep area resources or infrastructure working
    • Metro Council: regional planning agency; serves the Twin Cities seven-county metropolitan area; provides essential services to the region; bus system, wastewater, planning for future growth, forecasts of the region's population and household growth, affordable housing opportunities, parks and trails, aviation, transportation, parks, and open space
  • Transport: Minneapolis-St. Paul offers a variety of transit options
    • Bike Walk: supports biking and walking; part of a federal initiative, the Non-Motorized Transportation Pilot Program
    • Metro Transit: Public transit system; local and express bus routes all over metro area; Hiawatha light rail line from downtown Minneapolis to the Mall of America
    • Hourcar: car-sharing; ditch your car then walk, bike, take transit, and rent a car only when you need it, rather than paying for a car continuously while it sits idle most of the time, just taking up space; you can rent an apartment without parking, get around without worrying about traffic, improve your health, and save money
    • Car Free: Possible in the Twin Cities; with good walkability and transit systems, you could easily live without a car in the Twin Cities
    • Car Sharing: Avoid owning a car; be car-free as much as possible, but keep the idea that you can rent or borrow a car only when you need it--for a big project or trip to far-out areas, for example
    • MSP: Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport; major international airport; operated by Metropolitan Airports Commission; reliever airports: St. Paul Downtown (KSTP), Airlake Airport (KLVN), Anoka County - Blaine Airport (KANE), Crystal Airport (KMIC), Flying Cloud Airport (KFCM), Lake Elmo Airport (21D); for public transit to/from the MSP airport, see the Hiawatha light rail line
    • Metro Commuter: promotes alternative transportation; commuter transportation information for telecommute, walk, bike, bus, or car or vanpool; ridematching
    • I-494: transportation options along I-494; member cities include Bloomington, Eden Prairie, Edina, Minnetonka, Richfield, and Plymouth
    • MVTA: Minnesota Valley Transit Authority; public transportation agency for suburbs located south of Minneapolis and St. Paul: Apple Valley, Burnsville, Eagan, Rosemount, and Savage; bus and Bus Rapid Transit (BRT); service to downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul
    • SW Transit: SouthWest Metro Transit; public transit for Chanhassen, Chaska, and Eden Prairie; service to Downtown and Uptown Minneapolis and the University of Minnesota
    • Northstar: Commuter Coach; stops at park-and-ride lots in Elk River and Coon Rapids and travels to/from the 5th Street Transit Station in downtown Minneapolis
    • Maple Grove: Commuter Express; weekday commuter express service to downtown Minneapolis
    • Amtrak: Passenger rail; station is at 730 Transfer Road in St. Paul
    • Plymouth ML: Metrolink bus service; Express buses to downtown Minneapolis, Reverse Commute service from Minneapolis to Plymouth, and Dial-A-Ride will-call service to local destinations
    • Greyhound: National, commercial bus transit company; offers connections throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico
    • Jefferson: Jefferson Lines daily; scheduled bus service serving Minneapolis, Kansas City, Dallas, and more in 11 midwest states
    • Badger: Badger Bus; commercial bus transit company offering travel between Minneapolis and Madison, WI
    • SibleyBike: Sibley Bike Depot; works to facilitate an increase in bicycle and pedestrian transportation
    • Riverboat: Mississpippi riverboat rides; Padelford Pcket Boat Co., Inc.; recreational cruises
    • MN DOT: Minnesota Department of Transportation

Minneapolis-St. Paul Media

Access information about and in many cases read (or listen to) Minneapolis-St. Paul's media outlets


Minneapolis-St. Paul's many publications offer Web sites with online content

  • StarTribune: metro daily newspaper
  • Pioneer Press: metro daily newspaper; online presence as twincities.com
  • Bus Jrnl: Minneapolis/St Paul Business Journal
  • MSP Comm: MSP Communications; publishers of Mpls.St.Paul Magazine, Twin Cities Business, annual Business Information Guide, Mpls. St. Paul Wedding Guide
  • MSP Mag: Online presence for Mpls.St.Paul Magazine
  • Observer: Minneapolis Observer
  • City Pages: Weekly alternative newspaper
  • Pulse: alternative newspaper
  • Metro: Twin Cities Metro
  • Southwest Jrnl: Southwest burbs
  • MN Sun: burb papers
  • MN Newspapers: Directory of Minnesota newspapers
  • MN Daily: student newspaper University of Minnesota
  • MN Monthly: Life and people of Minnesota
  • SkywayNEWS: Downtown Journal
  • TC Sports: Twin Cities Sports; free weekly covering participatory sports
  • Family Times: Publications on family, grandparents, children
  • AA Press: Asian American Press; weekly
  • Hmong Times: Semimonthly; distributed free at selected Asian businesses and organizations
  • Lavender: GLBT Magazine
  • MMM: Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly
  • MusicScene: Minnesota local music scene
  • Mac Weekly: student newspaper Macalester College
  • TC Wellness: Essential Wellness; free monthly newspaper
  • Rain Taxi: Review of books
  • Fate: Fate; monthly magazine reporting on the strange and unknown; Lakeville
  • The Edge: holistic Living, free monthly magazine; ecology, health, community, business, and culture; Woodbury


Minneapolis-St. Paul's radio dial sorted in alphabetical order by call letters; shows stations with Web sites; many of these radio stations offer live, streaming audio of their broadcast, so you can listen on the Internet anywhere in the world; please let me know your knowledge about updates to this list as radio stations change format, Web site addresses, and ownership often; unless otherwise noted, the station is in Minneapolis-St. Paul, CO; HD = HD Radio programming

  • -AM-: Click here for the AM stations sorted by frequency
  • -FM-: Click here for the FM stations sorted by frequency
  • -HD-: Click here for the HD stations sorted by frequency
  • KBEM: FM 88.5 Jazz; Minneapolis Public Schools; Minneapolis
  • KBGY: FM 107.5 Spanish; Faribault
  • KCMP: FM 89.3 Public The Current=HD1 HD2=Wonderground Radio; Northfield
  • KDIZ: AM 1440 Children's=HD1; Golden Valley
  • KDWB: FM 101.3 Top 40=HD1 HD2=Dance Party; Richfield
  • KEEY: FM 102.1 Country=HD1 HD2=New Country; Saint Paul
  • KFAI: FM 90.3 and FM 106.7 Variety=HD1;Minneapolis
  • KFAN: FM 100.3 Sports; Minneapolis
  • KFXN: AM 690 Sports=HD1; Minneapolis
  • KKMS: AM 980 Christian Talk; Richfield
  • KLBB: AM 1220 Spanish=HD1; Stillwater
  • KLCI: FM 106.1 Country=HD1; Elk River
  • KLOV: FM 90.7 Christian Contemporary; Golden Valley
  • KMNB: FM 102.9 Country; Minneapolis
  • KMNV: AM 1400 Spanish; Saint Paul
  • KMOJ: FM 89.9 Urban Contemporary=HD1; Minneapolis
  • KNOW: FM 91.1 Public Radio News=HD1 HD2=BBC News and More HD3=Ahora Spanish Language; Minneapolis-Saint Paul
  • KNSR: FM 88.9 Public News; Collegeville
  • KQQL: FM 107.9 Oldies=HD1 HD2=80's; Anoka
  • KQRS: FM 92.5 Classic Rock=HD1 HD2=Blues; Golden Valley
  • KSJN: FM 99.5 Classical=HD1 HD2=Classical 24; Minneapolis
  • KSJR: FM 90.1 Classical=HD1; St. John's University; Collegeville
  • KSTP: AM 1500 Talk; Saint Paul
  • KSTP: FM 94.5 Variety; Saint Paul
  • KTCZ: FM 97.1 Adult Album Alternative=HD1 HD2=Acoustic Adult Rock; Minneapolis
  • KTIS: AM 900 Christian; Northwestern College; Minneapolis
  • KTIS: FM 98.5 Christian=HD1 HD2=Christian CHR HD3=Christian Inspirational; Northwestern College; Minneapolis
  • KTLK: AM 1130 News Talk=HD1 HD2=Classic Country HD3=Sports Talk KFAN-AM; Minneapolis
  • KTNF: AM 950 Talk;Saint Louis Park
  • KTTB: FM 96.3 Hip Hop R&B; Glencoe
  • KUOM: AM 770 College; University of Minnesota; Minneapolis
  • KUOM: FM 106.5 College; University of Minnesota; Saint Louis Park
  • KXXR: FM 93.7 Rock=HD1 HD2=Comedy; Minneapolis
  • KYCR: AM 1570 Talk; Golden Valley
  • KZJK: FM 104.1 Jack Mix=HD1 HD2=Pop; Saint Louis Park
  • WCCO: AM 830 News Talk=HD1;Minneapolis
  • WCTS: AM 1030 Religious; Maplewood
  • WDGY: AM 740 Oldies
  • WFMP: FM 107.1 Talk; Coon Rapids
  • WGVX: FM 105.1 Adult Album Alternative; Lakeville
  • WGVZ: FM 105.7 Adult Album Alternative=HD1; Eden Prairie
  • WLKX: FM 95.9 Christian Contemporary; Forest Lake
  • WLOL: AM 1330 Religious; Minneapolis
  • WMCN: FM 91.7 College; Macalester College; Saint Paul
  • WMIN: AM 740 Oldies; Hudson, WI
  • WWTC: AM 1280 Talk; Minneapolis


Television stations in Minneapolis-St. Paul; in alphabetical order by call letters

Minneapolis-St. Paul Education

Minneapolis-St. Paul's educational opportunities


The Minneapolis-St. Paul area's colleges and universities

  • Anoka-Ramsey: Anoka-Ramsey Community College; State-supported; offers undergraduate degrees; Coon Rapids
  • Argosy: Argosy Twin Cities; Proprietary; offers undergraduate and graduate degrees; Eagan; campuses nation-wide
  • Art Inst: Art Institutes International Minnesota; proprietary; offers undergraduate degrees; Minneapolis
  • Augsburg: Augsburg College; Independent; offers undergraduate and graduate degrees; Minneapolis
  • Bethel: Bethel University; Independent; offers undergraduate and graduate degrees; St. Paul
  • Brown: Brown College; Proprietary; offers undergraduate degrees; Mendota Heights
  • Capella: Capella University; Proprietary; offers undergraduate and graduate degrees, PhD's; Minneapolis
  • Century: Century College; State-supported; offers undergraduate degrees; White Bear Lake
  • Concordia: Concordia University, St. Paul; Independent; offers undergraduate and graduate degrees; St. Paul
  • Crown: Crown College; Independent; offers undergraduate and graduate degrees; St. Bonifacius
  • Dunwoody: Dunwoody College of Technology; Independent; offers undergraduate degrees; Minneapolis
  • Hamline: Hamline University; Independent; offers undergraduate and graduate degrees, PhD's; St. Paul
  • Herzing: Herzing College; proprietary; offers undergraduate degrees; Minneapolis
  • IHCC: Inver Hills Community College; State-supported; offers undergraduate degrees; Inver Grove Heights
  • Luther: Luther Seminary; Evangelical Luthern Church in America; St. Paul
  • Macalester: Macalester College; Independent Presbyterian; offers undergraduate degrees; St. Paul
  • MBC: Minneapolis Business College; Proprietary; offers undergraduate degrees; Roseville
  • MCAD: Minneapolis College of Art and Design; Independent; offers undergraduate and graduate degrees; Minneapolis
  • MCTC: Minneapolis Community and Technical College; State-supported; offers undergraduate degrees; Minneapolis
  • Metro: Metropolitan State University; State-supported; offers undergraduate and graduate degrees; St. Paul
  • Mitchell: William Mitchell College of Law; St. Paul
  • MSB: Minnesota School of Business and Globe College; Proprietary; offers undergraduate and graduate degrees; various campus locations in the metro area
  • MSCM: McNally Smith College of Music; offers undergraduate degrees in music; formerly Musictech College; St. Paul
  • NHCC: North Hennepin Community College; State-supported; offers undergraduate degrees; Brooklyn Park
  • Normandale: Normandale Community College; State-supported; offers undergraduate degrees; Bloomington
  • NCU: North Central University; Independent; offers undergraduate degrees; Minneapolis
  • Rasmussen: Rasmussen College; Proprietary; offers undergraduate degrees; Egan, Minnetonka, Mankato, and St. Cloud
  • St Catherine: College of St. CatherineľMinneapolis; Independent Roman Catholic; offers undergraduate degrees; Minneapolis
  • St Paul: Saint Paul CollegeľA Community & Technical College; State-related; offers undergraduate degrees; St. Paul
  • St Thomas: University of St. Thomas; Independent Roman Catholic; offers undergraduate and graduate degrees, PhD's; St. Paul
  • UMN: University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Campus; state; offers undergraduate and graduate degrees, PhD's; Minneapolis
  • UNWSP: University of Northwestern St Paul; Independent nondenominational; offers undergraduate and graduate degrees; St. Paul
  • UTS: United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities; theology; New Brighton
  • Walden: Walden University; Proprietary; offers undergraduate and graduate degrees, PhD's; Minneapolis


Minneapolis-St. Paul's primary, secondary, career, and trade schools

  • Choice: Minneapolis Public Schools School Choice
  • Home: Minnesota Homeschoolers Alliance
  • K12 Min: Minneapolis Public Schools
  • K12 SP: St. Paul Public Schools
  • TechSkills: Career training school; offers classroom training and certification for computer certifications, medical billing and coding, pharmacy technician training, and other business education

Minneapolis-St. Paul Commerce

Minneapolis-St. Paul's business community


Organizations promoting business and business opportunities in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area

  • Chamber: Minneapolis Regional Chamber of Commerce
  • MGEX: Minneapolis Grain Exchange; commodity exchange; Hard Red Spring Wheat futures and options trading


Large or well-known companies with headquarters or major operations in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area; sales figures, where shown, are from hoovers.com

  • 3M: Diversified technology; 2005 sales $21.1 billion; St. Paul
  • Best Buy: Consumer electronics retailer; 2006 sales $30.8 billion; Richfield
  • Cargill: Diversified; 2005 sales $71 billion; Wayzata
  • Carlson: Leisure services; Carlson Hotels Worldwide; Carlson Restaurants Worldwide; 2005 sales $4.9 billion est; Minnetonka
  • General Mills: Cereal and other foods; 2006 sales $11.6 billion; Minneapolis
  • Honeywell: Automation and Control Solutions; 2004 sales $8 billion; unit of Honeywell International (Morristown, NJ); Minneapolis
  • Medtronic: Medical technology; 2006 sales $11.2 billion; Minneapolis
  • Nash Finch: Wholesale distributor; 2005 sales $4.5 billion; Minneapolis
  • NWA: Northwest Airlines; 2005 sales $12.2 billion; Eagan
  • Petters Group: Consumer products; includes Fingerhut, SoniqCast, Polaroid; Minnetonka
  • St Paul Travelers: Insurance; 2005 sales $24.3 billion; St. Paul
  • Supervalu: Grocery retail, wholesale, and services; retail stores include Acme, Albertsons, bigg's, Bristol Farms, Cub Foods, Farm Fresh Food & Pharmacy, Hornbacher's, Jewel-Osco, Save-A-Lot, Scott's, Shaw's/Star Market, Shop 'n Save, Shoppers Food & Pharmacy and Sunflower Market; 2006 sales $19.8 billion; Eden Prairie
  • Target: Discount retailer; 2006 sales $52.6 billion; Minneapolis
  • UnitedHealth: Health insurance and services; 2005 sales $45.3 billion; Minnetonka
  • US Bancorp: Banking; US Bank; 2005 sales $16.7 billion; Minneapolis
  • Xcel: Energy; 2005 sales $9.6 billion

Minneapolis-St. Paul Reference

Works to help you find out more about Minneapolis-St. Paul


Learn more about Minneapolis-St. Paul with online guides that describe area attractions

  • Green: Twin Cities Green Guide; works to educate Twin Cities Metro area residents about environmental issues; topics include food, goods, services, home, gardening, energy, health, family, and more
  • Boulevards: Boulevards Guide to Minneapolis, Minnesota; covers dining, hotels, attractions, real estate, nightlife, jobs, cars, and resources
  • AOL: City Guide Minneapolis-St. Paul
  • Meet Minneapolis: Markets Minneapolis; as a year-round destination for conventions, trade shows, corporate meetings and leisure travel
  • St Paul CVB: Saint Paul Convention and Visitors Bureau
  • Saint Paul: City Guide; presents information on entertainment, culture, sports, restaurants, lodging, and businesses
  • Thrifty Hipster: Bars, Clubs, Happy Hours


Access online information about Minneapolis-St. Paul through general and specialized indexes

  • AreaConnect Min: Minneapolis Yellow Pages and Search Guide
  • AreaConnect SP: St. Paul Yellow Pages and Search Guide
  • MNWeb: Minnesota Websites; Minnesota Web Directory; presented by Metronet library network; includes nonprofit, for profit, cultural, civic, educational and other Minnesota-based websites
  • Google: Entry for Minneapolis-St. Paul
  • Yahoo: Entry for Minneapolis-St. Paul


Find more information related to Minneapolis-St. Paul

  • craigslist: Online community; classified ads, jobs, housing, personals, for sale, discussion
  • USA index: An index for the United States; resources to help you locate information about activities, events, places, sports, government, media, commerce, and reference information in the USA; You can use this page to locate information on other cities or information you couldn't find here
  • -USA General-: General reference section of USA Index; lookup information in national directories for classified ads, jobs, discussion, or lookup resources
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