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Places such as parks, buildings, public gardens and zoos, notable buildings, libraries, interesting places; see also the listings for Venues, Museums, Neighborhoods, Dining, and Housing; see Activities for cultural centers
  • Como Pk: Como Zoo and the Marjorie McNeely Conservatory; in St. Paul's Como Park; Conservatory is glass-domed garden
  • Ft Snelling: Historic military fort; established 1820; on bluff near confluence of Mississippi and Minnesota rivers
  • Hill House: James J. Hill House; house museum; 1891 red sandstone residence; French landscape paintings
  • Libraries Min: List of Minneapolis libraries; provided by Libweb; gives link to official Web site and information link; includes academic, public, and special libraries
  • Libraries SP: List of St Paul libraries; provided by Libweb; gives link to official Web site and information link; includes academic, public, and special libraries
  • Library HC: Hennepin County Library; suburban Hennepin County Library system
  • Library SP: Saint Paul Public Library
  • Library Service: Metropolitan Library Service Agency; alliance of over 100 public libraries in the Twin Cities area
  • Mall of America: Shopping mall in Bloomington; widely visited mall; approximately 520 stores; 23 hectare leasable area (not the largest mall in the world as sometimes thought, not even the largest mall in the US in terms of shopping area as often thought)
  • Minnehaha Depot: Milwaukee Road Depot at Minnehaha Falls; built in 1875
  • MN: Explore Minnesota; state-wide official tourism site
  • Mississippi NRRA: Mississippi National River & Recreation Area; boundaries include a 115 km stretch of Mississippi River from Ramsey and Dayton in the north to just south of Hastings; includes parks, agencies, organizations and communities
  • Parking-Spot Hero: Parking spots around town; rent by the day or longer
  • Parks Hen Co: Hennepin County Park Facility Locator
  • Parks Min: Park & Recreation Board; system of 2,500 hectares of parks and parkways; includes Chain of Lakes District including Lake Harriet, Lake Calhoun, Lake of the Isles, Cedar Lake, and Lake Nokomis connected by Rice and Minnehaha Creeks
  • Parks Ram Co: Ramsey County Parks and Recreation
  • Parks SP: City of Saint Paul, Division of Parks and Recreation
  • Parks 3 Riv: Three Rivers Park District; park system located in suburban Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area; 11,000 hectares of park reserves, regional parks, regional trails, and special-use facilities; formerly Hennepin Parks
  • Ramsey House: Alexander Ramsey House; Victorian-era house museum; home of Anna and ALexander Ramsey; Ramsey was the first territorial governor of Minnesota 1849-1853 and Mayor of St. Paul in 1855; guides dressed as servants
  • Sibley House: home of Henry Hastings Sibley; begun in 1838; Sibley was first governor of Minnesota from 1858 to 1860
  • State Capitol: Minnesota State Capitol in St. Paul; white marble dome inspired by the "White City" at the 1893 Chicago World's Columbian Exposition
  • Skyscrapers: Minneapolis high-rise buildings; shows information about office and other buildings, real estate and construction news
  • Zoo: Minnesota Zoological Gardens; Apple Valley
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