NY Capital District NYCD: Capital District, New York, USA

Explore Capital District, New York, USA; A remarkable region, this is the home of the state capital; it is also where the first American industrial revolution started, where the Erie Canal starts, and where many people enjoy the cities and environs of Albany, Troy, Schenectady, and Saratoga Springs.


This web helps you explore New York State's Capital District, USA; here, you'll find organized and annotated links to Web sites about Capital District current conditions, facts, activities, events, places, sports, civic life, media, education, commerce, and reference works. You can view and link to this information in a variety of ways, and your suggestions are welcome. Use the links at the top of this page to navigate and access this information

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See live conditions and views of the Capital District

  • Weather: Current weather observations and forecasts
    • Graphic; shows current weather conditions for Albany
      Click for Forecast for Albany, New York from weatherUSA.net
    • Radar: National Weather Service radar; shows short range base reflectivity radar image for Albany (weather code KENX)
    • Capital District radar -- click to enlarge
    • Forecast: National Weather Service forecast; Zone Forecast for Albany, New York; shows forecast for day and then five days ahead as well as current conditions at Albany International Airport, New York
    • Satellite: Goestationary infrared image; satellite image for Eastern United States sector, infrared image; provided by National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, US Dept of Commerce
    • Air Quality: Air Monitoring; clickable map showing air quality index monitoring sites in Capital District; click on site to get air quality details; New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
    • Bouys: USA Recent Marine Data; get readings from marine buoys about water and weather conditions through a clickable, graphical map of the Atlantic off the Northeast USA coast; provided by the National Data Buoy Center, National Weather Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, US Dept. of Commerce
    • Snow: (Seasonal) map of 7-day snowfall in the state; National Weather Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, US Dept. of Commerce
  • Cams: Live views of Capital District; helpful for finding out about current weather and road conditions
    • WeatherBug: Albany-area weather bug cams
    • WRGB: Live views of Albany; from WRGB-TV
  • News: News and reports about what's going on in Capital District
    • Google News Albany: Google news search for Albany, NY; finds news and sports stories about Albany, NY from a variety of news sources; includes photos
    • Google News Troy: Google news search for Troy, NY; finds news and sports stories about Albany, NY from a variety of news sources; includes photos
    • Google News Schenectady: Google news search for Schenectady, NY; finds news and sports stories about Schenectady, NY from a variety of news sources; includes photos
    • Times Union: Albany Times Union; Capitol/State news section
    • Traffic: Traffic conditions; real-time road and traffic information
    • Gas Prices: ; showing low and high gas prices; reported by users of AlbanyGasPrices.com Web site


Look up information about Capital District such as maps, facts, and census information

  • Maps: Online mapping services; these allow you to zoom in and out and select specific features to view on the map
    • MapQuest: MapQuest's Albany map; integration with digitalcity.com city Internet guide
    • Yahoo: Yahoo's Albany map; integrated with Yahoo's Get Local city Internet guides
    • -USA Maps-: More online mapping services; you can use this list of sites to get more maps of the area or specialized maps such as historical, topographic, or satellite imagery
  • Info: Look up basic facts about Capital District from online reference works
    • Answers: Answers.com reference search for Albany, NY; shows reference information for Albany from various sources such as dictionary, encyclopedia, weather, and Wikipedia entry
    • Books: NYCD Books; a page presenting books about the city of Capital District
    • Fact Sheets: Capital District Community Fact Sheets; socio-economic data sheets and location maps for each civil division and county in the Capital District; from the Capital District Regional Planning Commission
  • Census: Information from the United States Bureau of the Census
    • Alb-Sch-Try MSA: 2001 Supplementary Survey Profile; Albany--Schenectady--Troy, NY Metropolitan Statistical Area; Table 1. Profile of general demographic characteristics
    • Albany city: Profile; General Demographic Characteristics: 2000
    • Troy city: Profile; General Demographic Characteristics: 2000
    • Schenectady city: Profile; General Demographic Characteristics: 2000
    • Saratoga Sp city: Profile; General Demographic Characteristics: 2000
    • Albany: County QuickFacts; people, business, geography
    • Rensselaer Co: County QuickFacts; people, business, geography
    • Schenectady Co: County QuickFacts; people, business, geography
    • Saratoga Co: County QuickFacts; people, business, geography

NY Capital District Living

Find out about things to do and places to see in Capital District


People in the Capital District take part in many clubs and organizations; activities include interest groups, clubs, hobbies, community centers, organizations, and groups

  • ACLU: Capital Region Chapter of the New York Civil Liberties Union; works to protect and expand liberty and the fundamental freedoms found in the Bill of Rights; advocacy for civil rights; chapter of the New York Civil Liberties Union, the state affiliate of the American Civil Liberties Union
  • Amateur Radio: Eastern New York Section of the ARRL, the National Association for Amateur Radio; pursue the hobby of amateur "ham" radio; volunteer for disaster preparedness communications
  • Art Underground: Underground arts in Albany; local artists present information about art, music, and culture in the area
  • Ballroom Dancing: Where to go ballroom dancing; Western MA and the NY Capital District
  • Bridge: Capital District Bridge Association; competitive contract bridge (card game)
  • Catholic: Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany
  • Chinese: Chinese Community Center of the Capital District of New York; serves the Chinese community in the Capital District and friends who are interested in Chinese culture, language, and people; Chinese Language School
  • Communities: Directory; shows community events and community groups; from the Albany-Times Union
  • Episcopal: Episcopal Diocese of Albany New York
  • Gay & Lesbian Ctr: Capital District Gay and Lesbian Community Council; serves the Capital District's lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered community
  • Historic Restoration: Historic Albany Foundation;resource for those interested in the restoration and rehabilitation of historic buildings
  • History Rensselaer: Rensselaer County Historical Society; works to connect local history and heritage with contemporary life
  • History Saratoga: Saratoga County Historical Society; works to tell the story of Saratoga County
  • History Schenectady: Schenectady County Historical Society
  • Humane: Capital District Humane Association; a private animal welfare group to serve the Capital Region of New York State; pet adoption information
  • Ind Gateway: Hudson Mohawk Industrial Gateway; industrial heritage institute for the Hudson-Mohawk region; advocates preservation and adaptive reuse of the industrial heritage of the Hudson-Mohawk region around Albany, Schenectady, and Troy
  • Interfaith: Interfaith Alliance New York State chapter; advocacy for justice and peace; works to ensure that religion is not used for political agendas
  • Islamic Ctr: Islamic Center of the Capital District; religious and educational institute devoted to Islam
  • Labor Religion: Political advocacy; based on religious and labor issues
  • Kiwanas: Capital District of Kiwanis International; community service
  • Library Council: Capital District Library Council; a reference and research library resources system; helps use and develop research library resources
  • Macs: Macintosh Enthusiasts Club of the Capital Area; educates Mac users and the general public
  • Music CRUMBS: Capital Region Unofficial Musicians and Bands Site; discussion, information, calendar of events of the music scene
  • Nigerian: Association of Nigerians in the Capital District of the State of New York; community organization
  • Red Cross: American Red Cross of Northeastern New York; provides relief to victims of disasters and helps people prevent, prepare for, and respond to emergencies
  • Sanctuary, The: community media arts; The Sanctuary for Independent Media; telecommunications production facility ;screening, production and performance facilities, training in media production and a meeting space; in historic former church in Troy
  • Shaker Heritage: Shaker Heritage Society; educational programming about the Shakers; works to preserve the integrity of the Watervliet Shaker Historic District, America's First Shaker Settlement
  • Singles: NYCD Personals; find your match in Capital District
  • Social Studies: Capital District Council for the Social Studies of New York state; information related to social studies instruction in the Capital District region and New York state
  • Teacher: Greater Capital Region Teacher Center; Professional development for teachers... by teachers
  • Tech Comm: Tech Valley Chapter Society for Technical Communication; members work to effectively communicate technical information; covers the Albany, Schenectady, Troy, Lake George, and Saratoga regions of New York State
  • Vinyl Records: Vinyl records sites New York's Capital Region
  • WebSphere: WebSphere users and developers
  • YMCA: Capital District YMCA; service to children, families, seniors, and communities
  • -USA Directories-: Search organization directories; there are hundreds of thousands of organizations, associations, societies, and nonprofits in the US covering many interests; some of these are based in Capital District; these directories help you locate an organization


Capital District is famous for its diverse events year-round

  • Listings: Connect to online calendars and databases; show what's going on and where
    • Albany: Events Guide; movies, music, amusements, events
  • Performing: Capital District is home to many performing arts and cultural groups
    • Ballet ABB: Albany Berkshire Ballet
    • Chamber Music: Friends of Chamber Music; chamber music is music in which only one instrument plays each line; includes string quartets and combinations of strings, winds, and voice
    • Old Songs: Traditional music; music and dance; festivals, concerts, dances, and educational programs
    • Pro Musica: Albany Pro Musica; choral group
    • Symphony ASO: Albany Symphony Orchestra
    • Symphony SSO: Schenectady Symphony Orchestra
    • Theater ACT: Albany Civic Theater; community theater
    • Theater SLOC: Schenectady Light Opera Company; community theater; presents musical theater
    • Theater CapRep: Capital Repertory Theatre; professional theatre company
    • Theater HMT: Home Made Theater; community theater; in residence at the Spa Little Theater in the Saratoga Spa State Park
    • Theater NYSTI: New York State Theatre Institute
    • Youth Orchestra ESYO: Empire State Youth Orchestra; educational and performance opportunities to young musicians from elementary through secondary school who are at various levels of musical training; two full Orchestras, Wind, String and Jazz Ensembles, three Percussion Ensembles, a Flute Choir, and an Inner-City String Training Program
    • Writer's Institute: Literary Institute; provides public programs of author readings, visiting writers, film, workshops, writers institutes, conferences; founded by Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist William Kennedy
  • Periodic: Capital District has many annual or one-day special events, ongoing summer concert series, and recurring trade shows
    • Albany Events: Special events in Albany; information about periodic and recurring special events in Albany: Tulip Festival, Alive at Five, Albany Riverfest, First Night, and Albany Riverfront Jazz Festival
    • Altamont Fair: The Sunflower Fair; over 100 years old; games, rides, educational exhibits, agricultural competitions, farm animals, and food
    • Freedom Pk: Summer concerts; across from Collins Park, Scotia, New York
    • Friehofers Run: Freihofer's Run for Women 5K National Championship and Fitness Run
    • Saratog Co Fair: Saratoga County Fair
    • Scottish Games: Capital District Scottish Games; Celtic Festival of the Arts; Altamont Fairgrounds; Altamont, NY
    • SmartStart: High tech meeting; emerging technology-related companies from across the Northeast meet with investors and professional service providers


Capital District has many neighborhoods, entertainment venues, museums, and other places with Web sites

  • Sites: Places such as parks, buildings, public gardens and zoos, notable buildings, libraries, interesting places; see also the listings for Venues, Museums, Dining, and Housing; see Activities for cultural centers; see the Local government links section for links to the many governmental units that make up the Capital District at the county and municipal level--many of these Web sites also link to tourist information
    • Album: NYCD Album; a collection of images of Capital District's sites and street scenes
    • Albany Visitors: Albany County Convention and Visitors Bureau; events, attractions, accommodations
    • Buildings: Albany notable structures; from skyscrapers.com
    • Canal: Erie Canal; lock number one of the Erie Canal is in Troy; travel, lodging, weather, tourism information
    • Dudley Observatory: Astronomical education, research, and history; Schenectady;
    • Gardens, Community: Capital District Community Gardens; community service organization helping residents of Albany, Rensselaer, and Schenectady Counties improve their neighborhoods through community gardening and urban greening programs
    • Hudson Valley: Communities along the Hudson River; information about communities and tourism information; the Capital District is just one section of the land along the Hudson River, flowing from the Adirondack Mountains 492 kilometers south to New York City
    • Lark St: Albany neighborhood; along Lark Street; shopping, art, dining, events, music, night life
    • Libraries CDLC: Capital District Library Council; links to member libraries and library systems
    • Libraries UHLS: Upper Hudson Library System; a cooperative association of public libraries in Albany and Rensselaer Counties
    • Local Gov: Links to local governments; at the county and municipal level; the Capital District includes many local governments in several counties; many of these Web sites also link to tourist information
    • Mohaw Valley: Mohawk Valley Heritage Corridor; the Mohawk River passes through Schenectady and enters the Hudson River at Cohoes
    • Parks, State: New York State Parks; recreation and historic preservation; directory of state parks organized by county and clickable map
    • Pine Bush: Ecosystem in the Capital District; the Pine Bush is 2,347 hectares of inland pine barrens sand dunes between Albany and Schenectady
    • Saratoga NHP: Saratoga National Historical Park; site where in 1777 American forces defeated the British; Battlefield in Stillwater; Schuyler House in Schuylerville; Saratoga Monument in Victory; total 1,372 hectares
    • Saratoga Raceway: 800 meter horse racing track; Saratoga Springs; simulcast facility for harness and thoroughbred racing
    • Schenectady: Visit Schenectady; directory of Schenectady points of interest and Web sites; information about Schenectady's history as the "test tube of television," because of its General Electric laboratory established in 1900; early development of television broadcasting in the 1920's to 1940's
    • Troy Visitors: RiverSpark Visitor Center; tourism information about Troy and area; in downtown Troy
    • Yaddo: Artists' community; 161 hectare estate in Saratoga Springs; gives artists a supportive environment in which to work uninterrupted
  • Museums: Displays of objects; includes planned educational activities related to art, history, culture, or science
    • Albany Institute: Albany Institute of History & Art; life and culture of the Upper Hudson Valley region from the late 17th century to the present
    • Arts Ctr: Arts Center of the Capital Region; multi-arts center located in downtown Troy; exhibitions of high-quality contemporary and folk art; classes
    • Art U@Alb: University Art Museuem; University at Albany; contemporary art
    • Cherry Hill: Historic Cherry Hill; 18th-century Georgian-style house; former home of a five-generation Albany Family; built in 1787 for Philip and Maria Van Rensselaer
    • Junior: Children's museum; learning opportunities in history, science, and the arts using exhibits, educational programs and activities that
    • Military: New York State Military Heritage Institute; memorializes the military heritage of New York State; military history collection of the New York State Division of Military and Naval Affairs; Saratoga Springs
    • NYS: New York State Museum; research and educational institution dedicated to geology, biology, anthropology, and history of New York State; located in the Cultural Education Center of the Empire State Plaza
    • Racing Horse: National Museum of (Horse) Racing and Hall of Fame; in Saratoga Springs, across from the historic Saratoga Race Course
    • RCHS: Rensselaer County Historical Society; works to connect local history and heritage with contemporary life
    • Schenectady: Museum and planetarium
    • Schenectady History: Schenectady County Historical Society
    • USS Slater: USS Slater destroyer escort; Destroyer Escort Historical Museum; docked on the Hudson River at Albany
  • Venues: Places for performances, concerts, athletics, conventions, tradeshows, gatherings
    • Cohoes Music Hall: historic performance hall; constructed in 1874; performers have included Buffalo Bill Cody, John Philip Sousa, Col. Tom Thumb; restored and re-opened in 1975
    • Egg, The: Performing Arts Center; two theatres: the Lewis A. Swyer Theatre and the Kitty Carlisle Hart Theatre; visually appears like an egg over the Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller Empire State Plaza just south of the capitol in Albany
    • Proctors Theater: Performance theater; touring musicals, comedy, music, film; seats 2,700; downtown Schenectady National Register of Historic Places
    • Revolution Hall: Performance space; downtown Troy
    • SPAC: Saratoga Performing Arts Center; outdoor performing arts center; Performances by New York City Ballet, The Philadelphia Orchestra, Saratoga Chamber Music Festival, Freihofer's Jazz Festival, Lake George Opera, Saratoga Wine & Food Festival; Amphitheatre and Spa Little Theatre
    • Troy Music Hall: Performing arts theater; noted for its exceptional acoustics; music performances; downtown Troy, in Troy Savings Bank
    • TU Ctr: Times Union Center; multipurpose arena; seats about 17,000; home to AHL River Rats, Albany Conquest and the Siena Saints; downtown Albany; formerly called the Pepsi Arena; formerly called the Knickerbocker Arena
    • U@Albany PAC: Performing Arts Center, University at Albany; five performance spaces; University music and theatre performances
  • Housing: Find a place to stay or live in Capital District
    • Albany Renter: Albany Renters Guide
    • -USA Housing-: National lodging and housing directories; there are national directories you can use to locate area lodging or housing
  • Dining: Find a place to eat in Capital District
    • Capital Dining: Capital District Dining; restaurants and entertainment, bars, clubs, delivery
    • ROC Guide: Restaurant Guide; search by type, cuisine, location, or keywords; Restaurant Operator's Cooperative
    • -USA Dining-: National Dining directories; you can use this link to locate restaurants in the area that may not be listed in the local guides


Capital District is home to pro and college sports

  • Pro: Professional sports in Capital District
    • Conquest: Albany Conquest arena football team
    • River Rats: Albany River rats American Hockey League team
    • Valley Cats: Tri-City ValleyCats; class A baseball affiliate of the Houston Astros
    • Horses Saratoga: New York Racing Association; horseracing at Saratoga
    • Betting: Capital Off Track Betting; legalized wagering on horse racing and lottery; profits distributed to local governments & the racing industry
    • NY Giants: Summer training camp; at the University at Albany athletic complex
  • College: Area colleges with athletic activities
  • Community: Amateur, organized sports clubs, and special community sporting events
    • Bicycling MHCC: Mohawk Hudson Cycling Club; day rides within the Albany-Schenectady-Troy area; hrides for beginning through experienced riders
    • Cars SCCA: Mohawk-Hudson Region of the Sports Car Club of America
    • Flag Football: Capital District flag football league
    • Hockey, Youth: Capital Youth Hockey; Capital Region's youth hockey association
    • Polo Saratoga: Saratoga Polo
    • Rocketry: Albany- Schenectady- Troy Rocket Enthusiasts of New York; Section 471 of the National Association of Rocketry
    • Sail Saratoga: Saratoga Lake Sailing CLub
    • STRIDE: Sports and Therapeutic Recreation Instruction / Developmental Education; recreation for challenged children
    • Tennis 15Love: Capital Region Youth Tennis Foundation; free tennis lessons for youth of any tennis ability or background

NY Capital District Civic

Capital District's civic life


Capital District's government and representatives at all levels

  • Local: Local government; the Capital District consists of many incorporated areas in several counties; this section links to the counties and links to principal (largest) municipalities
    • Major Cities
    • Albany: City of Albany
    • Saratoga Springs: City of Saratoga Springs
    • Schenectady: City of Schenectady
    • Troy: City of Troy
    • Lists of Municipalities
    • Albany Co: Municiplities; with links to Websites
    • Rensselaer Co: Municiplities; with links to Websites
    • Saratoga Co: Municiplities; with links to Websites
    • Schenectady Co: Municiplities; with links to Websites
    • CD Links: Capital District County municipal Links; Capital District County, City, Town, & Village Links; from the Capital District Regional Planning Commission
    • Counties
    • Albany: Albany County elected government information portal; Albany is the county seat
    • Rensselaer: Rensselaer County elected government information portal; Troy is the county seat
    • Saratoga: Saratoga County elected government information portal; Saratoga Springs is the county seat
    • Schenectady: Schenectady County elected government information portal; Schenectady is the county seat
  • State: State of New York access; Albany is the capital of New York and home to the state's legislature and executive offices as well as many state offices
    • New York: State of New York government portal
    • Executive: Office of the Governor
    • Assembly: New York State Assembly; one part of the bicameral New York State legislative branch
    • Senate: New York State Senate; one part of the bicameral New York State legislative branch
    • Library: New York State Library
  • Federal: The United State's government has a presence in Capital District through elected representatives and some facilities
    • US Sen Schumer: US Senator Charles E. Schumer
    • US Sen Gillibrand: US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand
    • US House New York: New York delegation; United States House of Representatives
    • FBI: Albany Division Federal Bureau of Investigation; serves the Capital District of New York (Albany, Schenectady, Troy); as well as Syracuse and Binghamton, New York; and Burlington and Rutland, Vermont
    • Arsenal: Watervliet Arsenal, US Army; produces weaponry, principally cannon; founded in 1813 to support the War of 1812; Benét Laboratories
    • KAPL: Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory; research and development facility solely dedicated to support of the United States Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program
    • Naval Saratoga: US Naval Support Unit; logistic, operating, administrative; Saratoga Springs
    • US Ct: US District Court; Northern District of New York
    • -USA Federal-: USA Federal Government links; links to major top-level Web sites related to the United States government; you can use these to locate federal services available in the area


Support for human needs and infrastructure

  • Human: Health and human services
    • Childcare: Capital District Child Care Coordinating Council; resource and referral agency; referral service counseling parents seeking child care; serving parents, employers and child care providers in Albany, Rensselaer, Saratoga and Schenectady counties in New York State
    • ElderNetworkNY: information on housing, community resources, and health care; Albany, Rensselaer, Saratoga and Schenectady counties of New York; for seniors, families, caregivers and care managers
    • Foodbank: Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York; collects large donations of food from the food industry and distributes it to charitable agencies serving hungry and disadvantaged people in 23 counties; covers from Plattsburgh to Newburgh
    • Senior: Umbrella of the Capital District; helping senior citizens and persons with disabilities keep their homes and their independence
    • -USA Human-: National Health and Human services; you can use these directories to find doctors, hospitals, dentists, and other health and human services
  • Transport: The Capital District offers a variety of transit options
    • Airport ALB: Albany International Airport; major air center for the Capital Region, Northeastern New York and Western New England
    • Amtrak: Amtrak passenger train service; from station at city of Rensselaer, across the river from Albany; trains include Adirondack, Empire Service, Ethan Allen Express, Lake Shore Limited, Maple Leaf
    • Port: Port of Albany / Rensselaer; on the Hudson River, a navigable year-round waterway with a draft of 9.75 meters; accommodates ships with overall lengths of up to 229 meters, maximum beam of 33.5 meters, and a maximum air draft of 41 meters; port, cargo handling facilities
    • Canals: New York State Canal System; 843 kilometer inland waterway that crosses upstate New York; includes four Canals: the Erie, Champlain, Oswego, and Cayuga-Seneca, and other waterways
    • Capital CarShare: green your commute!; advancing affordable and sustainable neighborhood transportation
    • Car Free: Possible in the Capital District; with good walkability and transit systems, you could easily live without a car in the Capital District
    • Car Sharing: Avoid owning a car; be car-free as much as possible, but keep the idea that you can rent or borrow a car only when you need it--for a big project or trip to far-out areas, for example
    • CDTA: Capital District Transportation Authority; public bus transit system; regular route buses, shuttle buses, and paratransit service
    • Greyhound: National, commercial bus transit company; offers connections from Albany to the United States, Canada, and Mexico
    • GotoBus: Bus reservation system; buses connecting many cities including Albany
    • Peter Pan: Regional, commercial bus transit company; offers connections from Albany to northeast cities including New York City, Hartford, Springfield Mass, and Boston
    • Thruway: Governor Thomas E. Dewey Thruway; the 1,031 kilometer superhighway crossing New York State; Albany is a major crossing point
    • Committee: Capital District Transportation Committee; Metropolitan Planning Organization for New York's Capital Region
  • Facilities: Institutions, units, organizations, or systems that build, distribute, plan, or and keep area resources or infrastructure working
    • NG: National Grid; electric service and natural gas in upstate New York
    • Planning: The Capital District Regional Planning Commission; serves Albany, Rensselaer, Saratoga, & Schenectady Counties

NY Capital District Media

Access information about and in many cases read (or listen to) Capital District's media outlets


Capital District's many publications offer Web sites with online content

  • Times Union: Albany Times Union; daily newspaper
  • Troy Record: Troy Record; daily newspaper
  • Business Review: Business Review (Albany); business daily newspaper
  • Metroland: Free weekly; entertainment, culture,
  • Saratogian: Saratoga Springs
  • Gazette: Schenectady Gazette
  • Leader Herald: Gloversville Leader-Herald
  • Inside Albany: Albany Politics; web site of television show; gives articles about Albany and New York State politics
  • Empire Page: Politics and Government New York State
  • Tech VT: Tech Valley Times; regional technology community
  • The Mesh: The online world, technology, and computers


The Capital District's radio dial sorted in alphabetical order by call letters; shows stations with Web sites; many of these radio stations offer live, streaming audio of their broadcast, so you can listen on the Internet anywhere in the world; please let me know your knowledge about updates to this list as radio stations change format, Web site addresses, and ownership often; HD = HD Radio programming

  • -AM-: Click here for the AM stations sorted by frequency
  • -FM-: Click here for the FM stations sorted by frequency
  • -HD-: Click here for the HD stations sorted by frequency
  • WABY: AM 1160 Nostalgia; Mechanicville
  • WAJZ: FM 96.3 Urban contemporary; Voorheesville
  • WAMC: AM 1400 Public=HD1; Albany
  • WAMC: FM 90.3 Public=HD1 HD2=News; Albany
  • WAMC: FM 93.1 Public=HD1 HD2=News; Troy
  • WBOE: FM 94.5 Christian contemporary; Ravena
  • WCAN: FM 93.3 News=HD1 HD2=News/Classical; Canajoharie
  • WCDB: FM 90.9 College; University at Albany
  • WCKM: FM 98.5 Oldies; Lake George
  • WCQL: FM 95.9 Rock; Glens Falls
  • WDCD: AM 1540 Christian=HD1; Albany
  • WDDY: AM 1460 Radio Disney; Albany
  • WEQX: FM 102.7 Alternative; Manchester, VT
  • WEXT: FM 97.7 Adult Album Alternative; Amsterdam, NY
  • WFFG: FM 107.1 Country; Corinth
  • WFLY: FM 92.3 Top 40; Troy
  • WGNA: FM 107.7 Country=HD1; Albany
  • WGY: AM 810 News Talk=HD1; Schenectady
  • WHAZ: AM 1330 Religious; Troy
  • WHRL: FM 103.1 Alternative=HD1 HD2=Classic Alternative; Albany
  • WKKF: FM 102.3 Top 40=HD1 HD2=Kiss Pop; Ballston Spa
  • WKLI: FM 100.9 Nostalgia; Albany
  • WMHT: FM 89.1 Classical; Schenectady
  • WOOB: FM 93.7 Classic Rock; Scotia
  • WOFX: AM 980 Sports=HD1; Troy
  • WPTR: FM 96.7 Christian Contemporary=HD1 HD2=Christian WDCD-AM; Clifton Park
  • WPYX: FM 106.5 Classic Rock=HD1 HD2=Vinyl Vineyard; Albany
  • WQBK: FM 103.9 Rock; Rensselaer
  • WROW: AM 590 News Talk; Albany
  • WRPI: FM 91.5 College; Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy
  • WRVE: FM 99.5 Rock=HD1 HD2=Album; Schenectady
  • WRUC: FM 89.7 College; Union College, Schenectady
  • WTMM: FM 104.5 Sports; Mechanicville
  • WTRY: FM 98.3 Oldies=HD1 HD2=Smooth Jazz; Rotterdam
  • WVCR: FM 88.3 Top 40; Siena College, Loudonville
  • WVKZ: AM 1240 Oldies; Schenectady
  • WWSC: AM 1450; Glens Falls
  • WXBH: AM 1190 Talk; Cobleskill
  • WYJB: FM 95.5 Adult Contemporary; Albany


Television stations in Capital District; in alphabetical order by call letters

  • News9: Capital News 9; 24 hour local news; on Time Warner Cable
  • WCAX: CBS 3; Burlington
  • WNYT: NBC 13; Albany
  • WRGB: CBS 6; Albany
  • WTEN: ABC 10; Albany
  • WXXA: Fox 23; Albany

NY Capital District Education

Capital District's educational opportunities


The Capital District area's colleges and universities

  • ACPHS: Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences; independent; undergraduate, professional; pharmacy
  • Albany Law: Albany Law School; private; Juris Doctor degree; part of Union University (Albany Law School, Albany Medical College, Union College, NY)
  • Albany Med: Albany Medical College; private; medical school; part of Union University (Albany Law School, Albany Medical College, Union College, NY)
  • Bryant & Stratton: Bryant and Stratton College; a system of private career colleges; offers associate and bachelor degrees; Albany Campus, Professional Skills Center, Central Avenue
  • Empire: State University of New York Empire State College; state; undergraduate and graduate; Saratoga Springs
  • Excelsior: Excelsior College; independent; undergraduate and graduate; Albany
  • HVCC: Hudson Valley Community College; state; undergraduate; Troy
  • Maria: Maria College; independent; 2-year; Albany
  • Rensselaer: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; independent; undergraduate, graduate, doctoral; Troy
  • Sage: Sage Colleges; Russell Sage College in Troy, Sage College of Albany, Sage Graduate School in Albany; independent; undergraduate and graduate
  • St Rose: College of St Rose; independent; undergraduate and graduate; Albany
  • SCCC: Schenectady County Community College; state; undergraduate; Schenectady
  • Siena: Siena College; independent; Roman Catholic; undergraduate; Loudonville
  • Skidmore: Skidmore College; independent; undergraduate and graduate; Saratoga Springs
  • SUNY: State University of New York (System); Administrative center for the State University of New York; 64 campuses across New York
  • Union: Union College; independent; undergraduate and graduate; Schenectady; part of Union University (Albany Law School, Albany Medical College, Union College, NY)
  • U@Albany: University at Albany; state; undergraduate, graduate, doctoral; Albany


Capital District's primary, secondary, career, and trade schools

  • Choice: School Choice information; presented by the American Education Reform Council
  • Independent: Capital Region Independent Schools Association; directory of private, independent schools in the area
  • Catholic: Roman Catholic Diocese schools
  • Albany: Area schools
  • Saratoga: Area schools
  • Schenectady: Area schools
  • Troy: Area schools

NY Capital District Commerce

Capital District's business community


Organizations promoting business and business opportunities in the Capital District area

  • Albany-Colonie: Regional Chamber of Commerce
  • Bethlehem: Chamber of Commerce
  • Guilderland: Chamber of Commerce
  • Latham: Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Rensselaer: County Regional Chamber of Commerce
  • Saratoga: County Chamber of Commerce
  • S Saratoga: County Chamber of Commerce
  • Schenectady: County Chamber of Commerce
  • WTC: Capital Region World Trade Center; promotes, educates, and assists businesses in international trade and investment
  • Tech Valley: Promoting the area as a high-technology center


Large or well-known companies with headquarters or major operations in the Capital District area; sales figures, where shown, are from hoovers.com

  • Albany Intl: Paper machine products; Albany; 2005 sales $978 million
  • Albany Med: Medical care; teaching hospital; Albany Medical College
  • Albany Molecular: Chemistry services; Albany; 2005 sales $189 million
  • First Albany: Investment banking services; 2005 sales $179 million
  • GE Research: General Electric Global Research; develops new technology: chemicals, imaging, energy, nanotechnology, and computing; Niskayuna; unit of General Electric
  • MapInfo: Geographic software; 2006 sales $165 million; Troy
  • Stewart's: Convenience stores; food; ice cream; 2005 sales $1 billion; Ballston Spa

NY Capital District Reference

Works to help you find out more about Capital District


Learn more about Capital District with online guides that describe area attractions

  • Capital-Saratoga: Capital-Saratoga Region of New York State; guide to points of interest in Saratoga, Columbia, Rensselaer, Albany, Washington, Fulton, and Schenectady counties
  • Round the Bend: RoundTheBend Online Travel Guide; Capital/Saratoga Region
  • AOL: Section on Albany
  • WorldWeb: Section on Albany


Access online information about Capital District through general and specialized indexes

  • Google: Entry for Capital District
  • Yahoo: Entry for Capital District
  • 518 Online: Business listing; links to Web sites of businesses where available
  • Yellow Pages: Search form; find businesses and organizations using the SMARTpages.com directory


Find more information related to Capital District

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  • Help Wanted: Capital Area Help Wanted
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