Philadelphia PHIL: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Explore Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; Remarkably rich in history and culture, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is where the Declaration of Independence and US Constitution were drafted and signed, where Benjamin Franklin and George Washington walked the streets, and where many cultural, scientific, and educational institutions were established very early in American history.


This web helps you explore Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; here, you'll find organized and annotated links to Web sites about Philadelphia's current conditions, facts, activities, events, places, sports, civic life, media, education, commerce, and reference works. You can view and link to this information in a variety of ways, and your suggestions are welcome. Use the links at the top of this page to navigate and access this information

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See live conditions and views of Philadelphia

  • Weather: Current weather observations and forecasts
    • Graphic; shows current weather conditions for Philadelphia
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    • Radar: National Weather Service radar; shows short range base reflectivity radar image for the area from the Mt. Holly, New Jersey radar
    • Philadelphia radar -- click to enlarge
    • Forecast: National Weather Service forecast; Zone Forecast for Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; shows forecast for day and then five days ahead as well as current conditions at Airport, Philadelphia
    • Satellite: Goestationary infrared image; satellite image for Eastern United States sector, infrared image; provided by National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, US Dept of Commerce
    • Air Quality: Current Air Quality Index; chart shows air quality index and rating for southeastern Pennsylvania
  • Cams: Live views of Philadelphia; helpful for finding out about current weather and road conditions
  • News: News and reports about what's going on in Philadelphia
    • Google News: Google news search for Philadelphia; finds news and sports stories about Philadelphia from a variety of news sources; includes photos
    • Yahoo News: Yahoo news search for Philadelphia; finds news and sports stories in a variety of news sources; includes photos
    • Topix News: Topix news search for Philadelphia; local news for Philadelphia continually updated from thousands of sources on the web
    • Traffic: SmarTraveler Philadephia; click on map to see a table of traffic conditions for specific routes
    • Gas Prices; graphic image showing low and high gas prices; reported by users of Web site


Look up information about Philadelphia such as maps, facts, and census information

  • Maps: Online mapping services; these allow you to zoom in and out and select specific features to view on the map
    • Bicycling: Bike route maps; Philadelphia Bicycle Network
    • MapQuest: MapQuest's Philadelphia map; integration with city Internet guide
    • -USA Maps-: More online mapping services; you can use this list of sites to get more maps of the area or specialized maps such as historical, topographic, or satellite imagery
  • Info: Look up basic facts about Philadelphia from online reference works
    • Answers: entry for Philadelphia; gives factual articles from professional-edited sources as well as a Wikipedia article
    • Almanac: Information Please Almanac; entry for Philadelphia; gives a page of basic facts about the city, including a general description and current facts
    • Books: PHIL Books; a page presenting books about the city of Philadelphia
    • Encyclopedia: Information Please Encyclopedia; article about Philadelphia giving a brief overview of the city's landmarks, history, and bibliography
  • Census: Information from the United States Bureau of the Census; Note that Philadelphia County is conterminous with the city of Philadelphia
    • Phila City: Philadelphia city; Census 2001 Supplementary Survey Profile, Philadelphia city, Profile of general demographic characteristics
    • Phila Co: Philadelphia County; US Census Bureau QuickFacts for people, business, and geography
    • Bucks Co: Bucks County; north of Philadelphia, US Census Bureau QuickFacts for people, business, and geography
    • Camden Co: Camden County, New Jersey; just east of Philadelphia, US Census Bureau QuickFacts for people, business, and geography
    • Montgomery Co: Montgomery County; northwest of Philadelphia, US Census Bureau QuickFacts for people, business, and geography
    • Delaware Co: Delaware County; southwest of Philadelphia, US Census Bureau QuickFacts for people, business, and geography
    • Chester Co: Chester County; west of Delaware County, US Census Bureau QuickFacts for people, business, and geography
    • PMSA: Primary Metropolitan Statistical Area; 2001 Supplementary Survey Profile, Philadelphia, PA-NJ PMSA
    • CMSA: Consolidated Metropolitan Statistical Area (CMSA)

Philadelphia Living

Find out about things to do and places to see in Philadelphia


Philadelphiaans take part in many clubs and organizations; activities include interest groups, clubs, hobbies, community centers, organizations, and groups

  • Art Allens: Allens Lane Art Center; Mt. Airy community arts center
  • Art Alliance: Philadelphia Art Alliance; multidisciplinary arts center; visual, literary, and performance arts
  • Art Assoc: Fairmount Park Art Association; works to integrating public art and urban planning; commissions, interprets, and preserves public art in Philadelphia; founded in 1872
  • Art Mural: Philadelphia Mural Arts Program; component of the Anti-Graffiti Network; vandals are invited to create murals instead of defacing property
  • Art Sanctuary: North Philadelphia arts center
  • Art Sketch: Philadelphia Sketch Club
  • Art UC: University City Arts League
  • Art Woodmere: Woodmere Art Museum
  • Constitutional: Walking tour of Philadelphia historic sites; self-guide (free) tour is 5 km covering more than 30 historic sites; guided tour available (purchase tickets)
  • Culture: Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance; arts and cultural institutions working together
  • Fabric: Fabric Workshop and Museum; creating new work in fabric and other materials
  • Folk Songs: Philadelphia Folksong Society
  • German: German Society of Pennsylvania; devoted to furthering the understanding of German and German-American contributions to history and culture
  • History, PA: Historical Society of Pennsylvania; gateway to historical resources related to the origins and development of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; building on Locust Street on the City of Philadelphia's Register of Historical Places, houses manuscripts, printed, and graphic items; family history library; Web site includes online exhibits
  • History, UC: University City Historical Society
  • History, US: Independence Hall Association; group of citizens overseeing and being consulted on matters concerning the Independence National Historical Park
  • Horticulture: Pennsylvania Horticultural Society; produces Philadelphia Flower Show, Philadelphia Green program; McLean Library
  • Italian: America-Italy Society; the study and enjoyment of Italian language, culture, music, and art
  • Jewish: Jewish Community Centers of Greater Philadelphia
  • Link: Neighborhood Link; neighborhood and nonprofit group information
  • Literacy: The Mayor's Commission on Literacy
  • Parks: Philadelphia Parks Alliance
  • Philosophical: American Philosophical Society; scholarly organization founded in 1743 that aims to promotes useful knowledge; research; library holdings on the history of science and technology includes first editions of Newton and Franklin;
  • Polish: Polish American Cultural Center and Museum
  • Red Cross: American Red Cross of Philadelphia and Southeastern Pennyslvania; provides relief to victims of disasters and helps people prevent, prepare for, and respond to emergencies
  • Recreation: City of Philadelphia Recreation Department
  • Singles: PHIL Personals; find your match in Philadelphia
  • Theatre: Theatre Alliance of Greater Philadelphia
  • United Way: United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania
  • World: World Affairs Council of Philadelphia; discussion, events, learning about matters of national and international significance
  • -USA Directories-: Search organization directories; there are hundreds of thousands of organizations, associations, societies, and nonprofits in the US covering many interests; many of these are in Philadelphia; these directories help you locate an organization


Philadelphia is famous for its diverse events year-round

  • Listings: Connect to online calendars and databases; show what's going on and where
    • PhillyFunGuide: calendar and guide to events; Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance
    • Upcoming Events: Event listings
    • Entertainment section; includes nightlife, arts, movies, restaurants
    • Philly2Night: entertainment events; movies, clubs, happenings, and restaurants
    • AroundPhilly: entertainment; bars, nightlife, restaurants, music, spas, shopping, museums, galleries, family, tourism, sports
  • Performing: Philadelphia is home to many performing arts and cultural groups
    • Ballet: Pennsylvania Ballet
    • Chamber Mus: Philadelphia Chamber Music Society
    • Chamber Orch: Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia
    • Choir SC: Singing City Choir
    • Choral Arts: Choral Arts Society of Philadelphia; 100-voice symphonic chorus of volunteer singers and a 16-voice professional core
    • PHILADANCO: Philadelphia Dance Company
    • Mendelssohn: Mendelssohn Club of Philadelphia; chorus; founded 1874
    • Orchestra: Philadelphia Orchestra
    • Orchestra Soc: Orchestra Society of Philadelphia
    • Orchestra Youth: Philadelphia Youth Orchestra
    • Opera: Opera Company of Philadelphia; grand opera; established in 1975 through a merger of the Philadelphia Grand Opera Company and the Philadelphia Lyric Opera Company
    • Pops: Peter Nero and the Philly Pops
    • PTC: Philadelphia Theatre Company
  • Periodic: Philadelphia has many annual or one-day special events, ongoing summer concert series, and recurring trade shows
    • Antiques Show: Philadelphia Antiques Show; benefit for the University of Pennsylvania Health System
    • Auto Show: Philadelphia International Auto Show
    • Broad St Run: The Blue Cross Broad Street Run; 16 km foot race; conducted by the Philadelphia Department of Recreation; benefits the American Cancer Society
    • Campus Philly: Campus Philly Kick-Off™; events to welcome college students to the Philadelphia for the new academic year; presented by the City of Philadelphia
    • Cherry Blossom: Subaru Cherry Blossom Festival
    • Cooks: Philly Cooks!; a chef competition
    • Craft Show: Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show; annual benefit for the Philadelphia Museum of Art
    • Dad Vail: Collegiate regatta; on Philadelphia’s Schuylkill River
    • Distance Run: Half-marathon footrace; Jefferson Hospital Philadelphia Distance Run
    • Dog Shows: Kennel Club of Philadelphia Dog Shows
    • Dragon Boat: Philadelphia International Dragon Boat Festival; boat race on the Schuylkill River
    • Film: Philadelphia Film Festival; Philadelphia Film Society
    • Flower Show: Philadelphia Flower Show; show proceeds support The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, including its acclaimed urban greening program, Philadelphia Green
    • Folk Fest: Philadelphia Folk Festival; traditional and contemporary folk music, dance, crafts, camping and children's activities
    • Franklin: Events commemorating the 300-year anniversary of Ben Franklin’s birth; Benjamin Franklin (1706-2006), signed the Declaration of Independence, published Poor Richard's Almanac, served as postmaster of Philadelphia, founded the first American fire insurance company, served as American ambassador to France, and invented the lightning rod, the Franklin stove, and bifocal glasses; is pictured on the US $100 bill
    • Furniture: Philadelphia Furniture & Furnishings Show; exhibition and sale of artisan-designed and made furniture and home accessories for home and office
    • Marathon: Philadelphia Marathon; 42.1 km footrace; Philadelphia Marathon Health and Fitness Expo
    • Mummers: Southwest Airlines Mummers Parade; New Years Day parade of mummers (a mummer is a masked or elaborately-costumed person)
    • Open House: Private home and garden tour series; Friends of Independence National Historical Park
    • Penn Relays: Large track meet; at Franklin Field at the University of Pennsylvania; street festival; USA vs. The World races
    • Red Ball: Dining and dancing supporting charities; gourmet cuisine from top restaurants, bar, and live entertainment
    • St Patrick's: St. Patrick's Day Parade; first held in 1771; St. Patrick's Day Observance Association
    • Stuben Day: German-American Steuben Parade; Steuben Day Observance Association of Philadelphia and Vicinity; celebrates Baron Friedrich von Steuben, who, during the time of the American Revolutionary War, offered his services to General George Washington
    • Shakespeare: Philadelphia Shakespeare Festival
    • Sippin/River: Sippin By the River; wines and beers, food sampling, cooking demonstrations, gourmet cuisine from area restaurants, and live entertainment; Festival Pier at Penn's Landing


Philadelphia has many neighborhoods, entertainment venues, museums, and other places with Web sites

  • Sites: Places such as parks, buildings, public gardens and zoos, notable buildings, libraries, interesting places; see also the listings for Venues, Museums, Neighborhoods, Dining, and Housing; see Activities for cultural centers
    • 30th St: 30th Street Station; transportation hub served by Amtrak, SEPTA, NJTransit; food court; shops
    • Arboretum Awbury: 22 hectares of scenery; in the Germantown section of Philadelphia; Francis Cope House
    • Arboretum Jenkins: 18 hectares of native environment; native trees, shrubs, rhododendrons, azaleas, laurel, blueberries, ferns and wildflowers
    • Arboretum Morris: Morris Arboretum of the University of Pennsylvania; official arboretum of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; in Chestnut Hill neighborhood
    • Arboretum Scott: Scott Arboretum of Swarthmore College; 120 hectares; ornamental plants, trees, shrubs, vines and perennials
    • Arboretum Tyler: 263 hectares of horticultural collections; rare specimens, ancient trees, historic buildings, and hiking trails; Media, PA
    • Art Public: Philadelphia Public Art; collection of pictures of sculptures, fountains, mosaics and memorials in Philadelphia
    • Buildings/Arch: Philadelphia Architects and Buildings database; information on three centuries of Philadelphia buildings and designers; data and images from the collections of more than 25 Philadelphia-area repositories; added to and amended daily
    • Buildings/Emporis: Coverage of Philadelphia buildings; Skycrapers, architecture, buildings, real estate, and construction news; from Emporis databases on buildings and the real-estate industry
    • Camden Waterfront: Delware River waterfront in Camden, New Jersey; cultural attractions and entertainment: Adventure Aquarium, Camden Children's Garden, Battleship New Jersey, Tweeter Center, Camden Riversharks, RiverLink Ferry; across the Delaware River from Penn's Landing
    • Carpenters' Hall: historic building; hosted the First Continental Congress in 1774; home to Franklin's Library Company, The American Philosophical Society, and the First and Second Banks of the United States; part of Independence National Historical Park
    • Christ Church: Old Christ Church and Burial Ground; burial place of Benjamin Franklin; founded in 1695; colonial and revolution-era history
    • City Hall: Historic building housing city government; at Center Square (Broad and Market); French Second -Empire Architectural style; completed in 1901; National Historic Landmark; the nation’s largest municipal building; 167 meter tower with 11 meter tall statue of William Penn on top; public tours
    • City Tavern: Historic meeting place; original opened 1773; used by First Continental Congress as informal meeting place; George Washington used as his headquarters; reconstructed in 1975; dining with costumed serving staff
    • CVB: Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau
    • Delaware Riv: Delaware River; recreation information: canoeing, camping, fishing, hiking, birding, fishing; the Delaware River passes to the east of Philadelphia, along Penn's Landing
    • Fairmount Pk: Philadelphia's Park System; 3,700 hectares; 62 regional and neighborhood parks including the larger of these: East and West Parks, Franklin D. Roosevelt Park, Pennypack Park, Poquessing Park, Tacony Creek Park and Wissahickon Valley Park; includes Center, Franklin, Logan, Rittenhouse and Washington Squares
    • Franklink Mem: Benjamin Franklin National Memorial; located in the rotunda of The Franklin Institute Science Museum; statue of Franklin and exhibits of objects and publications
    • Garden Betram's: botanical garden; a pastoral 18th century homestead
    • Garden GP: Greater Philadelphia Gardens; public gardens, arboreta and historic houses with gardens
    • Gloria Dei: (Old Swedes') Church; built in 1700; oldest church in Pennsylvania
    • Historic: Sites in Philadelphia's Historic District; List of extensive sites of historic interest in Philadelphia
    • Independence NHP: Independence National Historical Park; Independence Hall and the related historical buildings: Liberty Bell Center, Independence Hall, Great Essentials Exhibit, Congress Hall, Old City Hall, Second Bank of the United States, New Hall Military Museum, Carpenters' Hall, Franklin Court, Christ Church, Bishop White House, Todd House, Declaration House, City Tavern, Deshler Morris House, Mikveh Israel Cemetery, Philosophical Hall (American Philosophical Society), National Constitution Center, Independence Visitor Center, Free Quaker Meeting House, Merchants' Exchange Building; National Park Service
    • Japanese House: Japanese House and Garden (Shofuso) in Fairmount Park; 16th-century style house and grounds located in the Horticultural Center of Fairmount Park
    • Kosciuszko Mem: Thaddeus Kosciuszko National Memorial; military engineer and volunteer in American revolution; house where Kosciuszko lived from 1797-98
    • Liberty Bell: famous bell that rang July 8, 1776 in the tower of Independence Hall; summoned people to hear the first public reading of the Declaration of Independence
    • Liberty Pl: Shops at Liberty Place; retail complex between the Liberty One and Liberty Two Office Towers; in Center City business district
    • Libraries List: List of area libraries; provided by Libweb; gives link to official Web site and information link; includes academic, public, and special libraries
    • Libraries Special: Philadelphia Area Consortium of Special Collections Libraries
    • Library Athenæum: special collections library; the history and antiquities of America; architecture and interior design history, particularly for 1800-1945; founded 1814; member supported
    • Library Co: independent research library; history and background of American culture from colonial times to the end of the 19th century; founded 1731 by Benjamin Franklin and his Junto members
    • Library Free: Free Library of Philadelphia
    • Manayunk Canal: Friends of the Manayunk Canal;works to restore and preserve the natural and historical resources of Venice Island, the Manayunk Canal and Fairmount Park's Towpath
    • Parking: Philadelphia Parking Authority; parking in garages and lots in Center City and University City; parking and flight status at Philadelphia International Airport; on-street parking information; purchase a Parking Meter Smart Card; pay fines
    • Parking-Spot Hero: Parking spots around town; rent by the day or longer
    • Penn's Landing: 15 hectares of publicly-owned land on the Delaware River just east of downtown; year-round events, festivals, and recreational activities; Festival Pier, Blue Cross River Rink, The Great Plaza, Walnut Plaza, Southern Quay and Overlook, Tall Ship Gazela
    • Poe NHS: Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site; house where Poe lived from 1843-44
    • Reading Mkt: Reading Terminal Market; public market 12th and Arch Streets
    • Ross House: Betsy Ross House; house of Elizabeth Griscom Ross, seamstress; no known evidence establishes that she sewed the first American flag
    • Rush St Pk: Benjamin Rush State Park; open fields and woodlots in the northeast corner of Philadephia; the world's largest community gardens
    • Schuylkill Riv: Schuylkill River National & State Heritage Area; watershed in Schuylkill, Berks, Chester, Montgomery, and Philadelphia Counties; managed by Schuylkill River Greenway Association
    • US Mint: Philadelphia Mint; produces coins and medals; public tours
    • Valley Forge: Valley Forge National Historical Park; place where revolutionary war soldiers under George Washington camped; located in Valley Forge, PA, about 30 km from Philadelphia Center City
    • Visitor Ctr: Independence Visitor Center; information about the Philadelphia region; across from the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall in Independence National Historical Park; "America's most historic" 259 hectares
    • Zoo: Zoological Society of Philadelphia; rare and exotic animals from around the world
  • Neighborhoods: Areas of town with a distinct identity or official status as a business improvement district (BID), neighborhood association, or other designation
    • PACDC: Philadelphia Association of Community Development Corporations; works for "advocacy, policy development and technical assistance for community development corporations and other organizations in their efforts to rebuild communities and revitalize neighborhoods"; includes a locator map of neighborhoods and organizations
    • Historic: Philadelphia Historic Neighborhood Consortium; a group of more than 40 cultural institutions, museums, historic houses of worship and historic sites located within walking distance of the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall
    • Arts Avenue: Avenue of the Arts; Broad Street extending from Glenwood Avenue in the north to Washington Avenue in the south; entertainment and cultural district
    • Center City: Center City District and Central Philadelphia Development Corporation; area in the center of Philadelphia that is its commercial and cultural core; business improvement and historic revitalization
    • Old City: Historic and contemporary urban neighborhood; between Center City and the Delaware River; includes Independence Hall, Independence Visitor's Center, the National Constitution Center, the Liberty Bell Center; art galleries, musuems, restaurants, theaters, hotels
    • Society Hill: Society Hill Civic Association; bounded by Front and Eighth Streets (East to West) and Walnut and Lombard Streets (North to South)
    • South St: Eclectic urban neighborhood; shops, galleries, restaurants, businesses, residences, along street which had been the southern boundary of Philadelphia during the 19th century; 8 blocks south and parallel to Market Street; pedestrian walkway to Penn's Landing; Fabric Row, Zombie Crawl
    • Wash Sq W: Washington Square West Civic Association; Broad to 7th St. and (the north side of) Chestnut to (the north side of) South St.
  • Venues: Places for performances, concerts, athletics, conventions, tradeshows, gatherings; many of the sports arenas (Wachovia Ctr, Lincoln Financial Field, Veterans Stadium, Citizens Bank Park) are grouped in south Philadelphia near South Broad Street/I-95
    • Academy of Music: 2,900-seat historic grand opera house; opened in 1857; performances by the Opera Company of Philadelphia, the Pennsylvania Ballet and Philly Pops with Peter Nero
    • Annenberg Ctr: Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts; performing arts center: music, theatre, dance, arts education and outreach for adults and young people; professional performing arts series Penn Presents; The Zellerbach Theatre, Harold Prince Theatre, Irvine Auditorium, and The Studio Theatre
    • Citizens Bank Pk: 43,500-seat baseball stadium; home of major league baseball's Philadelphia Phillies; opened on April 12, 2004
    • Forrest Theatre: live theatre; plays and musicals; Broadway; built in 1927
    • Kimmel Ctr: Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts; includes Verizon Hall, Perelman Theater, Innovation Studio and the Merck Arts Education Center; home to eight performing arts organizations: The Philadelphia Orchestra, Opera Company of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Ballet, Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia, American Theater Arts for Youth, PHILADANCO, Philadelphia Chamber Music Society, and Peter Nero and the Philly Pops®
    • Lincoln FF: Lincoln Financial Field 68,532-seat football stadium; where Philadelphia Eagles play; other sporting events
    • Mann Ctr: Mann Center for the Performing Arts; outdoor cultural arts venue; 4,000 seats under cover and 10,000 lawn/terrace; 5201 Parkside Avenue, Philadelphia
    • PN Conv Ctr: Pennsylvania Convention Center; Grand Hall and Ballroom; Reading Terminal Trainshed; 2.5 hectares of contiguous space; expansion started in 2006 to double its size
    • Prince Th: The Prince Music Theater; music theater and movies
    • Walnut St Th: Oldest theatre in America; opened in 1809
    • Wells Fargo Ctr: sports arena; formerly called CoreStates Center, First Union Center, Wachovia Center; on site of former JFK Stadium; owned by Comcast Spectacor
  • Housing: Find a place to stay or live in Philadelphia
    • PCVB Members: Lodging search of Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau members
    • Hotels: Philadelphia Pennsylvania Hotels; discount rates on hotels in the Philadelphia area
    • B&B: Bed and Breakfast Connection of Philadelphia; listings and reservation service for bed and breakfasts in eastern Pennsylvania
    • -USA Housing-: National lodging and housing directories; there are national directories you can use to locate area lodging or housing
  • Dining: Find a place to eat in Philadelphia
    • PhillyMag: Dining section of Philadelphia magazine; includes restaurant finder
    • PCVB Members: Restaurant search of Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau members
    • Holly Eats: Food writer's site; Hollister Moore reports on his home chomping grounds of Philadelphia; includes, of course, cheesesteak places (with grease stain ratings) as well as hamburgers, hoagies, hot dogs, Italian, and Mexican
    • -USA Dining-: National Dining directories; you can use this link to locate restaurants in the area that may not be listed in the local guides
  • Museums: Displays of objects; includes planned educational activities related to art, history, culture, or science
    • African Amer: The African American Museum in Philadelphia; the heritage of African Americans; themes include: the African Diaspora, the Philadelphia Story, and the Contemporary Narrative
    • Acad Nat Sci: The Academy of Natural Sciences; founded 1812; museum includes dinosaurs, dioramas, and events; Dinosaur Hall
    • Art Barnes: Barnes Foundation; notable collection of impressionist and post-impressionist paintings; Philadelphia campus
    • Art Drexel: The Drexel Collection™; paintings, sculpture, decorative arts, porcelain; at Drexel Univeristy
    • Art ICA: Institute of Contemporary Art at the University of Pennsylvania; presentation of contemporary art
    • Art Online:; shows an online collection of work by local, national, and international artists
    • Art PAFA: Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts; nation's oldest museum and school of fine arts, founded 1805; American art, ranging from colonial Robert Feke, John Singleton Copley, and Benjamin West, to contemporary including Richard Diebenkorn, Red Grooms, and Faith Ringgold
    • Art PMA: Philadelphia Museum of Art; over 225,000 works of art in 200 galleries covering two millennia and six continents
    • Art Rodin: Rodin Museum; Auguste Rodin (French, 1840–1917), sculptor; houses 124 sculptures, including The Thinker, The Burghers of Calais, Eternal Springtime, Apotheosis of Victor Hugo, and The Gates of Hell
    • Art Romanian: Romanian Folk Art Museum
    • Atwater/History: Atwater Kent Philadelphia's history museum; objects include William Penn's wampum belt and personal effects of George Washington and Benjamin Franklin; located near Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell
    • Battleship NJ: Battleship New Jersey museum; notable US Navy battleship BB-62 produced at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard; notable service in World War II, Vietnam, Mediterranean; decommissioned in 1991; museum on the Delaware River, along the Camden Waterfront across from Center City Philadelphia
    • Childrens/Please Touch: Please Touch Museum; for families with children; learning through play
    • Civil War: Civil War and Underground Railroad Museum of Philadelphia; founded in 1888 by veteran Union Army, Navy and Marine Corps officers; oldest chartered Civil War institution in America; formerly the Civil War Library and Museum
    • Constitution: National Constitution Center; aims to increase public understanding of the United States Constitution; established by the Constitution Heritage Act of 1988; located within Independence National Historical Park
    • Elfreth’s Alley: Residential street since 1702; museum houses
    • Fabric: Fabric Workshop and Museum; creating new work in fabric and other materials
    • Fairmount Water: The Fairmount Water Works Interpretive Center; restored buildings housing water works used to supply drinking water from the Schuylkill River to Philadelphia from 1822 to 1909; exhibits; Engine House restaurant; Greek Revival buildings
    • Franklin Inst: Science Museum; includes the Wright Brothers Aeronautical Engineering Collection, Fels Planetarium, Tuttleman IMAX Theater
    • Glen Foerd: Glen Foerd Estate; house museum and grounds
    • Glencairn: educates visitors about the history of religion; art and artifacts; Bryn Athyn, PA
    • Independence: Independence National Historical Park sites; Independence Hall and the related historical buildings; many of the sites display historical objects; sites include: Liberty Bell Center, Independence Hall, Great Essentials Exhibit (copies of the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution of the United States), Congress Hall, Old City Hall, Second Bank of the United States, New Hall Military Museum, Carpenters' Hall, Franklin Court, Christ Church, Bishop White House, Todd House, Declaration House, City Tavern, Deshler Morris House, Mikveh Israel Cemetery, Philosophical Hall (American Philosophical Society), National Constitution Center, Independence Visitor Center, Free Quaker Meeting House, Merchants' Exchange Building; National Park Service
    • Jewish Hist: National Museum of American Jewish History; the history of Jews in America; more than 10,000 artifacts and 300 years of American Jewish life
    • Landmarks: four house museums: Powell House, Grumblethorpe, Physick House, Waynesborough; The Philadelphia Society for the Preservation of Landmarks; Elderhostel
    • Liberty: National Liberty Museum; celebrates the heritage of freedom in the United States; galleries and art collection show exhibits related to freedom, heroism, diversity, and faith
    • Masonic: Masonic Library and Museum of Pennsylvania; Masonic objects including the apron presented in 1784 by Marquis de Lafayette to General George Washington, Benjamin Franklin's 1779 Masonic sash, portraits and works of art, jewelry, regalia, timepieces, curiosa and Masonic history; presented by The Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania
    • Mütter: Medical museum; College of Physicians of Philadelphia; collection includes fluid-preserved anatomical and pathological specimens, medical instruments, anatomical and pathological models, memorabilia of scientists and physicians, medical illustrations, and the Philadelphia General Hospital X-Ray Teaching File; named after Dr. Thomas Dent Mütter who gave his personal collection to the College of Physicians
    • Penn: University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology; materials from Egypt, Mesopotamia, the Bible Lands, Mesoamerica, Asia and the ancient Mediterranean World; artifacts from peoples of the Americas, Africa and Polynesia; founded in 1887
    • Philosophical: Museum of the American Philosophical Society; "rational amusement" for the general public about history, art, and science; focus on the early days of Philadelphia and the nation; historic Philosophical Hall
    • Polish: Polish American Cultural Center and Museum
    • Print Ctr: Gallery; printmaking and photography
    • Prison ESP: Eastern State Penitentiary Historic Site; opened in 1829; used for 142 years; housed Al Capone; radial floor plan served as template for hundreds of US prisons; in Center City Philadelphia in the Fairmount Neighborhood
    • Rosenbach: Rosenbach Museum and Library; rare books and manuscripts in a historic townhouse filled with fine art and antiques; Bloomsday (June 16)
    • Seaport: Independence Seaport Museum; science, history and art of boats and boat building; at Penn's Landing waterfront; submarine Becuna and cruiser Olympia
    • Stenton: House museum; Georgian architecture circa 1730 mansion
    • Swedish: American Swedish Historical Museum in South Philadelphia; preserving and promoting Swedish and Swedish-American cultural heritage; founded in 1926
    • Wyck Hse: Historic home since 1690


Philadelphia is home to major-league basketball and baseball, pro hockey and soccer, and NCAA sports

  • Pro: Professional sports in Philadelphia
    • 76ers: Philadelphia 76ers National Basketball Association team
    • Eagles: Philadelphia Eagles National Football League team
    • Flyers: Philadelphia Flyers National Hockey League team
    • Phillies: Philadelphia Phillies Major League Baseball team
    • Phantoms: Philadelphia Phantoms American Hockey League team
    • Wings: Philadelphia Wings National Lacrosse League team
    • Freedoms: professional co-ed tennis team
    • Soul: Philadelphia Soul Arena Football League team
    • Pro Cycling: Bicycling races; Philadelphia International Championship Bike Race; Philadelphia International Championship
  • College: Area colleges with athletic activities
  • Community: Amateur, organized sports clubs, and special community sporting events
    • OneCrazyFan: Devoted to Philadelphia sports fans; information, discussion, and activities
    • Bicycle Club: Bicycle Club of Philadelphia
    • Ice Skating: The Blue Cross RiverRink at Penn's Landing
    • Marathon: Philadelphia Marathon
    • Sailing: Philadelphia Sailing Club

Philadelphia Civic

Philadelphia's civic life


Philadelphia's government and representatives at all levels

  • Local: City and county government; Philadelphia County is conterminous with the city of Philadelphia
    • City: City of Philadelphia; elected city government portal
    • Police: Philadelphia Police Department
    • Fire: Philadelphia Fire Department
    • Sheriff: Office of the Sheriff, City and County of Philadelphia
  • State: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania access
  • Federal: The United State's government has a presence in Philadelphia through elected representatives and some facilities
    • US Sen Toomey: United States Senator Patrick Toomey
    • US Sen Casey: United States Senator Robert P. Casey
    • US House Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania delegation; United States House of Representatives
    • US Mint: United States Mint; produces coins for US currency; Philadelphia Mint produces coins and medals and was the first US Mint, established by Congress in 1792; public tours
    • Fed: Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia; covers eastern Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey, and the state of Delaware
    • FBI: Philadelphia Division Federal Bureau of Investigation; serves northern Pennsylvania; headquarters office in downtown Philadelphia and four satellite offices
    • FEMA: Federal Emergency Management Agency Region III; serves federal emergency management needs
    • SSA: Social Security Administration's Philadelphia Region; serves Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia & West Virginia
    • -USA Federal-: USA Federal Government links; links to major top-level Web sites related to the United States government; you can use these to locate federal services available in the area not listed here


Support for human needs and infrastructure

  • Human: Health and human services
    • Health Info: Philly Health Info; health information service for all residents of Greater Philadelphia; provided by The College of Physicians of Philadelphia
    • Project HOME: Works to break the cycle of homelessness and poverty
    • LD Info: Learning Difference information; services and resources in the Delaware Valley (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA and its surrounding counties)
    • PhilAbundance: Distributing surplus food; helps local organizations serving people in need of food
    • -USA Human-: National Health and Human services; you can use these directories to find doctors, hospitals, dentists, and other health and human services
  • Transport: Philadelphia offers a wide variety of transit options; part of transit-rich northeastern corridor from DC to NYC and Boston; Philadelphia transit points of interest include 30th Street Station (just west of the Shuykill River on Market St) served by Amtrak, NJTransit, and nearby SEPTA; on the east side of the river: City Hall (at Market St and Broad), Suburban Station (just west of City Hall), Market East Station (near 11th) and nearby Greyhound bus terminal; the PATCO line to New Jersey starts about six blocks south of City Hall and goes east, crossing Market at 8th; east of downtown, on the Delaware River: the ferry and cruise ship terminals
    • PHL Airport: Philadelphia International Airport; located about 10 km southwest from downtown; owned by the City of Philadelphia, operated by the Department of Commerce's Division of Aviation; part of the Philadelphia Airport System; for transportation from the PHL airport to downtown, see the SEPTA R1 (regional rail) route
    • PNE Airport: Northeast Philadelphia Airport; located about 18 km northeast of downtown; owned by the City of Philadelphia, operated by the Department of Commerce's Division of Aviation; part of the Philadelphia Airport System
    • DRPA: Delaware River Port Authority of Pennsylvania and New Jersey; regional transportation and economic development agency serving Southeastern Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey; owns and operates the Benjamin Franklin, Walt Whitman, Commodore Barry, and Betsy Ross bridges; subsidiary Port Authority Transit Corporation (PACTO) rail transit; RiverLink Ferry, Philadelphia Cruise Terminal @ Pier 1, and the AmeriPort Intermodal Rail Center
    • Bicycles: Bicycle Network; city-wide network of bike-friendly streets to serve bicyclists as part of a comprehensive program which gives full recognition to the bicycle as a viable mode of transportation
    • Car Free: Possible in Philadelphia; with good walkability and extensive transit systems, you could easily live without a car in Philadelphia
    • Car Sharing: Avoid owning a car; be car-free as much as possible, but keep the idea that you can rent or borrow a car only when you need it--for a big project or trip to far-out areas, for example
    • RiverLink: River ferry system; connects Philadelphia (Penn's Landing ferry terminal) and Camden (Wiggins Park ferry terminal)
    • SEPTA: The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority; commuter rail, bus, subway, elevated, and trolley services in the Philadelphia area; private company 2003 sales $420 million
    • Phlash: Philly Phlash purple trolley; connects Center City attractions and hotels; connections to SEPTA and PATCO rail
    • Amtrak: Amtrak passenger train service; from Philadelphia's 30th Street Station; train service to destinations around the region and USA
    • The EL: reconstruction of the Market-Frankford El; part of the approximately 74 kilometers of subway and elevated system operated by SEPTA
    • PATCO: Port Authority Transit Corporation, run by the Delaware River Port Authority of Pennsylvania and New Jersey; operates the Speedline running from Center City Philadelphia to the Delaware River waterfront
    • Port: Port of Philadelphia
    • NJTransit: New Jersey Transit; connects with SEPTA at 30th St station and Philadelphia bus terminal
    • Greyhound: National, commercial bus transit company; offers connections throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico
    • GotoBus: Bus reservation system; buses connecting many cities including Philadelphia
    • Peter Pan: Regional, commercial bus transit company; offers connections from DC to northeast cities including Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, and Boston
    • Martz: Martz Trailways bus; serves Philadelphia
    • DART1st: DART First State, Delaware's Bus, Train, & Intermodal Transportation Provider; connects with SEPTA transit lines
    • DART Doylestown: Doylestown Area Regional Transit; Bucks County, Pennsylvania; connects with SEPTA R-5 train and Route 55 bus
    • Riverline: NJTransit rail, light rail, and bus; connects NJ destinations to Camden, across the Delaware river from Philadelphia
    • SJTA: South Jersey Transportation Authority; transit services to Camden, just across the Delaware River from Philadelphia
    • PA Turnpike: Toll highway system; connects Philadelphia with state and interstate highways
    • NJ Turnpike: Toll highway system; across the Delaware River in New Jersey
  • Facilities: Institutions, units, organizations, or systems that build, distribute, plan, or and keep area resources or infrastructure working
    • City Planning: Philadelphia City Planning Commission
    • DVRPC: Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission; aims to foster regional cooperation in a nine-county, two state area; addresses issues including transportation, land use, environmental protection, and economic development

Philadelphia Media

Access information about and in many cases read (or listen to) Philadelphia's media outlets


Philadelphia's many publications offer Web sites with online content

  • online local news; from the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Daily News, and WPVI TV 6
  • Inquirer: Philadelphia Inquirer; online presence on
  • Bus Jrnl: Philadelphia Business Journal
  • Tribune: Philadelphia Tribune
  • Public Rec: Public Record; political and labor community
  • PW: PW-Philadelphia Weekly; alt free weekly
  • City Paper: Philadelphia City Paper; alt free weekly
  • PhillyMag: Philadelphia Magazine; slick magazine showing off area business and culture
  • S Philly Rev: South Philly Review
  • Philly1: Weekly Press & UC Review
  • Jewish Exponent:
  • PBQ: Painted Bride Quarterly; literary magazine; Department of English & Philosophy, Drexel University
  • Gay News: Philadelphia Gay News
  • Daily Penn: The Daily Pennsylvanian; University of Pennsylvania; independent daily student newspaper
  • Triangle: Drexel University; student newspaper


Philadelphia's radio dial in alphabetical order by call letters; many of these radio stations offer live, streaming audio of their broadcast, so you can listen on the Internet anywhere in the world; please let me know your knowledge about updates to this list as radio stations change format, Web site addresses, and ownership often; unless otherwise noted, the station is in Philadelphia, PA; HD = HD Radio programming

  • -AM-: Click here for the AM stations sorted by frequency
  • -FM-: Click here for the FM stations sorted by frequency
  • -HD-: Click here for the HD stations sorted by frequency
  • KYW: AM 1060 News
  • WBEN: FM 95.7 Variety=HD1 HD2=Rythmic AC/Dance
  • WCHR: AM 1040 Religious; Flemington, NJ
  • WDAS: FM 105.3 R&B & Soul=HD1 HD2=R&B Love Songs
  • WDAS: AM 1480 Gospel Music=HD1
  • WFIL: AM 560 Religious
  • WHHS: FM 99.9 Student media; Haverford High School, Havertown, PA
  • WHYY: FM 90.9 Public=HD1 HD2=Arts & Info
  • WIOQ: FM 102.1 Top 40=HD1 HD2=Hispanic Contemporary
  • WIP: AM 610 Sports=HD1
  • WISX: FM 106.1 Rhythmic AC=HD1 HD2=Jazz
  • WJBR: FM 99.5 Adult contemporary; Wilmington, DE
  • WKDU: FM 91.7 College; Drexel University
  • WKXW: FM 101.5 and FM 97.3 News Talk; Trenton, NJ
  • WMGK: FM 102.9 Classic Rock=HD1 HD2=Oldies
  • WMMR: FM 93.3 Rock=HD1 HD2=Live Rock
  • WNAP: AM 1110 Gospel Music; Norristown, PA
  • WNTP: AM 990 Talk
  • WOGL: FM 98.1 Oldies=HD1 HD2=70's
  • WPHE: AM 690 Spanish; Phoenixville, PA
  • WPHT: AM 1210 Talk
  • WPPZ: FM 103.9 Gospel=HD1; Jenkintown, PA=HD1
  • WPRB: FM 103.3 College; Princeton University, Princeton, NJ
  • WPST: FM 94.5 Rock; Trenton, NJ
  • WPWA: AM 1590 Gospel Music; Chester, PA
  • WRDV: FM 107.3 Nostalgia; Warminster, PA
  • WRFF: FM 104.5 Alternative
  • WRTI: FM 90.1 Public=HD1 HD2=Classical/Jazz; Temple University
  • WSJO: FM 104.9 Adult Contemporary; Egg Harbor City, NJ
  • WSTW: FM 93.7 Top 40; Wilmington, DE
  • WURD: AM 900 News
  • WUSL: FM 98.9 Hip Hop=HD1 HD2=Xtreme Hip Hop
  • WVCH: AM 740; Chester, PA
  • WWDB: AM 860 Business News
  • WWFM: FM 107.9 Classical; Mercer County Community College, Trenton, NJ
  • WWTX: AM 1290 Sports; Claymont, DE
  • WXPN: FM 88.5 College=HD1; University of Pennsylvania
  • WXTU: FM 92.5 Country=HD1 HD2=New Country


Television stations in Philadelphia; in alphabetical order by call letters

Philadelphia Education

Philadelphia's educational opportunities


The Philadelphia area's colleges and universities; these are located in Philadelphia unless otherwise noted

  • Arcadia: Arcadia University; independent; offers undergraduate and graduate degrees, PhD's; Glenside, PA
  • CCP: Community College of Philadelphia; State and local; offers undergraduate degrees
  • CHC: Chestnut Hill College; independent Roman Catholic; offers undergraduate and graduate degrees, PhD's
  • Cheyney: Cheyney University; state; offers undergraduate and graduate degrees; Cheyney, PA
  • Curtis: The Curtis Institute of Music; independent; offers undergraduate and graduate degrees
  • Drexel: Drexel University; independent; offers undergraduate and graduate degrees, PhD's
  • Haverford: Haverford College; independent; offers undergraduate degrees; Haverford, PA
  • Holy Fam: Holy Family University; independent Roman Catholic; offers undergraduate and graduate degrees
  • Immaculata: Immaculata University; independent Roman Catholic; offers undergraduate and graduate degrees, PhD's; founded by the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary; Immaculata, PA
  • La Salle: La Salle University; independent Roman Catholic; offers undergraduate and graduate degrees, PhD's
  • Moore: Moore College of Art and Design; independent, women only; undergraduate
  • Neumann: Neumann College; independent Roman Catholic; offers undergraduate and graduate degrees; Aston
  • PhilaU: Philadelphia University; independent; undergraduate, graduate; professional education
  • Peirce: Peirce College; independent; offers undergraduate degrees
  • Penn: University of Pennsylvania; independent; offers undergraduate and graduate degrees, PhD's
  • Rosemont: Rosemont College; independent Roman Catholic; offers undergraduate and graduate degrees; Rosemont, PA
  • Swarthmore: Swarthmore College; independent; offers undergraduate degrees; Swarthmore, PA
  • St Joseph's: Saint Joseph's University; independent Roman Catholic (Jesuit); offers undergraduate and graduate degrees, PhD's
  • TJU: Thomas Jefferson University; independent; offers undergraduate and graduate degrees, PhD's; Jefferson Medical College; Jefferson College of Graduate Studies, for advanced study in the basic medical sciences; and Jefferson College of Health Professions
  • Temple: Temple University; state; offers undergraduate and graduate degrees, PhD's
  • UArts: The University of the Arts; independent; offers undergraduate and graduate degrees
  • Ursinus: Ursinus College; independent; offers undergraduate degrees; Collegeville, PA
  • USIP: University of the Sciences in Philadelphia; independent; offers undergraduate and graduate degrees, PhD's
  • Villanova: Villanova University; independent Roman Catholic; offers undergraduate and graduate degrees, PhD's; Villanova, PA
  • Widener: Widener University; offers undergraduate and graduate degrees, PhD's; Chester, PA


Philadelphia's primary, secondary, career, and trade schools

  • K12: Philadelphia Public Schools
  • Fleisher: Samuel S. Fleisher Art Memorial; tuition-free art school
  • AVA: The Academy of Vocal Arts; preparation for a career in singing
  • Lingual: Lingual Institute; language school and center
  • MCC: Metropolitan Career Center; independent; offers career-oriented training
  • Restaurant School: The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College; culinary and hospitality arts
  • Schuylkill Ctr: Environmental education

Philadelphia Commerce

Philadelphia's business community


Organizations promoting business and business opportunities in the Philadelphia area

  • Chamber: Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce
  • WTC: World Trade Center of Greater Philadelphia; international trade opportunities for members
  • PDP: Philadelphia Development Partnership; works to support small business and self-employment in low and moderate-income neighborhoods
  • PHLX: Philadelphia Stock Exchange; securities: 2,000 stocks, more than 1,500 equity options, 20 sectors index options and multiple currency pairs


Large or well-known companies with headquarters or major operations in the Philadelphia area; sales figures, where shown, are from

  • Amerigas: Amerigas Partners; propane and related supplies; King of Prusia
  • Aramark: Foodservice; uniforms, management
  • Crown Holdings: Consumer packaging
  • FMC: Chemicals
  • Lincoln National: Lincoln Financial Group; life insurance, financial services; Radnor
  • Radian Group: Private mortgage insurance
  • Sunoco: Oil refiner and marketer
  • Toll Bros: homebuilder; Horsham
  • UGI: Energy; propane, butane, natural gas, electricity; King of Prussia
  • Unisys: Information technology consulting; Blue Bell

Philadelphia Reference

Works to help you find out more about Philadelphia


Learn more about Philadelphia with online guides that describe area attractions

  • AOL: City Guide Philadelphia
  • GoPhila: Visitor Site for Greater Philadelphia; Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation
  • 1 Big Campus: Philadelphia's collegiate opportunities and lifestyle; travel planning; part of the Knowledge Industry Partnership
  • Campus Philly: Works to connect college students to life in the region; designed by, and intended for, area college students
  • Living:; Philly's Living and Visiting Guide
  • PVN: Pennsylvania Visitors Network; shows information about Philadelphia and the Lehigh Valley
  • Visitor: Philadelphia Convention Center Visitors' Guide; covers points of interest, events, activities


Access online information about Philadelphia through general and specialized indexes


Find more information related to Philadelphia

  • craigslist: Online community; classified ads, jobs, housing, personals, for sale, discussion
  • Top Jobs: Job search engine for Philadelphia
  • USA index: An index for the United States; resources to help you locate information about activities, events, places, sports, government, media, commerce, and reference information in the USA; You can use this page to locate information on other cities or information you couldn't find here
  • -USA General-: General reference section of USA Index; lookup information in national directories for classified ads, jobs, discussion, or lookup resources
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