Seattle SEA - Facts - Seattle, Washington, USA

Look up information about Seattle such as maps, facts, and census information
  • Maps: Online mapping services; these allow you to zoom in and out and select specific features to view on the map
    • MapQuest: Seattle map; integration with city Internet guide
    • Yahoo: Seattle map; integrated with Yahoo's Get Local city Internet guides
    • -USA Maps-: More online mapping services; you can use this list of sites to get more maps of the area or specialized maps such as historical, topographic, or satellite imagery
  • Info: Look up basic facts about Seattle from online reference works
    • Almanac: Information Please Almanac; entry for Seattle; gives a page of basic facts about the city, including a general description and current facts
    • Answers: reference search for Seattle; shows reference information for Milwaukee from various sources such as dictionary, encyclopedia, weather, and Wikipedia entry
    • Books: SEA Books; a page presenting books about the city of Seattle
    • Encyclopedia: Information Please Encyclopedia; article about Seattle giving a very brief overview of the city's history
  • Census: Information from the United States Bureau of the Census
    • Seattle: Seattle city; Census 2001, Seattle city, Supplementary Survey Profile of general demographic characteristics
    • PMSA: Primary Metropolitan Statistical Area; 2001 Supplementary Surveys Profile, Seattle--Bellevue--Everett, WA PMSA
    • CMSA: Consolidated Metropolitan Statistical Area (CMSA); shows the population breakdown of the Seattle-Tacoma-Bremerton, Washington Consolidated Metropolitan Statistical Area (CMSA) which includes the Seattle-Bellevue-Evertt, Washington Primary Metropolitan Statistical Area (PMSA), and the PMSA's of Bremerton, Olympia, and Tacoma, Washington. These PMSA's are composed of counties
    • King: County QuickFacts
    • Kitsap: County QuickFacts
    • Island: County QuickFacts
    • Snohomish: County QuickFacts
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