Seattle Education - Higher - Seattle, Washington, USA

The Seattle area's colleges and universities
  • Argosy: Argosy University; proprietary; offers undergraduate degrees
  • Art Institutes: system of more than 40 education institutions located throughout North America; offering masterís, bachelorís and associateís degrees programs as well as nondegree programs; culinary, design, fashion and media arts professionals
  • Bastyr: Bastyr University; independent; undergraduate, graduate; Kenmore, Washington
  • City: City University; private; undergraduate and graduate; career-oriented; administrative site in Bellevue; sites in Canada, Europe
  • Cornish: Cornish College of the Arts; independent; undergraduate; arts, performance
  • Devry: DeVry University; proprietary; undergraduate; career-oriented; Federal Way unit
  • Pima: Pima Medical Institute; proprietary; undergraduate; medical technical
  • Seattle CC: Seattle Community Colleges; North and South Seattle College, Seattle Central College, Seattle Vocational Institute; public; undergraduate
  • Seattle Pacific: Seattle Pacific University; independent Free Methodist; undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral
  • Seattle: Seattle University; independent Roman Catholic; undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral
  • UW: University of Washington Seattle; state; undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral
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