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See live conditions and views of San Francisco

  • Weather: Current weather observations and forecasts
    • Graphic; shows current weather conditions for San Francisco
      Click for Forecast for San Francisco, California from
    • Radar: National Weather Service radar; shows short range base reflectivity radar image
    • San Francisco radar -- click to enlarge
    • Forecast: National Weather Service forecast; Zone forecast for San Francisco; shows forecast for day and then five days ahead as well as current conditions at San Francisco International Airport
    • Satellite: Goestationary infrared image; satellite image for Western United States sector, infrared image; provided by National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, US Dept of Commerce
    • Air Quality: Spare the Air; Bay Area ozone
    • Buoys: Marine Data; get readings from marine buoys about water and weather conditions through a clickable, graphical map of the Pacific Ocean off the Northwest USA coast
  • Cams: Live views of San Francisco; helpful for finding out about current weather and road conditions
    • EarthCam: South End Rowing Club; view of San Francisco bay; San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park; see the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island
    • Traffic: SFGate collection of live views; includes traffic and city scene views
  • News: News and reports about what's going on in San Francisco
    • Google News: Google news search for San Francisco; finds news and sports stories about San Francisco from a variety of news sources; includes photos
    • Yahoo News: Yahoo news search for SF; finds news and sports stories from a variety of news sources; includes photos
    • Topix News: Topix news search for San Francisco; local news for San Francisco continually updated from thousands of sources on the web
    • Traffic Times: Driving Times Map; shows near-live conditions for Bay-Area traffic; Java-powered; presented by
    • Traffic Map: Bay Area Traffic Report Sigalert; shows map of traffic flows or congestion on major roads with popups explaining incidents; from Sigalert
    • Quakes: Berkeley Seismological Lab
    • Gas Prices; graphic image showing low and high gas prices; reported by users of Web site


Look up information about San Francisco such as maps, facts, and census information

  • Maps: Online mapping services; these allow you to zoom in and out and select specific features to view on the map
    • Hot: City Map of San Francisco; pannable, street map showing the locations buildings and museums; you can search by street
    • Visitor: SF Convention and Visitors Bureau; a variety of maps including detailed neighborhood maps
    • MapWest: Order a Free Map; this site also serves as a guide to the area with information about attractions, tours, and shopping
    • Map Quest: MapQuest's SF map; integration with city Internet guide
    • Yahoo: Yahoo's SF map; integrated with Yahoo's Get Local city Internet guides
    • -USA Maps-: More online mapping services; you can use this list of sites to get more maps of the area or specialized maps such as historical, topographic, or satellite imagery
  • Info: Look up basic facts about San Francisco from online reference works
    • Almanac: Information Please Almanac; entry for San Francisco; gives a page of basic facts about the city, including a general description and current facts
    • Answers: reference search for San Francisco; shows reference information for LA from various sources such as dictionary, encyclopedia, weather, and Wikipedia entry
    • Books: SF Books; a page presenting books about the city
    • CERES: California Environmental Resource Evaluation System information for San Francisco County
    • Encyclopedia: Information Please Encyclopedia; article about San Francisco giving a very brief overview of the city's economy, ethnic diversity, points of interest, history, and bibliography
    • Shaping: Shaping San Francisco archives; a collection of documents and images on the city of San Francisco, California, including its natural history and inhabitants
  • Census: Information from the United States Bureau of the Census
    • Metro: San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, California Metropolitan Area; chart showing population breakdown; includes the ten-county area
    • SF: San Francisco City/County; US Census Bureau QuickFacts for people, business, and geography
    • Marin: Marin County; US Census Bureau QuickFacts for people, business, and geography
    • San Mateo: San Mateo County; US Census Bureau QuickFacts for people, business, and geography
    • Contra Costa: Contra Costa County; US Census Bureau QuickFacts for people, business, and geography
    • Alameda: Alameda County; US Census Bureau QuickFacts for people, business, and geography

San Francisco Living

Find out about things to do and places to see in San Francisco


San Francisco residents take part in many clubs and organizations; activities include interest groups, clubs, hobbies, community centers, organizations, and groups

  • AIDS: San Francisco AIDS Foundation
  • Animals: San Francisco Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals; animal welfare organization; saving homeless cats and dogs; helping pets stay in loving homes; cultivating respect and awareness for animals' rights and needs
  • Architecture: San Francisco Architectural Heritage; encourages appreciation of the built environment and understanding of the value of preserving significant San Francisco architecture
  • Bicycling: San Francisco Bicycle Coalition; alliance of bicycle riders who want to encourage people to ride bicycles for everyday transit as well as recreation
  • Boating: boating on San Francisco Bay
  • Casting: Bay Area (actor) Casting; newsletter for actors and filmmakers
  • City Guides: City Guides; trained volunteers who share the fun of discovering San Francisco and its neighborhoods
  • Chinese Culture: Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco
  • Chinese History: Chinese Historical Society of America
  • Computer Recycling: Computers & Education and Computer Recycling; promotes the re-use of computer and electronic equipment; recycles unusable items to keep them out of landfills
  • Dancing, Social: Dancing in San Francisco; calendars for country/western, Latin, ballroom, senior, swing, tango, and more
  • Dog: San Francisco Dog Owner's Group
  • Film Society: San Francisco Film Society; arts and educational organization dedicated to celebrating international film and the moving image
  • French: Alliance Française San Francisco; French language and culture organization in San Francisco
  • Friends of 1800: Preserve significant historical buildings; landmarks and the architectural heritage of San Francisco
  • GLBT History: Gay and Lesbian Historical Society; collections of primary source material about gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender history
  • German: Goethe-Institut Inter Nationes San Francisco; German culture and language
  • Globalization: International Forum on Globalization; seeks change in the thinking of people about globalism
  • Goodwill: Goodwill Industries of San Francisco, San Mateo, and Marin Counties; aims to help people with barriers to employment with jobs, job training, and job placement services
  • History CA: California Historical Society
  • Humane: Peninsula Humane Society and Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals; builds healthy relationships between people and animals
  • Latino: Latino Issues Forum
  • Oceanic Society: Marine life preservation; expeditions, conservation, education, and researcher; offers whale watching cruises
  • Pacific Isl: Pacific Islanders' Cultural Association
  • Singles:
  • SPUR: San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association; research, education and advocacy to promote good planning and good government in the San Francisco Bay Area
  • Travel Coupons: Discounts for visitors; San Francisco, Fisherman's Wharf, Wine Country, Sausalito and The Bay Area
  • Volunteer: Bay Area Volunteer Information Center
  • Women's Bldg: Women's Building; a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-service center for women and girls
  • Zen Center: Being Buddha
  • -USA Directories-: San Francisco is home to hundreds of organizations; search for associations, societies, and nonprofits in SF covering many interests; many of these are based in SF; these directories help you locate an organization


San Francisco is famous for its diverse events year-round

  • Listings: Connect to online calendars and databases; show what's going on and where
    • SF Station: Calendar of Events; shows list of upcoming events
    • OvaHere: Event portal; goal is to provide information about everything that's going on in Bay Area
    • Salsa & Latin: San Francisco/Bay Area Salsa & Latin Jazz
    • Theatre: Theatre Bay Area; information about productions, events, half-price tickets, advance tickets
    • Lectures: City Arts & Lectures
  • Performing: San Francisco is home to many performing arts and cultural groups
    • ACT: American Conservatory Theater
    • Ballet: San Francisco Ballet
    • Beach Blanket: Beach Blanket Bablylon; musical spoof, with big hats, of pop culture; long running (since 1974)
    • Chanticleer: Full-time classical vocal ensemble
    • Contemp Music: Contemporary Music Players
    • Lamplighters: Lamplighters Music Theatre; year-round musical theatre company in San Francisco
    • Lyric Chorus: San Francisco Lyric Chorus
    • Opera SF: San Francisco Opera
    • Opera Pocket: Pocket Opera; presents professional performances of operatic works
    • SF Playhouse: theatre company
    • Symphony: San Francisco Symphony
    • West Coast Live: Radio variety show; produced live-to-satellite in San Francisco; music, ideas and humor
  • Periodic: San Francisco has many annual or one-day special events, ongoing summer concert series, and recurring trade shows
    • Auto Show: San Francisco International Auto Show; presented by the San Francisco Chronicle /; supported by the California Motor Car Dealers Association
    • Bay to Breakers: Walking and running race; 12 km, from the Bay (Howard & Spear) to Breakers (Ocean Beach); supports a variety of charities
    • Bluegrass Fest: San Francisco Bluegrass & Old-Time Festival; week-long, multi-venue traditional music festival featuring national and local acts
    • Blues Fest: San Francisco Blues Festival; longest continuously running blues festival in the United States
    • Book Fair: California International Antiquarian Book Fair; hundreds of booksellers from the United States and overseas
    • Carnaval: Multi-ethnic music, dance, and artistry; two days of dancing Salsa, Samba, Reggae, Tango, Hip-Hop, Merengue, Calypso, Cha Cha Cha, Cumbia and Mambo
    • Castro St Fair: Castro Street Fair; generates funds for charitable causes important to the Castro Community
    • Chinese New Year: Southwest Airlines Chinese New Year Festival & Parade
    • Cinco de Mayo: San Francisco's Annual Cinco De Mayo Celebration; mariachi, salsa, Aztec dancers, baile folkloric, canto de ninos, cha cha, descarga, habañero hot hip-hop; food, music, dance, art, crafts
    • Columbus Parade: Italian Heritage Parade; established 1868 as Columbus Day celebration
    • Comedy Day: Free outdoor comedy; San Francisco's professional comedy community joins together for laughs
    • Dia Meurtos: Annual Dia de los Muertos; Day of the Dead Procession & Altars; art, music, and ritual; honors ancestors and celebrates the present community
    • Fashion: Fashion Market of San Francisco; fashion shows for buyers and exhibitors
    • Festa Coloniale Italiana: Francisco Italian Athletic Club; a celebration of Italian culture, tradition and community friendship in the heart of San Francisco’s historic North Beach district
    • Film Indie: San Francisco Independent Film Festival
    • Film Intl: San Francisco Film Society; presents the San Fancisco International Film Festival
    • Fleet Week: Celebrates the United States Navy;
    • Folsom St Fair: Folsom Street Events
    • Free Folk Fest: San Francisco Free Folk Festival
    • Garden Show: San Francisco Flower and Garden Show; 2 hectares of exhibits, seminars
    • Haight-Ash St Fair: Music, arts, crafts, food on Haight Street; Haight and Masonic to Stanyan Streets
    • Intl Art Expo: San Francisco International Art Exposition
    • Italian Parade: San Francisco Italian Heritage Columbus Day celebration
    • Jazz Fest SF: San Francisco Jazz Festival
    • Moon Festival: San Francisco Chinatown Annual ATA Autumn Moon Festival
    • North Beach Fest: Celebration of San Francisco's Little Italy and Home of the Beat Generation
    • Open Studios: Artspan; artists around San Francisco open their studios to the public
    • Playwrights Fest: Bay Area Playwrights Festival; juried
    • Pride Parade: San Francisco Pride; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Pride Parade
    • Rodeo: Grand National Rodeo; rodeo, stock, and horse show
    • St Pat's Parade: Annual St. Patrick's Day Parade; United Irish Societies
    • Shakespeare Fest: San Francisco Shakespeare Festival
    • Stern Grove: Stern Grove Festival
    • Theater Festival: San Francisco Theater Festival; free festival that celebrates Bay Area theater; short performances, one-act plays, excerpts, scenes, and readings at five indoor and five outdoor stages at Yerba Buena Gardens, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Zeum, and the Metreon
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The San Francisco area has many sites, entertainment venues, museums, and other places with Web sites

  • Sites: Places such as parks, buildings, public gardens and zoos, notable buildings, libraries, and neighborhoods; see also the listings for Venues, Museums, Dining, Housing; see Activities for cultural centers; see Local Government for comprehensive lists of local government entities in San Francisco and region
    • Album: SF Album; a small collection of images of San Francisco
    • Alcatraz: Alcatraz Island; visit "The Rock" and see how prisoners were once held here; part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area; National Parks Service
    • Angel Island: Angel Island State Park; 300 hectare island in San Francisco Bay; hiking, biking, camping, boating
    • Botanical: San Francisco Botanical Gardens; 22 hectares of landscaped gardens; 7500 varieties of plants from around the world
    • Buildings: Architecture of San Francisco; shows off notable architectural landmarks; section of Great Buildings Online, presented by Architecture Week Magazine
    • Cannery: Stores, restaurants and entertainment
    • Castro: The Castro; neighborhood west of downtown known for its gay and lesbian community; bordered by the Haight, Fillmore, Noe Valley, the Mission, and Diamond Heights
    • Chinatown: San Francisco Chinatown
    • City Hall: San Francisco City Hall; information about visiting as well as government information
    • Cliff House: Restaurants, shopping; on the west end of San Francisco on Point Lobos
    • Cole Valley: Neighborhood in SF
    • Crissy Field: National parkland, Golden Gate National Parks; 40 hectares of meadow and marsh by the Presidio
    • Downtown: San Francisco Downtown Magazine; events, businesses and attractions of downtown
    • Districts: San Francisco neighborhood associations and councils
    • Embarcadero Ctr: Multi-use retail and office complex
    • Fillmore St: Information about the Fillmore neighborhood
    • Fisherman's Wharf: Fisherman's Wharf Merchant's Association; popular tourist spot for restaurants, attractions, and the historic waterfront
    • Flower Mart: San Francisco Wholesale Flower Mart
    • Fort Mason: Fort Mason Center; in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, in the piers and buildings of Lower Fort Mason; offers activities in visual and performing arts, humanities, education, ecology, and recreation; houses nonprofit organizations
    • Fort Point NHS: Fort Point National Historic Site; in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, located in Presidio of San Francisco; National Parks Service
    • Geary Blvd: Geary Boulevard Merchants Association
    • Ghirardelli Sq: Historic San Francisco shopping area; waterfront dining; near Fisherman's Wharf; art galleries
    • Golden Gate Bridge: Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District
    • Golden Gate NRA: Golden Gate National Recreation Area; 30,500 hectare park--about two and one-half times the land area of San Francisco itself; park includes Alcatraz, Marin Headlands, Fort Funston, Fort Mason, Muir Woods National Monument, Fort Point National Historic Site, and the Presidio of San Francisco; National Parks Service
    • Gulf of Farallones: Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary; 3,250 square kilometers of water area off the northern and central California coast; National Ocean Service, National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration
    • Haight St: Haight Street; the legendary street that played a role in counterculture of the 1960's, now frequented by tourists, yuppies, and panhandlers
    • Japan Town: Nihonmachi; west of Union Square; part of Western Addition; established 1855
    • Liberty Ship: National Liberty Ship Memorial S. S. Jeremiah O'Brien; US ship used in the liberation of Europe in 1944; Pier 45 at Fisherman's Wharf
    • Library: San Francisco Public Library
    • Libraries List: List of area libraries; provided by Libweb; gives link to official Web site and information link; includes academic, public, and special libraries
    • Maritime NHP: San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park; park includes the fleet of national historic landmark vessels at Hyde Street Pier, a maritime museum, and a maritime library; National Park Service
    • Metreon: Downtown entertainment complex; shopping, dining, theaters, events; Sony
    • Mission: Mission District guide; events, galleries, theaters, housing
    • Mission Dolores: Basilica; founded 1776 as La Misión de Nuestro Padre San Francisco de Asís; National Historic Landmark
    • Neighborhood Guides: City Guides; trained volunteers who share the fun of discovering San Francisco and its neighborhoods
    • Neighborhood Tours: Tourism guide; presents detailed looks at San Francisco neighborhoods including images and links to further information
    • Neighborhood Link: Neighborhood Link; neighborhood and nonprofit group information
    • North Beach: "Little Italy"; neighborhood north of downtown, historically settled by Italian-Americans and populated by the Beats (1950's writers); now supporting a wide range of people, businesses, cafes and restaurants
    • Parking-Spot Hero: Parking spots around town; rent by the day or longer
    • Pier 39: Entertainment complex; dining, shopping, entertainment at Fisherman's Wharf
    • Presido: Presidio of San Francisco; in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area; former military post under Spain, Mexico, and the United States; National Parks Service
    • Skyscrapers: Skyscrapers of San Francisco; shows information about SF's office and other buildings
    • Sports Hall: Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame
    • Transamerica Pyramid: Financial District skyscraper
    • Union Sq: Union Square Shopping District
    • Union St: Union Street; shops, restaurants and points of interest near the entrance to the Golden Gate Bridge
    • Visitors: San Francisco Convention & Visitors Bureau; guides and tourist information
    • Zoo: San Francisco Zoo
  • Housing: Find a place to stay for a couple nights or a lifetime
    • B&B's: Bed & Breakfast San Francisco; room and breakfast accommodations at Northern California locations
    • Boat & Bed: Dockside Boat & Bed; sleep on a boat
    • Homefinder: Bay Area real estate
    • Homestay: Temporary housing; for international students, interns, and visiting professionals
    • Hotel Reservations: San Francisco and Silicon Valley hotel information and reservations
    • Tenants: San Francisco Tenants Union; tenants and renters' rights
    • -USA Housing-: National lodging and housing directories; there are national directories you can use to locate area lodging, housing, and real estate
  • Dining: Find a place to eat in San Francisco
    • Eat24Hours: online meal and food order processing; service for local restaurants, merchants and the public
    • Menupix: Restaurants with menus in San Francisco; browse restaurants by area, neighborhood, cuisine, delivery, etc.
    • -USA Dining-: National Dining directories; you can use this link to locate restaurants in the area that may not be listed in the local guides
  • Venues: Places for performances, concerts, athletics, conventions, tradeshows, gatherings
    • ACT Th: American Conservatory Theater; opened in 1910 as the Columbia Theatre; called the Geary Theater until 2006
    • AT&T Pk: 41,503 seat baseball stadium; home of the Giants; formerly SBC Park and Pacific Bell Park
    • Best of Broadway: Nederlander Theatres in San Francisco; Curran Theatre, Golden Gate Theatre, Orpheum Theatre
    • Bill G Civic: Bill Graham Civic Auditorium; 7,000 seats; at historic Civic Center Plaza
    • Bimbo's 365: Bimbo's 356 Club
    • Boom Boom Rm: Blues & Boogie
    • Cow Palace: Multi-event showplace; regular shows include Grand National Rodeo, Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus, the San Francisco Sport & Boat Show, the Golden Gate Kennel Club Dog Show, and Disney on Ice; the Cow Palace is a State agency of the California Department of Food and Agriculture's Division of Fairs and Expositions
    • Fillmore: Historic music performance theater
    • Fort Mason: Various venues for rent; Festival Pavilion, Herbst Pavilion, Cowell Theater, Southside Theater, Conference Center, Firehouse, Gatehouse, Meeting and Activity Spaces, Fleet Room, SFMoMA Artist’s Gallery
    • GreatAMH: Great American Music Hall
    • Levi's Stadium: New football stadium in Santa Clara for the San Francisco 49ers
    • Lou's Pier 47: Blues at Fisherman's Wharf
    • Masonic Ctr Nob Hill: Nob Hill Masonic Center for Events; auditorium, exhibit hall
    • Masonic Ctr Scottish: San Francisco Scottish Rite Masonic Center; auditorium, banquet hall
    • Moscone Ctr: Meeting and exhibition facility; in the downtown district; 18.5 hectares of building area
    • SFWMPAC: San Francisco War Memorial and Performing Arts Center; includes War Memorial Opera House 3,146 seats; site covers 3 hectares in San Francisco's Civic Center Historic District; opera, symphony, modern and classical dance, theatre, recitals, plays, lectures, meetings, receptions, special screenings, and galas; facilities include Louise M. Davies Symphony Hall, War Memorial Opera House, War Memorial Veterans Building, Herbst Theatre, Green Room, Harold L. Zellerbach Rehearsal Hall
    • Shoreline Amp: Shoreline Ampitheatre; 25,000 capacity; Mountain View
    • Slim's: Live music nightclub
    • Warfield: The Warfield Theatre; 2,300-seat theater; opened in 1922 2,300-seat theater; opened in 1922
  • Museums: Displays of objects; includes planned educational activities related to art, history, culture, or science
    • Art Asian: Asian Art Museum; devoted exclusively to Asian art
    • Art Camerawork: San Francisco Camerawork; photography and related media
    • Art Cartoon: Cartoon Art Museum of San Francisco
    • Art DeYoung: de Young Museum;
    • Art Legion: Legion of Honor; a three-quarter-scale adaptation of the 18th-century Palais de la Légion d’Honneur in Paris
    • Art Mexican: Latino art throughout the Americas
    • Art SFMoMA: San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
    • Art SFO: San Francisco International Airport Museums
    • Art YB: Yerba Buena Center for the Arts; confusing, difficult to use Web site
    • Bay Model: Bay Model Visitor Center; 6,000-square meter operational model of San Francisco Bay and Delta; San Fransisco Bay ecology, history and culture
    • Cable Car: San Francisco Cable Car Museum; shows off the history of the cable car and an operating power house
    • Cal Academy: California Academy of Sciences; natural history museum
    • Children's BADM: Bay Area Discovery Museum; just north of the Golden Gate Bridge
    • City: Museum of the City of San Francisco
    • Exploratorium: museum of science, art and human perception
    • Fire: San Francisco Fire Museum; displays of equipment and articles that tell the story of fire fighting in San Francisco
    • History: San Francisco Museum and Historical Society; presents the natural and human history of San Francisco; formed in February 2002 following the merger of the San Francisco Historical Society and the Museum of the City of San Francisco
    • Italian American: Museo ItaloAmericano; Italian and Italian-American art and culture
    • Jewish/CJM: Contemporary Jewish Museum; a non-collecting institution that partners with national and international cultural institutions to present artistic exhibitions
    • Magnes: Judah L. Magnes Museum; art reflecting the Jewish experience throughout history
    • Meandra: San Francisco Design Museum; creative efforts of the artists, designers, and inventors; in the Metreon entertainment complex
    • Maritime: San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park Association; USS Pampanito submarine museum & memorial at Fisherman's Wharf
    • MoAD: Museum of the African Diaspora; African Diaspora is "the scattering of people from Africa and the sowing of their cultures globally;" museum presents exhibits on the themes of origins, movement, adaptation, and transformation
    • Performing Arts: San Francisco Performing Arts Library & Museum
    • Pez: Burlingame Museum of Pez Memorabilia; Pez dispensers and memorabilia
    • Pioneer: Society of California Pioneers and the Seymour Pioneer Museum
    • Railroad: Golden Gate Railroad Museum
    • Railway: Market Street Railway; a "museum in motion"; supports the San Francisco Municipal Railway (Muni) in its daily operation of vintage transit vehicles including the famous cable cars (which are National Historic Landmarks) as well as the F-line vintage streetcar, tram, and trolley service
    • Randall: Arts, sciences, cultures, and environment
    • Ripley's: Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum; the strange and amazing
    • Wax: The Wax Museum at Fisherman's Wharf; celebrities in wax
    • Wells Fargo History: Museum of Wells Fargo; San Francisco museum includes displays of a stage coach and gold dust
    • Zeum Art & Tech: "Hands-on" art and technology center; difficult to use Web site


San Francisco is home to major-league basketball, baseball, hockey, and soccer, and NCAA sports

  • Pro: Professional sports in San Francisco
    • 49ers: San Francisco 49ers National Football League team
    • Giants: San Francisco Giants Major League Baseball team
    • Warriors: Golden State Warriors National Basketball Association team
    • Raiders: Oakland Raiders National Football League team
    • A's: Oakland Athletics Major League Baseball team
    • Sharks: San Jose Sharks National Hockey League team
    • Earthquakes: San Jose Earthquakes Major League Soccer team
    • Infineon Raceway: Auto racing just north of San Francisco; NASCAR, NHRA Drag Racing, SCCA road races, AFM motorcycle events
  • College: Area colleges with athletic activities
    • Dons: University of San Francisco
    • Gaels: Saint Mary's College of California
    • Gators: San Francisco State University
  • Community: Amateur, organized sports clubs, and special community sporting events
    • Boardsailing: San Francisco Boardsailing Association; promoting safety, providing education, ensuring access and improving facilities
    • Hiking: Bay Area Hiker
    • Marathon: San Francisco Marathon; 42.2 km footrace
    • Paragliding: San Francisco Bay Area Paragliding Association
    • SF Cup: The San Francisco Cup and International Youth Festival
    • SK8 ice: Skating Club of San Francisco; U.S. Figure Skating Association club
    • SK8 inline: SFSkaters; skating in the San Francisco Bay Area

San Francisco Civic

San Francisco civic life


San Francisco's government and representatives at all levels

  • Local: City, county, and regional government; links to Web sites of the principal local governments and agencies
    • San Francisco: City and County of San Francisco government portal
    • Bay Area: Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG); regional planning agency
    • Sup Ct: San Francisco Superior Court; County of San Francisco
    • Sheriff: San Francisco Sheriff's Department
  • State: State of California access
    • California: Welcome to California; portal to information about the State, including government and visitor's information
    • CA Senate: California State Senate
    • CA Assembly: California State Assembly
  • Federal: The United State's government has a presence in San Francisco through elected representatives and some facilities
    • US Sen Boxer: United States Senator Barbara Boxer
    • US Sen Feinstein: United States Senator Diane Feinstein
    • Army Cor Eng: US Army Corps of Engineers San Francisco District
    • Coast Guard: US Coast Guard Air Station San Francisco
    • FBI: Federal Bureau of Investigation San Francisco Division Office; serves the Northern and Central Coast regions of California; resident agencies in Concord, Eureka, Hayward, Monterey, Oakland, Palo Alto, San Jose, San Rafael, and Santa Rosa
    • FEB: San Francisco Federal Executive Board; exchanges information between Washington and the local area; coordinates Federal programs; includes a page of links to Federal Web sites in the area
    • FEMA: Federal Emergency Management Agency (Oakland) Region IX; FEMA Region IX serves Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, American Samoa, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, the Marshall Islands, and the Federated States of Micronesia
    • Reserve Bank: Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco; regional Federal Reserve Bank; branches in Los Angeles, Portland, Salt Lake City, and Seattle
    • -USA Federal-: USA Federal Government links; links to major top-level Web sites related to the United States government; you can use these to locate federal services available in the area


Support for human needs and infrastructure

  • Human: Health and human services
    • Social Security: Social Security San Francisco; serves Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, American Samoa, Guam, Saipan
    • Physician Finder: San Francisco Medical Society's Physician Locator; helps you find a physician
    • VA Medical: San Francisco Veteran's Administration Medical Center
    • -USA Human-: National Health and Human services; you can use these directories to find doctors, hospitals, dentists, and other health and human services
  • Transport: San Francisco offers transit options as one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world and part of the highly-populated Bay Area
    • Phone number and Web consolidating Bay Area transportation-related information; information on traffic, public transportation routes and fares, carpool and vanpool referrals, bicycling information; covers counties: Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano, and Sonoma; managed by public agencies led by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, the California Highway Patrol, and the California Department of Transportation
    • Google Transit: map your transit route and schedule; can plan trips on the following agencies in this area: AC Transit, Altamont Commuter Express, AirBART, Bay Area Rapid Transit, Bear Transit, Caltrain, Capitol Corridor Joint Powers Authority, County Connection, Fairfield and Suisun Transit, Golden Gate Transit, Marin Transit, Menlo Park Midday Shuttle, PresidiGO, Rio Vista Delta Breeze, Alameda Harbor Bay Ferry, Baylink, Golden Gate Ferry, Blue & Gold Fleet, Alameda/Oakland Ferry, Muni, Stanford Marguerite Shuttle, and VTA
    • MTC: Metropolitan Transportation Commission; the transportation planning, coordinating and financing agency for the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area; projects include TransLink transit fare card and FasTrak toll payment
    • Muni: public transit system; "Muni" stands for San Francisco Municipal Railway; vehicles include light-rail (Metro streetcars), electric trolley buses, diesel buses, cable cars, and a collection of historic streetcars
    • CarShare: City CarShare; car-sharing; ditch your car then walk, bike, take transit, and rent a car only when you need it, rather than paying for a car continuously while it sits idle most of the time, just taking up space; you can rent an apartment without parking, get around without worrying about traffic, improve your health, and save money
    • Cable Cars: Information about San Francisco cable cars; site includes interactive demos on how cable cars work, cable car route maps, cable car fares and how to ride
    • BART: Bay Area Rapid Transit; 153 km light rail system which operates above ground, below ground, and under San Francisco Bay in a 6km tunnel; serves the San Francisco Peninsula and East Bay (including Oakland, Berkeley, Hayward, Richmond, Walnut Creek, Fremont).
    • Caltrain: Rail service between San Francisco and San Jose; weekday commute-hour service to Gilroy
    • Golden Gate Dist: Golden Gate Bridge, Highway, and Transportation District; operates the Golden Gate Bridge, Golden Gate Transit and Golden Gate Ferry
    • SFO Airport: San Francisco International Airport
    • SF Park: parking management system; uses sensors, new meters, and real-time parking data to take the guesswork out of parking; makes parking easier to find and more convenient; benefits to drivers, Muni riders, bicyclists, pedestrians, visitors, merchants, and more; SFpark sensors installed in parking spaces and in City-owned garages track in real-time parking availability
    • SF Port: Port of San Francisco; public agency managing the 12 km of San Francisco Bay shoreline from the Hyde Street Pier in the north to India Basin in the south
    • Blue & Gold Fleet: Bay tour and ferry boats
    • Red & White Fleet: Bay tour boats
    • Greyhound Bus: National commercial bus company; connections all over the US, Canada, and Mexico
    • GotoBus: Bus reservation system; buses connecting many cities including San Francisco
    • Car Free: Possible in the Bay Area; with good walkability and extensive transit systems, you could easily live without a car in the Bay Area
    • Car Sharing: Avoid owning a car; be car-free as much as possible, but keep the idea that you can rent or borrow a car only when you need it--for a big project or trip to far-out areas, for example
  • Facilities: Institutions, units, organizations, or systems that build, distribute, plan, or and keep area resources or infrastructure working
    • Air Quality: Bay Area Air Quality Management District
    • Energy: PG&E Corporation; an energy-based holding company headquartered in San Francisco; parent company of Pacific Gas and Electric Company and National Energy & Gas Transmission, Inc.
    • SF Estuary: San Francisco Estuary Institute; protect and enhance the San Francisco Estuary

San Francisco Media

Access information about and in many cases read (or listen to) San Francisco' media outlets


San Francisco's many publications offer Web sites with online content


San Francisco' radio dial; listed by call letters alphabetical order; many of these FCC-licensed radio stations offer live, streaming audio of their broadcast, so you can listen on the Internet anywhere in the world; please let me know your knowledge about updates to this list as radio stations change format, Web site addresses, and ownership often; unless stated otherwise, the station is in San Francisco, CA; HD = HD Radio programming

  • -AM-: Click here for the AM stations sorted by frequency
  • -FM-: Click here for the FM stations sorted by frequency
  • -HD-: Click here for the HD stations sorted by frequency
  • KALX: FM 90.7 College; University of California--Berkeley
  • KALW: FM 91.7 Public=HD1; San Francisco Unified School District
  • KBAY: FM 94.5 Adult Contemporary
  • KBLX: FM 102.9 Smooth R&B
  • KBWF: FM 95.7 Country=HD1 HD2=?
  • KBRG: FM 100.3 Spanish; San Jose
  • KCBS: AM 740 News=HD1
  • KCNL: FM 104.9 Modern Rock; Sunnyvale
  • KCSM: FM 91.1 Jazz=HD1; College of San Mateo
  • KDFC: FM 89.9 Classical
  • KDFC: FM 90.3 Classical
  • KEAR: AM 610 Religious; Family Radio Worldwide
  • KDIA: AM 1640 Religious; Vallejo
  • KDOW: AM 1220 Talk; Palo Alto
  • KDYA: AM 1190 Gospel; Vallejo
  • KEST: AM 1450 Talk
  • KFAX: AM 1100 Religious
  • KFIA: AM 710 Religious; Carmichael
  • KFJC: FM 89.7 College; Foothill College, Los Altos
  • KFOG: FM 104.5 and FM 97.7 Rock=HD1 HD2=Hit Music
  • KFRC: FM 106.9 News=HD1 HD2=Classic Hits
  • KFRC: AM 1550 Oldies
  • KGO: AM 810 News Talk
  • KHTK: AM 1140 Sports; Sacramento
  • KIOI: FM 101.3 Adult Contemporary=HD1 HD2=80's Hits
  • KISQ: FM 98.1 Urban Contemporary=HD1 HD2=Romatica
  • KITS: FM 105.3 Alternative=HD1 HD2=All New Music
  • KKDV: FM 92.1 Top Hits; Walnut Creek
  • KKGN: AM 960 Talk; Oakland
  • KKSF: FM 103.7 Smooth Jazz=HD1 HD2=Traditional Jazz
  • KLIV: AM 1590 News; San Jose
  • KLLC: FM 97.3 Adult Contemporary=HD1 HD2=Chill
  • KLVR: FM 91.9 Christian; Middleton
  • KLVS: FM 107.3 Christian; Livermore
  • KMEL: FM 106.1 Hip Hop & R&B=HD1 HD2=Extreme Hip Hop
  • KMKY: AM 1310 Children's; Oakland
  • KNBR: AM 680 and AM 1050 Sports
  • KNEW: AM 910 Talk=HD1
  • KOIT: FM 96.5 Light Rock=HD1 HD2=50's 60's
  • KPFA: FM 94.1 Community; Berkeley
  • KPIG: AM 1510 Adult Album Alternative; Piedmont
  • KPOO: FM 89.5 Community
  • KQED: FM 88.5 and FM 89.3 Public=HD1
  • KREV: FM 92.7 Top 40; Alameda
  • KRTY: FM 95.3 Country; San Jose
  • KRZZ: FM 93.3 Spanish
  • KSAN: FM 107.7 Rock=HD1 HD2=New Rock; San Mateo
  • KSFB: AM 1260 Religious Catholic
  • KSFO: AM 560 Talk
  • KSJO: FM 92.3 Spanish=HD1 HD2=Hispanic Hits; San Jose
  • KSOL: FM 98.9 and FM 99.1 Spanish
  • KSRO: AM 1350 News Talk; Santa Rosa
  • KSTE: AM 650 News Talk; Rancho Cordova
  • KUFX: FM 98.5 Classic Rock=HD1 HD2=Deep Tracks; San Jose
  • KUSF: FM 90.3 College; University of San Francisco
  • KUZX: FM 102.1 Classic Rock
  • KVVF: FM 105.7 Spanish=HD1; Santa Clara
  • KVVZ: FM 100.7 Spanish; San Rafael
  • KVTO: AM 1400 Asian; Berkeley
  • KXFX: FM 101.7 Rock; Sonoma County, Santa Rosa
  • KYCY: AM 1550 Talk
  • KYLD: FM 94.9 Hip Hop=HD1 HD2=Wild Hispanic
  • KZSF: AM 1370 Spanish; San Jose
  • KZSU: FM 90.1 College; Stanford University


Television stations in San Francisco; in alphabetical order by call letters

  • KBHK: UPN 44
  • KCSM: Public TV; San Mateo County Community College District
  • KGO: ABC 7
  • KICU: 36
  • KNTV: NBC 11
  • KPIX: CBS 5
  • KQED: Public 9
  • KRON: 4
  • KTSF: California Music Channel 26 San Francisco
  • KTVU: Fox 2
  • SFCTC: Access San Francisco 29; San Francisco Community Television Corporation
  • SFTV: San Francisco Television; television program for San Francisco visitors, viewed in hotel rooms

San Francisco Education

San Francisco' educational opportunities


The San Francisco City area has many institutions for higher learning offering degrees

  • Academy of Art: Academy of Art University; proprietary comprehensive; offers undergraduate, graduate degrees
  • Argosy: Argosy University; proprietary; offers undergraduate degrees
  • Art Institutes: system of more than 40 education institutions located throughout North America; offering master’s, bachelor’s and associate’s degrees programs as well as nondegree programs; culinary, design, fashion and media arts professionals
  • CIIS: California Institute of Integral Studies; "integration of body-mind-spirit;" offers undergraduate, graduate, PhD degrees
  • City: City College of San Francisco; State and locally supported 2-year; offers undergraduate degrees; part of California Community College System
  • Golden Gate: Golden Gate University; independent; offers undergraduate, graduate, PhD degrees
  • Keller: Keller Graduate School of Management, DeVry University; masters and undergraduate degrees for professionals; campuses across the USA; the downtown San Francisco Center is located on the southeast corner of Market and 1st Streets
  • Lincoln: Lincoln University; Independent; offers undergraduate, graduate degrees; Oakland, California
  • New College: New College of California; independent, "alternative"; offers undergraduate, graduate degrees
  • Heald: Heald College-San Francisco; independent, 2-year; offers undergraduate degrees
  • St Mary's: Saint Mary's College of California; Independent Roman Catholic; offers undergraduate, graduate, PhD degrees; Moraga, California
  • SFAI: San Francisco Art Institute; offers undergraduate, graduate degrees
  • SFCM: San Francisco Conservatory of Music; independent; offers undergraduate, graduate degrees
  • SFIA: San Francisco Institute of Architecture; Master of Architecture
  • SFSU: San Francisco State University; state-supported; offers undergraduate, graduate, PhD degrees; part of California State University System
  • Steiner College: Rudolf Steiner College; Waldorf teacher education college; offers undergraduate, graduate degrees
  • U of Pac: University of the Pacific School of Dentistry; private
  • UC SF: University of California at San Francisco; graduate study health sciences; part of the University of California System
  • U of SF: University of San Francisco; independent, Roman Catholic; offers undergraduate, graduate, PhD degrees


San Francisco' primary, secondary, career, and trade schools

  • Choice: School Choice information; presented by the American Education Reform Council, based in Milwaukee, home of the nation's largest and oldest school choice program for low-income families; supports expanded educational options for parents through the use of school vouchers, charter schools, tax credits, and innovative public-private partnerships
  • K12: San Francisco Unified School District
  • Art AISF: Art Institute of California--San Francisco; career-oriented education in the fields of Design, Media Arts, and Fashion
  • Circus: San Francisco School of Circus Arts; includes a professional performing company, the New Pickle Circus; and a student performing troupe, the San Francisco Youth Circus
  • Cooking: Tante Marie's Cooking School; private professional culinary and pastry courses
  • Culinary: California Culinary Academy; professional training in culinary arts, baking and pastry arts, and hospitality and restaurant management
  • Bartending: National Bartenders School
  • Dance: Dance Mission Theatre; classes in dancing
  • English-Brandon: Brandon College; English for non-native speakers
  • English-St Giles: St Giles International; English for non-native speakers
  • English-BCC I: BCC Languages International; English as a second language, foreign languages, cross-culture, and professional development through accent reduction and better communication
  • Film/Digital: San Francisco School of Digital Filmmaking
  • Graphic Arts: Graphic Arts Institute
  • Japanese: Soko Gakuen; Japanese language school
  • NHI: National Holistic Institute; massage therapy school

San Francisco Commerce

San Francisco' business community


Organizations promoting business, opportunities, and markets in the San Francisco area

  • SF Chamber: San Francisco Chamber of Commerce; works to attract, develop and retain business in San Francisco
  • SF Made: local manufacturing; developing local manufacturing in the area
  • Pacific Exchange: Pacific Exchange; buy and sell options on stocks; one of the world's leading derivatives markets
  • Bay Marketing: Bay Area Marketing Partnership; promotes Bay Area as a place to do business
  • Bay Tech Alliance:
  • TechVentures: TechVentures Network; regional technology alliance; provides funding, strategic counsel, and access to global markets for domestic and international clients


Large or well-known companies with headquarters or major operations in San Francisco and surrounding area; sales figures, where shown, are from

  • ABM: ABM Industries Incorporated; facility services (cleaning, engineering, maintenance); 2006 sales $2.7 billion
  • Adobe: software; San Jose; 2005 sales $1.9 billion
  • Apple: computers, digital music players (iPod), software; Cupertino; 2005 sales $13.9 billion
  • Bechtel Group: contractor; engineering, construction, and project management; 2005 sales $18.1 billion
  • CHW: Catholic Healthcare West; healthcare system; 2005 sales $6 billion
  • Charles Schwab: discount broker; 2005 sales $5.1 billion
  • Chevron: petroleum products; San Ramon; 2005 sales $198 billion
  • City Lights: famous bookstore in the North Beach area; co-founded by poet/painter Lawrence Ferlinghetti; see photo
  • Del Monte: Del Monte Foods Company; canned foods, ketchup, sauces; 2006 sales $2.9 billion
  • eBay: Online auctions and sales; San Jose; 2005 sales $4.5 billion
  • Gap: Clothing; Gap stores, Banana Republic, Old Navy; 2006 sales $16 billion
  • Google: Internet search services and advertising; Mountain View; 2005 sales $6.1 billion
  • HP: Hewlett-Packard; High tech products; Palo Alto; 2006 sales $91.6 billion
  • Levi Strauss: Levi Strauss & Co; clothing--jeans, Levi's, Dockers, and Slates; 2005 sales $4.1 billion
  • Macy's West: Department stores; unit of Federated (Cincinnati, OH)
  • McKesson: Pharmaceuticals distributor; 2006 sales $88 billion
  • Oracle: Software; Redwood City; 2006 sales $14.3 billion
  • PG&E: Utility holding company; Pacific Gas and Electric utility; 2005 sales $11.7 billion
  • Robert Half: Personnel services; temporary and permanent staff; Menlo Park; 2005 sales $3.3 billion
  • Safeway: Food retailer; Pleasanton; 2005 sales $33.4 billion
  • Sun: Sun Microsystems; computers; Santa Clara; 2006 sales $13 billion
  • Symantec: software; Cupertino; 2006 sales $4.1 billion
  • Transamerica: Insurance and financial services; headquarters is the famous Transamerica Pyramid building; unit of AEGON Insurance Group (Cedar Rapids, IA)
  • URS: Engineering design; 2005 sales $3.9 billion
  • Wells Fargo: Wells Fargo & Company; bank; 2005 sales $40.5 billion
  • Williams-Sonoma: retailer; 2006 sales $3.5 billion
  • Yahoo!: Web sites and services; Sunnyvale; 2005 sales $5.2 billion

San Francisco Reference

Works to help you find out more about San Francisco


Learn more about San Francisco with online guides that describe area attractions

  • SF Station: SF Station; city and information resource guide, giving information on entertainment, city features, happenings, and articles about events about town
  • Mr SF: Documents culture and people of San Francisco; created and maintained by San Franciscan Hank Donat
  • SF ToDo: Things to do; do, stay, get around
  • Virtual Tours: Yes San Francisco virtual tours; navigate like in a computer game between photos
  • Boulevards: Guide to San Francisco; Boulevards New Media
  • Posthoc: Upfront Guide to San Francisco
  • City Guide:; slick visitor guidebook from San Francisco magazine and In-Room Cityguide publisher
  • SF History: America Hurrah; historic photographs of San Francisco scenes; edited by Bill Roddy
  • WorldWeb: San Francisco Bay Area WorldWeb Travel Guide
  • Bay City: Bay City Guide Magazine; San Francisco guide to sights, attractions, restaurants, shopping, and entertainment


Access online information about San Francisco through general and specialized indexes

  • Yahoo SFBAY: Yahoo's entry for San Francisco Bay Area
  • Google: Google's entry for San Francisco Bay Area
  • City search: Citysearch index to San Francisco; entertainment, restaurants, events, hotels, movies, businesses
  • Best of SF: Business index
  • zSF: z San Francisco; "An eclectic guide to an eclectic city"
  • Area Guide: AreaGuides.Net entry for San Francisco
  • Noe Valley: Index of Businesses in Noe Valley
  • Yellow Pages: Search form; find businesses and organizations using the directory


Find more information related to San Francisco

  • USA index: An index for the United States; resources to help you locate information about activities, events, places, sports, government, media, commerce, and reference information in the USA; You can use this page to locate information on other cities or information you couldn't find here
  • -USA General-: General reference section of USA Index; lookup information in national directories for classified ads, jobs, discussion, or lookup resources
  • craigslist: Yellow pages for San Francisco
  • About:'s entry for San Francisco
  • Top Jobs USA: Job search engine for San Francisco
  • Careers:; Employment in San Francisco and the Peninsula
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