San Francisco Education - Higher - San Francisco, California, USA

The San Francisco City area has many institutions for higher learning offering degrees
  • Academy of Art: Academy of Art University; proprietary comprehensive; offers undergraduate, graduate degrees
  • Argosy: Argosy University; proprietary; offers undergraduate degrees
  • Art Institutes: system of more than 40 education institutions located throughout North America; offering masterís, bachelorís and associateís degrees programs as well as nondegree programs; culinary, design, fashion and media arts professionals
  • CIIS: California Institute of Integral Studies; "integration of body-mind-spirit;" offers undergraduate, graduate, PhD degrees
  • City: City College of San Francisco; State and locally supported 2-year; offers undergraduate degrees; part of California Community College System
  • Golden Gate: Golden Gate University; independent; offers undergraduate, graduate, PhD degrees
  • Keller: Keller Graduate School of Management, DeVry University; masters and undergraduate degrees for professionals; campuses across the USA; the downtown San Francisco Center is located on the southeast corner of Market and 1st Streets
  • Lincoln: Lincoln University; Independent; offers undergraduate, graduate degrees; Oakland, California
  • New College: New College of California; independent, "alternative"; offers undergraduate, graduate degrees
  • Heald: Heald College-San Francisco; independent, 2-year; offers undergraduate degrees
  • St Mary's: Saint Mary's College of California; Independent Roman Catholic; offers undergraduate, graduate, PhD degrees; Moraga, California
  • SFAI: San Francisco Art Institute; offers undergraduate, graduate degrees
  • SFCM: San Francisco Conservatory of Music; independent; offers undergraduate, graduate degrees
  • SFIA: San Francisco Institute of Architecture; Master of Architecture
  • SFSU: San Francisco State University; state-supported; offers undergraduate, graduate, PhD degrees; part of California State University System
  • Steiner College: Rudolf Steiner College; Waldorf teacher education college; offers undergraduate, graduate degrees
  • U of Pac: University of the Pacific School of Dentistry; private
  • UC SF: University of California at San Francisco; graduate study health sciences; part of the University of California System
  • U of SF: University of San Francisco; independent, Roman Catholic; offers undergraduate, graduate, PhD degrees
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