San Francisco San Francisco - AM Radio Dial - Sorted by Frequency

This list shows AM Radio stations that are licensed by the FCC (except noted exceptions like low power FM stations) with Web sites sorted by frequency; You can see the other bands (AM, FM, HD). Alternatively, you can see all the stations with Web sites sorted in alphabetical order by call letters or all the stations with Web sites sorted by band on one page.
  • KSFO: AM 560 Talk
  • KEAR: AM 610 Religious; Family Radio Worldwide
  • KSTE: AM 650 News Talk; Rancho Cordova
  • KNBR: AM 680 and AM 1050 Sports
  • KFIA: AM 710 Religious; Carmichael
  • KCBS: AM 740 News=HD1
  • KGO: AM 810 News Talk
  • KNEW: AM 910 Talk=HD1
  • KKGN: AM 960 Talk; Oakland
  • KFAX: AM 1100 Religious
  • KHTK: AM 1140 Sports; Sacramento
  • KDYA: AM 1190 Gospel; Vallejo
  • KDOW: AM 1220 Talk; Palo Alto
  • KSFB: AM 1260 Religious Catholic
  • KMKY: AM 1310 Children's; Oakland
  • KSRO: AM 1350 News Talk; Santa Rosa
  • KZSF: AM 1370 Spanish; San Jose
  • KVTO: AM 1400 Asian; Berkeley
  • KEST: AM 1450 Talk
  • KPIG: AM 1510 Adult Album Alternative; Piedmont
  • KYCY: AM 1550 Talk
  • KFRC: AM 1550 Oldies
  • KLIV: AM 1590 News; San Jose
  • KDIA: AM 1640 Religious; Vallejo
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