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The USA's government and representatives at all levels
  • Voting: Representatives, elections, campaigns, and voting information
    • Vote Smart: Voting and campaign information, local and national; enter your zip code and get a complete list of your national, state, and local representatives and current elections; provided by Project Vote Smart; dedicated to serving Americans with information for electoral decision-making
    • LWV: League of Women Voters; works to improve public policies through citizen education and advocacy
    • FEC: Federal Election Commission; administers and enforce the Federal Election Campaign Act, the statute that governs the financing of federal elections
  • Federal: The United States government is a federal republic set up by a Constitution adopted in 1787 by a Constitutional Convention; The federal government consists of three branches--executive, legislative, and judicial--which operate according to a system of checks and balances against each other and checks on their power set forth in the Constitution to protect the individual
    • Executive: The White House; portal to US Executive branch including the Presidential Cabinet, Vice President, and Executive Office of the President; the President also serves as Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces; the President is elected by votes of an electoral college
    • Senate: US Senate; part of the bicameral US Congress; citizens from each US state elect two senators to represent their interests for a six-year term
    • House: US House of Representatives; part of the bicameral US Congress; citizens from each US congressional district elect a person to represent their interests in the House for a two-year term
    • Supreme Ct: The Supreme Court of the United States; consists of a Chief Justice and eight associate justices appointed by the President
    • Federal Cts: Portal to US Courts; includes US Supreme Court, US Courts of Appeals, US Disctrict Courts, and US Bankruptcy Courts; federal judges are appointed by the President for life
    • The US government's official web portal; attempts to provide a directory and search service to all federal government information as well as state government information; provided by the Federal Citizen Information Center, Office of Citizen Services and Communications, US General Services Administration
    • Thomas: Legislative portal; gives access to US Congressional legislative information; includes search by bill number or keyword
    • Fraud Report: Report fraud against the federal government and you may be entitled to a monetary reward; based on the False Claims Act; qui tam pro domino rege quam pro se ipso in hac parte sequiter
  • Local: City, county, and state government
    • State & Local: Links Directory; a directory of links to state and local government; links pages for each state include direct links to major units of state government and links to county, city, town, and village Web sites
    • City County ICMA: International City/County Management Association; professional and educational organization for chief appointed managers, administrators, and assistants in cities, towns, counties, and regional entities throughout the world
    • Counties NACO: National Association of Counties; acts as a liaison with other levels of government, works to improve public understanding of counties, serves as a national advocate for counties and provides them with resources to help them find innovative methods to meet challenges
    • American Indian NCAI: National Congress of American Indians; tribal government organization; serves as a forum for consensus-based policy development among its membership of tribal governments from every region of the US
    • Cities NLC: National League of Cities; national organization representing municipal governments throughout the United States; aims to strengthen and promote cities as centers of opportunity, leadership, and governance
    • Towns & Townships NATaT: National Association of Towns and Townships; educates lawmakers and public policy officials about how small town governments operate and by advocating policies on their behalf in Washington, DC
    • State CSG: Council of State Governments; maintains offices throughout the country that staff regional associations of legislative and executive elected officials
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