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Online mapping services; most of these allow you to zoom in and out and list specific features
  • History: American Panorama: An Atlas of United States History; using interactive mapping techniques, shows the geography of American history
  • Google Local: Local yellow pages map; input a category (e.g., grocery, bank, etc.) and a city and state and see a map of those locations on the map; zoomable, pannable; clickable balloon explanations of points; useful to locate things that you would find in yellow pages
  • Google Earth: Graphical interface to earth; download software to explore satellite imagery, where available, of Earth's surface with roads, buildings, and surface features; overlays of landmarks and roads
  • USGS Topoview: topographic maps of the USA
  • USGS HTME: USGS Historical Topographic Map Explorer; comprehensive cartography of the United States
  • OpenStreetMap: user-contributed maps
  • Boundary: Map Boundaries of the United States; map boundary data for use with Google Maps and other mapping applications. Data includes state, county, county subdivision, city, school district, zip code, and core-based statistical area (CBSA) polygons
  • HERE: mapping app; download and take accurate, high-quality maps with you on your tablet
  • ResMap: GIS-ready satellite data; resolutions ranging from 1 km to 14.25 meters for most areas, and in some selected regions 1 meter imagery is available
  • Live: Live Search; see 2D or 3D landscape images; see the landscape from bird's eye view where available
  • MapQuest: Mapping service; you can get a map based on a street address, find nearby attractions and business
  • Yahoo: Mapping service; you can get a map based on a street address, find nearby attractions and business
  • National Atlas: United States Department of the Interior; site containing a range of useful maps of the United States and individual states showing features such as boundaries, climate, geology, history, population, water, and transportation
  • National Map: US Geological Survey; an online, interactive map service integrating data from a variety of sources
  • Nautical Charts: nautical charts for United States waters; Office of Coast Survey, National Ocean Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
  • Landform: Color Landform Atlas of the United States; shows colorful maps depicting elevation in a 3-D appearance, organized by state; also includes links to historical and other maps
  • Graphical Locator: USA clickable map interface; click a location for a more detailed map; integration with terraserver; Environmental Statistics Group, Department of Ecology, Montana State University
  • Historical Rumsey: David Rumsey Historical Map Collection; over 10,000 maps online; focus on rare 18th and 19th century North and South America maps; historic maps of the world, Europe, Asia and Africa also
  • Historical: Mapping History Project; shows historical maps (for example Territorial Expansion of the United States: 1783-1853); University of Oregon
  • LOC: US Library of Congress Map Collections; a wide range of maps on the themes of history, culture, transportation, military battles, conservation, and the environment; searchable and browsable
  • Online UA: Collection at the University of Alabama; contemporary and historical maps of the United States prepared by the Cartographic Research Laboratory, College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Alabama; shows maps of all states but Alabama in detail; "Alabama Maps" collection
  • Online UT: Map collection University of Texas; shows historical maps, national parks, major metropolitan areas, county maps, state maps; Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection, University of Texas at Austin
  • TerraFly: Flyover maps; enter an address, and you can fly over the landscape; a public service of Florida International University sponsored by the National Science Foundation, NASA, the United States Geological Survey, and IBM
  • Terraserver: Satellite and aerial photos; enter an address, and see imagery available; some free images, some require subscription
  • TopoZone: Topgraphic maps; enter a place name and see an online topographic map of the area
  • SatelliteViews: satellite maps based on place names; browse a directory of locations from around the world and connect to a list of that location's features and satellite maps of those features; features include as city or communities, administrative regions, spot features (caves, dams, forts), land resources, water resources, roads, railroads, areas, vegetation, and undersea features; the benefit of this site is that you can browse these locations by geographic area (country, subdivision, city) and then see the list of features and get the satellite maps--you could do the same thing on google maps if you knew the names already, but this gives you easily-browsable lists of locations and features to discover
  • maps section from US government site; links include census maps, environmental maps, waste sites, voting districts, and more
  • Zip: Zip codes; Zip Code Boundary Maps for all US States and Possessions
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