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Access information about and in many cases read (or listen to) the USA's media outlets
  • Surf: Surf Links; an annotated index of Web sites for browsing Web content; includes links to current information on weather and conditions, media (newspapers, magazines, audio, video, and Internet), and information sources (searching, subjects, reference, reading, places, and maps)
  • ABYZ: News Links; United States Newspapers and News Media Guide
  • USA NewsVoyager: Links to USA newspapers; provided by the Newspaper Association of America
  • FCC Query: FCC Audio Division; use this form to lookup AM, FM, or Tv broadcast station information
  • TV Stations: USA television stations and news; a list of USA TV markets with links to individual station Web sites; information on the TV station industry in the USA
  • HD Radio: HD Digital Radio; over-the-air digital broadcast from existing terrestrial radio stations; allows FM stations to have CD-quality sound and AM stations to have FM-quality sound; requires special HD radio receiver equipment
  • Local: USA local media; magazines, radio and TV stations in the United States by state or major city; edited by the
  • Media Owners: Web guide to what the major media companies own; titled "Who Owns What" and provided by the Columbia Journalism Review; maintained by Aaron Moore, Ph.D., a Publishing/Media writer and a professor of Sports Media at Ithaca College
  • Patch: community news; coverage for smaller communities which don't necessarily get coverage from major media outlets
  • Radio Locator: Database of radio stations; lists information about radio stations, including links to individual Web sites
  • Radio St World: Internet broadcast directory; lists radio stations by location; also gives television station information
  • Zap2it: Find TV listings; search by zip code; get info on shows on cable, satellite, and local broadcast
  • Well Connected: Database of media ownership; searchable database contains basic information on every radio and television station, cable television system and telephone company in the US; search by company, by call sign or by area; provided by the Center for Public Inntegrity which does investigative research
  • Publishers: Directory of publishers and vendors used by libraries; provided by AcqWeb, an information site for librarians and other professionals who select and purchase the books, serials and related information resources for libraries
  • Web Sites Alexa: Directory of Web sites; Gives overview and Internet traffic information for Web sites; Alexa is an company
  • Net Audio: Index of Net audio resources; includes streaming audio directories, international broadcasters, radio networks, and information on streaming audio technology, publications, and organizations related to Internet broadcasting and streaming media
  • Net Video: Net video sources; content sites showing streaming and on-demand video
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