Web Content Development

Presented by John December mailto:john@december.com
Pre-requisites General knowledge of the World Wide Web as a communications system and how to use a Web browser to retrieve information.
Target Audience Web project managers, team leaders, content editors, content writers, administrators, and team members.
Scope Web planning, analysis, design, promotion and innovation techniques. Implementation techniques and tools will be discussed, but no HTML syntax or technologies will be taught.
Description The rationale for this seminar is that creative Web site production requires not just technical implementation skills, but a feel for the medium of the Web and a systematic information development strategy.

This session presents a six-part methodology to develop quality Web information. You'll learn a continuous process for planning, analysis, design, implementation, promotion, and innovation that will help you best create and shape Web site content to meet user needs. You'll learn how to define your web's audience and purpose and see how this information helps you set objectives and create Web content that is ready for implementation.

You'll learn how to continuously improve your implemented web through publicity, user feedback, and analysis. Throughout the session, you'll gain an appreciation for the qualities of the Web as a new medium for human communication.
Benefits At the end of this session participants will have:
* An appreciation for the unique information development challenges of the Web
* A framework for Web content development which encompasses planning, analysis, design, implementation, and promotion
* Information about processes and techniques used to build the content of a Web site
* Insight into how a Web site should be structured for aesthetics and navigation based on audience and purpose
* An understanding of the multi-role, multi-disciplinary tasks involved in producing excellent Web site content
Web URL http://www.december.com/present/webdev.html

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