Web Usability

Presented by John December (john@december.com)
Pre-requisites General knowledge of the World Wide Web as a communications system, intermediate HTML, and Web content development course.
Target Audience Web developers, Web designers, and team members.
Scope An introduction to Web usability, including how human factors issues influence Web site layout and design.
Description Web developers, designers, and hypertext implementors need to create Web sites that are easy to use and meet audience needs. This course covers concepts and practices of Web usability, including cross-platform design, meaning and presentation, response issues, linking, and content design. Throughout, participants will gain an appreciation for the role of simplicity in Web design.
Benefits At the end of this session participants will have:
* An understanding of the role human factors play in Web development and design.
* A set of practices to apply to page design, content design, and site design.
* Techniques for making your Web site accessible to international users and people with disabilities.
Textbook Designing Web Usability: The Practice of Simplicity, by Jakob Nielsen. New Riders Publishing; ISBN: 156205810X.

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