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TACTIC: Please send your own suggestions or comments about how to simplify your life and read what others have sent.

Have you enjoyed this ebook? Now its your turn--please send your idea for living simply to with the subject line "Keep Simplifying." Read below what others have shared.

  • Jen Yip, an actor/dancer and marketing consultant living in New York City, has a blog about the challenges of living a simple life in the Big Apple--Shopping, saving, and scarfing. She covers topics ranging from shopping in a farmerís market to dealing with magazine glut.

  • SH has a blog about 21st Century Decluttering, Organization, and DIY Hacks and sends this tactic:

    TACTIC: As you start to identify items to go, try to get rid of bulky items first. Specifically, look out for items that are:

    • heavy (over a few pounds)
    • awkward (oddly shaped, not rectilinear)
    • large (bigger than a breadbox)
    The relative value one gains from removing these items from your house is disproportionate to their effort.

  • Jeff sends this:

    TACTIC: Set up a time limit on completing tasks in the clutter triage.

    In the clutter triage, the step of determining the recipients of items to give away can stop the process in its tracks. Setting up a deadline of up to two weeks maximum might help motivate the process. After that, the item should automatically revert to being disposed of as garbage.

  • Betsey in Seattle ( sends this:

    TACTIC: Set up a standing order for food to be delivered to your home.

    Every 2 weeks, a box of local, organic fruit and veggies are delivered to me by a Seattle company, Pioneer Organics. The price is surprisingly low, and it is direct debit. I save time on going to the grocery store, eat better, and experience new foods I might not have bought because I am unfamiliar with them. I also support local and organic growers, and it supports my recent goal of becoming vegetarian.

  • Felix Wong from California has created his list of simple living tactics.

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