Here is the list of Unix reference information available:
  • Help on learning more Unix. This gives you suggestions for how to look up Unix commands, find online Unix books, and link to support sites and information about paper Unix books.
  • Commands lists popular beginner's commands.
  • Books lists a selection of paper books and CDs about Unix.
  • A Minimal vi Editor Reference: a small reference set of commands that you can use with the vi editor.
  • A Minimal mail Reference: a small reference set of commands that you can use with the Unix mail program.
  • Symbols: In composing a Unix command at the shell prompt, you might make use of one or more of these special symbols.
  • chmod: reference for setting file permissions
  • History: you might get tired of typing the same commands over and over. Use the history command options to quickly re-run commands you've already typed in.
  • Manual section numbers: you can get documentation on Unix commands by using the Unix man command followed by a command name. On the command manual page, you'll see the command name followed by a cryptic number in partenthesis. This table explains those numbers.
  • Flavors: Names that sound like Unix are under protection of various registered trademarks by various companies. This is a list that I could come up with, with links to companies. Useful for checking out different flavors of Unix and Unix-like systems.
  • Shells: The shell is the part of Unix that takes your commands and does stuff. There are different kinds of shells available; This is my collection of Unix shells.
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