Here is the tutorial information currently available:

  • Intro to Unix: This is a tutorial I've prepared for a short course I'm teaching. The information here includes the assignments for the course.
    • Tips: Hints on doing well in this course.
    • Overview of this Course: This lesson orients a student as to the purpose of the course.
    • Grading: This describes the grading practices.
    • Turning in Assigments: This describes how to turn in assignments.
    • On-Time Policy: This describes the strict requirements to turn in assignments on time.
    • Due Diligence: This describes what a student should do to accomplish the course objectives.
    • Asking Questions: This describes how to ask questions of your instructor via email.
    • Assignment--Redirection and Mail: This assignment tests a student's ability to redirect the output of a Unix command to a file, and then send that file to an email address.
    • Assignment--File Festival: This assignment develops a student's ability to create subdirectories and files.
    • Assignment--Pipes and Filters: This assignment develops a student's skills to use pipes and filters.
    • Test: This describes the in-class test that I have.
  • Getting Started: This lesson gives an overview of what it takes to start using Unix and why you would want to do so.
  • The Big Picture: This lesson describes how Unix fits into the "Big Picture" of computer systems.
  • Logging In: This lesson describes how to log in and log off.
  • Troubleshooting tips: what to do when things go wrong.
  • Basic Unix Commands: This lesson introduces some very simple Unix commands, appropriate after just learning to log in.
  • Redirection: This lesson decribes how to redirect standard output to a file, and redirect standard input from a file.
  • Terms to Know: This lesson presents a list of terms to learn as a beginning user of Unix.
  • The Unix File System: This lesson helps a student understand how the Unix file system is organized in a tree pattern and how to navigate it with the cd command.
  • Unix File Names: This short lesson introduces the rules for naming files in Unix.
  • Mail: This lesson introduces electronic mail and describes the Unix mail program.
  • Text Editing: This lesson introduces the idea of text editing and then provides instruction in the vi editor.
  • Pipes and Filters: This lesson introduces how to send the output of one command to another as input (a pipe) and chain together main commands (filters) using pipes.
  • File Permissions: This lesson introduces and describes how to set file permissions.
  • Customizations: This lesson introdces the idea of customizing a Unix account and how to go about doing it.
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