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Enjoy activities, performances, and information about entertainers; includes online, video, movies, books, theater, and music
  • Social Networks: Social networking sites; extending back to the 1970's, people have consistently used online tools to expand, extend, re-invent, and build social groups; social networking is truly the Internet's own native entertainment activity; many of the functionalities and traditions from decades ago have become cast in different interfaces that include features such as profiles, friend and relationship links, instant messaging, blogs, and Web-based email
  • Video: Online and on demand; video-sharing has become a major form of entertainment on the net; amateur and professionally-made films, television shows and segments, news reports, documentaries, skits, comedy, and slice-of-life reality clips are provided for viewing online and on demand
  • Audio: Streaming or demand; audio has become important as wireless Internet has become more available and people like to listen to streaming radio stations, genre-specific streaming content, or purchase music for downloading on personal audio players
  • Movies: Internet Movie Database; provides an extensive database of movies and television shows; a hypertext database of films, with cross-references by many fields, including genre, actors, actresses, years of release, studios, and locations; information on movie plots, quotes, ratings, dates, locations, business, critics, hyperlinks, official Web sites, reviews, and more; strength: breathtakingly well-done implementation, deep and broad content well cross-referenced
  • TV: TV Guide; some people still have television sets; this is a guide to entertainment in television shows and movies, music, and sports; links to reviews and guides; including complete television program schedule grids
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