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Learn about activities involved in making goods and services known; communicating with potential and current consumers through advertising, promotion, and public relations; see also: business resources
  • AdAge: Advertising Age magazine; news, analysis, information, and data on advertising, marketing and media; site includes news, demographics, columns, blogs, podcasts, and white papers
  • AMA: American Marketing Association; professional associations for marketers; information, knowledge sharing and development in the marketing profession; Web site includes best practices, case studies, webcasts, articles and reports, and a dictionary of marketing terms
  • Web Marketing: ecommerce, email, Internet marketing; annotated links to articles and resources; articles from current and past issues of Web Marketing Today, Web Marketing Today Premium, and Doctor Ebiz; Wilson Internet Services
  • WOMMA: Word of Mouth Marketing Association; consumer-to-consumer and consumer-to-marketer communications; site includes library of information including case studies; related concepts include viral, buzz, grassroots, street team and other types of marketing in which the consumer is active or activated
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