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Locate and use tools and information for personal finance and money management; includes information about handling money, investments, and practical advice and tools
  • Investopedia: investing education; dictionary, articles, stock simulator, stock quotes; mutual funds, retirement, professional education
  • SmartMoney: personal investing; stock and mutual fund information including quotes and charts, market updates, and personal finance investing tools and advice; joint publishing venture of Dow Jones & Company, Inc. and Hearst SM Partnership
  • Dave Ramsey: personal money management emphasizing debt avoidance; personal finance radio talk show host; emphasis is on the behavior of people who have problems handling money, made worse by tendencies to get into debt and avoid budgeting, saving, and organizing personal finance; some "financial experts" seem to misunderstand Ramsey's emphasis and audience--this is not personal money management for sophisticates who wish to mathematically optimize cash flow and have debt, but personal money management for the many, many, many people who have a great deal of problems handling money at the basic level and handling access to credit of any kind; Ramsey's "baby steps" approach is practical, provides motivation, and is something that people who have problems handling money can understand, remember, and follow; numerous tips, motivation, and advice on the Web site as well as the streaming radio show
  • Forbes: personal finance and advice; covers investing advice and education, mutual funds, philanthropy, retirement and college, taxes and estates, and guru insights
  • Kiplinger Tools: financial calculators, investing and finance tools; use online forms to perform calculations related to stocks, funds, budgeting, taxes, savings, and income; for example, you can calculate how fast investing and saving can make you a millionaire, figure the cost of paying minimum credit card payments, and compare renting a home versus having mortgage debt
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