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Discover interesting Web sites based on ranked lists; a variety of approaches to ranking Web sites are possible: editorial selection, user nomination, or traffic flow and popularity; these ranking list sites are useful to help locate interesting or useful resources without having to sift through massive directories or puzzle through keyword search results; these sites are also useful for new users of the Internet who want to gain an awareness of notable or excellent sites
  • Alexa: top Web sites based on traffic; as measured by Alexa traffic rank which is based on Alexa Toolbar users; lists of top traffic sites in Arts, Business, Computers, Games, Health, Home, Kids and Teens, News, Recreation, Reference, Regional, Science, Shopping, Society, Sports, and World; useful to see what sites currently get many page views
  • 100best: A list of 100 sites on the Web; evaluated on criteria
  • Forbes: Best of the Web; editorially-selected best Web sites in many categories which are then further broken up into more specific topic areas; categories include: Blogs, Collecting, Education, Health, Investing, Look It Up, Luxe Shopping, Management, Personal Finance and Careers, The Good Life, and Travel; Weekly newsletter available; this is a very extensive collection and not recommended for getting a rapid overview of the best of the Web, but for looking at excellent sites in very specific topic areas
  • StartSpot: selective directories in specialized subject areas; well-organized and focused guides to the best Web resources in a variety of subject areas; Spot directories include: Book, Cinema, Genealogy, Give, Gourmet, Gov, Headline, Homework, Library, Museum, People, Shopping, and Trip
  • Hotsheet: Table of useful sites; concise table of sites in a variety of categories; cleverly done and customizable; best pick for a one-page overview of the best of the Web
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