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Discover user-generated navigation sites; a variety of Web sites allow users to contribute, share, participate, and otherwise build or tag information content; this shared content is useful for navigating the Web or discovering Web resources; specific applications include social bookmarking as well as news-sharing
  • social bookmarking; users keep lists of their favorite Web sites on this site and share these with others; rankings and sortings available so that you can find things; tags are used to organize bookmarks
  • user-contributed news; users contribute links to their favorite news articles and share links with others; coverage includes technology, science, world, business, sports, entertainment, and gaming
  • Reddit: user-generated news links
  • Blogs: diary-like entries conveying comments, opinions, news, and ideas; the original user-generated content on the Web were personal Web pages, which were sometimes called "home pages;" with the invention of blog software, people could instead focus on creating serial Web content; many blogs cover specific subject areas and are therefore often useful for discovering new resources or ideas in a given field
  • Alexa: toolbar-based site rankings and associations; users can install an Alexa toolbar to see information on Web sites they visit; information includes traffic ranking as well as links to other Web sites that share common visitors; user activity recorded by the toolbar reveals these Web page relationships; very useful for finding sites related to a given site, including competitor sites or any other sites that may relate because of user visitation patterns
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