This is the errata and technical notes page for HTML 3.2 & CGI Unleashed, Professional Reference Edition. The errata page for the first (1995) edition is still available.

Please send reports of errata to

  • If you have any problems with the CD-ROM, please contact a CD-ROM specialist at

  • See the source code directory to pick up any source code that was left off the CD. Let me know if you'd like to have any other files or examples online.

  • In the "Control of Chaos" chapter, the "fishpaper" application, a counter is decremented, that should be the "--" operator; it printed as only "-" which is illegal (can't compile that way).

  • sendmail ver 8.8.4 does not work with the mailform.cgi script; sendmail 8.8.5 does.

  • Page 347, Figure 14.5 should match Figure 14.4. (I took two separate sets of images of the form and its echoed data; unfortunately a mismatched pair went to production.) Use this echo form demonstration to convince yourself that indeed the form echo works.

  • Page 563, Figure 21.15: a transposition error; the correct image is Figure 22.9, page 638.

  • Page 638, Figure 22.9: should have been Figure 21.15, delete from chapter 22.

  • Page 653, Figure 22.12: content is invalid; disregard this figure.

  • Page 653, Figure 22.13: content is invalid; disregard this figure.

  • Page 837, Chapter 29: C-Based Gateway Scripting (Michael Perry): updates, corrections, and source code are available

  • Page 850: In "getline," the line reading

    should read


  • Page 851: In "send_fd," the lines reading

    c=fgetc(6) and if(feof(6))
    should read

    c=fgetc(f) and if(feof(f))

  • Page 855: The line

    printf("<P>Unable to read data from %s!<P>", outfile);
    should read

    printf("<P>Unable to read data from %s!<P>", infile);

  • Appendix G: This appendix relates to Netscape 3.0 beta 2; IEx 3.0 alpha 1, and Mosaic 2.1.
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