December 17, 1996
The fourth edition (1997) will be in bookstores soon; I updated the book info page with the new ISBN.
November 23, 1996
Updated look and feel of opening page; added help page.
May 4, 1996
October 4, 1996
Updated look and feel of support web; updated link to Top of the Web support; HTML 3.2 & CGI Unleashed, Professional Reference available.
May 4, 1996
Updated look and feel of support web; moved support web to host. Updated chapter support pages.
February 19, 1996
Web Development support web.
October 8, 1995
Updated look and feel of this and all support webs.
September 23, 1995
Updated look and feel and contents of book support web; table of contents page now flags new material for the 1995 edition with New for '95: and updated material with Updated for '95: . New Upcoming Events page.
September 20, 1995
Publication date for Presenting Java.
June 1995
German edition published: The World Wide Web für Insider (H. Hajer and R. Kolbeck, Trans.). Haar bei München, Germany: Markt und Technik.
June 21, 1995
Publication date of second edition.
June 1, 1995
David Woolley has a support page for Chapter 41, Conferencing On the Web
May 31, 1995
Added more information about HTML at all levels (including table examples) for the Chapter 33 and Chapter 34 support pages.
April 1995
Over 113,400 pounds of WWW Unleashed have been sold! ...that's more than a dozen copies ;).
March 14, 1995
John December fielded questions about the Web, life, and everything in Hotwired's Club Wired. A transcript is available.
March 8, 1995
John December took part in netweek@borders, a three-day series of talks at Borders Books and Music headquarters store in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
February 1995
Second printing of WWW Unleashed available.
January 5, 1995
Macmillan Information SuperLibrary is now online. The Author Talk section of the first newsletter includes an article about the genesis of The World Wide Web Unleashed. Also on this server is a order page for The World Wide Web Unleashed.
November 22, 1994
Support pages for chapter 33, chapter 18, and an errata page were started.
November 2, 1994
John December gave a presentation about managing Internet information, based on chapter 39, "Challenges for Web Information Providers", at EDUCOM '94, San Antonio, Texas.
November 1, 1994
Chapter 43, "Challenges for a Webbed Society," by John December published in Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine.
October 26, 1994
Book publication date.
October 18, 1994
Press release announcing book
October 15, 1994
Support web started.
October 1, 1994
Chapter 39, "Challenges for Web Information Providers," by John December published in Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine.
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