Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine / Volume 2, Number 4 / April 1, 1995 / Page 13

Digital Watercolor and Life-long Learning

From Being Digital, pages 220-221:

"Personal computers will make our future adult population simultaneously more mathematically able and more visually literate. Ten years from now, teenagers are likely to enjoy a much richer panorama of options because the pursuit of intellectual achievement will not be tilted so much in favor of the bookworm, but instead cater to a wider range of cognitive styles, learning patterns, and expressive behaviors.

"The middle ground between work and play will be enlarged dramatically. The crisp line between love and duty will blur by virtue of a common denominator -- being digital. The Sunday painter is a symbol of a new era of opportunity and respect for creative avocations -- lifelong making, doing, and expressing. When retired people take up watercolors today, it is like a return to childhood, with very different rewards from those of the intervening years. Tomorrow, people of all ages will find a more harmonious continuum in their lives, because, increasingly, the tools to work with and the toys to play with will be the same. There will be a more common palette for love and duty, for self-expression and group work."

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