Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine / Volume 2, Number 3/ March 1, 1995 /

Netoric Cafe Invitation - February 14th

             Please come to Netoric's Tuesday Cafe Discussion
                            February 14, 1995
                              8:00 p.m. EST
                  in Netoric's Tuesday Cafe on MediaMOO

         New Environments, New Metaphors, New Pedagogies (Part 2)
                              To join us:
         Telnet to MediaMOO at 8888
         connect guest OR connect your character if you have one
                @go Tuesday OR @join Tari or @join GregS

       If you're new to Netoric and/or MOOing, Netoric's Information
         and MOOhelpsheet is available on the Netoric gopher site:
              Select "Alliance for Computers and Writing"
                       Then select "NETORIC"
             Finally, select, and use the help
              selections for your gopher client to find out
             how to e-mail the guide (helpsheet) to yourself.
         If you have trouble getting the helpsheet, just write to
        Tari or Greg--addresses below--and we'll e-mail it to you.
      This Tuesday we continue our discussion of the possibilities
      of net spaces with a look at Greg's call to examine our 
      metaphors.  Greg's article is available at:        
      If you don't have web access, write to one of us and we'll e-mail
      it to you, and if you don't have time to do the "homework," please 
      come anyway!
      See you Tuesday!

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