Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine / Volume 2, Number 3/ March 1, 1995 /

Netoric Cafe Invitation - February 7th

             Please come to Netoric's Tuesday Cafe Discussion
                            February 7, 1995
                              8:00 p.m. EST
                  in Netoric's Tuesday Cafe on MediaMOO


        New Environments, New Metaphors, New Pedagogies (Part 1)

                              To join us:
         Telnet to MediaMOO at 8888
         connect guest OR connect your character if you have one
                @go Tuesday OR @join Tari or @join GregS

       If you're new to Netoric and/or MOOing, Netoric's Information
         and MOOhelpsheet is available on the Netoric gopher site:
              Select "Alliance for Computers and Writing"
                       Then select "NETORIC"
             Finally, select, and use the help
              selections for your gopher client to find out
             how to e-mail the guide (helpsheet) to yourself.
         If you have trouble getting the helpsheet, just write to
        Tari or Greg--addresses below--and we'll e-mail it to you.

      The January issue of _Computer Mediated Communication Magazine_
      contains several articles by Netoric regulars, addressing several
      topics that other Netoric participants have asked to discuss at
      Tuesday Cafes this term.  This week, we'd like to begin discussing
      some of those topics, using the various _CMC_ articles as starting
      points for the discussion.  We'll begin with the article "MUDs in
      Education: New Environments, New Pedagogies," which you can read
      on the web at:

      That article discusses the problems of thinking of educational
      MUDs in terms of traditional education and employing traditional
      pedagogical methods to incorporate MUDs into the classroom, thereby
      negating the unique learning experiences MUDs can offer.  Of course,
      we hope this discussion can be extended to other internet resources
      we might use in our classes.

      If you don't have web access, write to Tari, address below, to have
      the article e-mailed to you.  (Oh, and by all means show up even if
      you don't have time to read the article--this discussion is certainly
      bigger than just one article!)

      See you Tuesday!

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