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Masthead / ISSN 1076-027X / Volume 2, Number 5 / May 1, 1995 / Page 1

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Return to the Internet World
- There's Gold in Them Thar Phone Lines
Amelia DeLoach explores the issues arising from the Spring '95 Internet World Conference and Exhibition which took place in San Jose April 10-13th.

- New Directions at Internet World
John December attended Internet World in San Jose, and reports on some aspects of the "look and feel" of the conference.

CMC News

- The Cutting Edge: News in Brief
Chris Lapham continues with more news from Internet World and beyond, including the latest on CompuServe, Yahoo, and the '96 Olympics.

- I Survived Comdex
John December was in Atlanta for the end of Freaknik and the start of "Geeknik"--the '95 Spring Comdex (Computer dealers expo).


- Exploring New York City's Online Community
Michael Hauben reports on the life of New York online, touching on both the idea and the realization of community online.

- " How Will This Improve Student Writing?" Reflections on an Exploratory Study of On-line and Off-Line Texts
Steve Krause questions whether online class discussion actually improves student writing.


- Slick, But Not Complete
Sean McCandless reviews Internet Slick Tricks, an introductory Internet book from Alfred and Emily Glossbrenner.


- Editorial
Gramercy Press on the Web: MCI's Ambiguous Adventure in Advertising
Have you met Darlene (one of the Web's most popular characters)? Kevin Hunt critiques Darlene's home on MCI's Gramercy Press site.

- From the Nets
Pomp and Circuit-stance by Lisa Schmeiser

- Mbox
Responding to last month's review of Being Digital, Shayne Weyker comments on Nicholas Negroponte's "demo or die" philosophy at MIT's Media Lab.

- The Last Link
Representation(s) and a Sense of Self: The Subtle Abstractions of MOO Talk
Stephen Doheny-Farina examines the subtle language abstractions possible in Multiple User Dialogues--Object Oriented (MOOs).

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