Masthead CMC Magazine November 1, 1995 / Page 8


Intimacy(?) Online

From The Emperor's Virtual Clothes, page 158:

"Cybersex is talking dirty in real time, describing various sexual acts in chronological and intimate detail, with a partner who could be anything or anyone you could possibly imagine. Here is how it is done:
  1. Two people sit alone in front of their respective computers, anywhere in the world.

  2. They type onto the screen a description of what they might be doing to one another if they were not separated by three thousand miles, marriage, total lack of acquaintance, and the fact that one of them is really just a thirteen-year-old boy pretending to be a voluptuous blonde woman of twenty-five.

  3. When they type these descriptions, such as 'I am ripping off your blouse in a passionate frenzy,' the description is read almost immediately by the other person and that person types a response. 'Careful, it's faux silk.'

  4. They sometimes do things in the privacy of their own homes that would embarrass me, but maybe not Jocelyn Elders."

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