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From reynoldb@ZIAVMS.ENMU.EDU Fri Jul 21 15:42:59 1995
From: reynoldb@ZIAVMS.ENMU.EDU (Barra Chantel Reynolds) 
Subject: CU-SeeMe 

I spend a lot of time on CU-SeeMe; those around uninitiated
into the joys of the program say I am addicted.  I think they
just don't want to expend energy.  Since it requires only the software,
a computer, an external microphone, and a Quick Cam (all of which are
here in the lab), I feel sorry for them; they don't what they're

Ostensibly, I am on CUSM as an instructor; my students and I
spend at least one hour a day video conferencing with people
around the world.  We've had conferences with McMurdo Station in
Antarctica, question/answer sessions with individuals in Belgium, and
practiced our Spanish with persons in Mexico City.  For poor,
underprivileged students from New Mexico's smaller communities, these
interactions seem unreal.

However, once my students have's my turn.  Generally
I spend the next three or four hours bouncing from reflector to
reflector, leaving only when my contacts threaten to suck all moisture
from my corneas.  Perhaps this is excessive, but given a choice between
this and television, I'll take CUSM.  It's far more entertaining.

Cornell is the busiest and probably the most popular
reflector.  It has a community of regulars, and I'm proud to
say that I've become rather well-known there.  Approximately 1 p.m.
MDT, Kirk, Brett, Dave, Art, Eric, the Rome Guys Todd and Scott,
M=E5ry, the Merlinator, Southpaw, Aloof, Mademoiselle, Old Guy, and
Mike Mantis have all appeared at least once.  Around 3 p.m. Darryl
arrives, and within the hour Batwoman graces us with her presence.
Naturally there are others, but I am most familiar with these
individuals.  Already there have been CUSM Real World parties, people
are dating, and we've devoted homepages to our CUSM friends.  We've
also managed to run off some unsavories although I don't know if we're
proud of that yet.

However, that's just the day-time crew; at night Cornell is
almost frightening--at least for women.  Because of the element
of anonymity provided by the lurkers, nicknames, and blank windows,
people feel free to say, and do, literally anything.   There's the odd
exhibitionist, several would-be voyeurs, and always the invitation to
the private (aka sex) reflector.  So far I've been asked to reveal my
breasts, have listened to various disgusting suggestions, and have been
invited to the private reflectors.  Fortunately, I've only visited
night-time Cornell once.

Regardless of the element (and I infinitely prefer the day
crew), CU-SeeMe is unlike anything else the Internet has to
offer.  My students have commented on the similarities between CU-SeeMe
and those AT&T commercials (It's coming, and we'll bring it to you).
Oddly enough, it's already here.

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