Masthead CMC Magazine October 1, 1995 / Page 15


From: Markus Schlegel 
Subject: letter to the editor

In his article about the "Untimely Death of Yahoo," (CMC Magazine,
September 95), Louis B. Rosenfeld takes an apporach which, 
considering Yahoo alone, certainly corresponds to my experiences 
in searching the Net.

However, the situation doesn't seem hopeless; solutions could 
exist. In a distributed environment for the retrieval and 
dissemination of information, much of the responsibility rests 
with those actually offering information. A few guidelines 
that could be helpful for the info-provider:

All this bases on the understanding of two concepts, which might eventually turn out to be quite relevant: on one hand, you will have to be ready to share your really relevant information (the "who-information", as opposed to the "what-information") with an unknown reader. That is mainly a question of courage, examples, however, exist. On the other, some research points into the direction that the passing on of information in the form of hypertext will be much more what it has been--oral tradition, "frozen" into links to other sources of original information. In all, distribution is all about moving away responsibilities from clearinghouses, while significantly increasing the responsibilities of every single Net-citizen.

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