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ISSN 1076-027X / Volume 2, Number 10 / October 1, 1995 / Page 1

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Of revolutions, government, and politics...


 The Cutting Edge: Listening To The Echo Of Small Voices
Chris Lapham has high hopes that the MIT Media Lab's "Day In The Life Of Cyberspace" exhibit will attract visitors from outside the wired world.

 Java Takes Manhattan / Impressions of Java Day
"The hottest new jolt to hit the Web!" and "The Holy Grail of programming!" I guess you had to be there, and John December was, at Java Day in New York City that is. If you weren't, then find out what all the raves are about.


 The Senate's New Online Majority
As Technology Advisor to the Senate Democratic Technology Communications Committee, Chris Casey offers an insider's look at how the Internet can bring people closer to their government.

 Upgrade Our Local Governments: Civics, Community, and CMC
Christian Sandvig, who has been working with the City of Davis Police Department on an Internet Outreach Project, encourages us to take a more realistic perspective and think about government On the Net, not government OF the Net.

 Is State Government Ready For The Web?
New York State Government employees got a tour of the Web--some for the first time--at a recent regional conference. According to Amelia DeLoach, state employees are more than ready to surf cyberspace, but getting them wired maybe another story.


 Book Review: The Future Does Not Compute
Kevin Hunt recommends reading Stephen Talbott's look at the paradoxes inherent in the computer and network technology we've created and their origins in our own consciousness.

 Calls for articles
Philosophical Perspectives Free Speech in CMC... Technological Determinism

Information responsibilities...

 The Last Link: The Glorious Revolution of 1971
Stephen Doheny-Farina reveals the revolution in communication technology that happened almost a quarter century ago--raising the question: would we see a revolution when we saw it?

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