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 Editor's Page
Will they Come?...


 New Kids on the Net...
If you've haven't heard, online communication is becoming big business. A major new public company and a major new online network were born this month.


 Marshall McLuhan Meets William Gibson in "Cyberspace"
Mick Doherty explores the linguistic and cultural roots of the term cyberspace. Does cyberspace even exist? Or is the term just a pithy saying that can't be implemented?


 Call for Papers: Philosophical Perspectives Free Speech in CMC
The August 1995 issue of CMC Magazine only touched the surface of the issues surrounding free speech, pornography and censorship in computer-mediated communication. Dr. Charles Ess of Drury College will be the special guest editor of an upcoming issue of CMC Magazine which will focus in more detail on philosophical perspectives of free speech online.

 Call for Papers: Technological Determinism
What is the relationship between communications technology and human needs? Are we driven by technology? Or are we in the driver's seat? This is a call for papers in another upcoming special issue of CMC Magazine.


 A Snake, Some Oil
Rory McGreal reviews Clifford Stoll's Silicon Snake Oil.


Of Time and pornography...

 From the Nets: Peeking through the Web's Window
Lisa Schmeiser does the equivalent of rummaging in other peoples' private places, examining voyeurism and personal journals on the Web.

 The Last Link: The Untimely Death of Yahoo
Louis B. Rosenfeld comes here not to condemn Yahoo, nor to praise it. Although he lauds the mighty subject tree, he predicts its ultimate demise and ruminates on the Web's lost simplicity.

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