Masthead CMC Magazine / April 1, 1996
 The Status of the Information Society, by Michel Bauwens

Cyber-Feminism Defined

Typically, the cyber-feminists are not just a carbon copy of traditional feminists but operate from different premises. For example, traditional feminism states that despite the claims of gender being less important in cyberspace, that the Internet is still a sexist environment, and basically that the struggle must go on.

Cyberfeminism provides a more optimistic reading and is fairly typical of the enthusiasms generated by the Internet. According to cyberfeminists like Sadie Plant, the Internet is a quintessentially female technology. First, the values of the Internet, like the free exchange of information, the lessening of hierarchy, and the nurturing aspects of virtual communities, are female values. Second, networking technology is a final proof that the technology is out of control and that the traditional male quest of control can no longer operate. Hence, she claims that the Internet represents nothing less than the death of patriarchy. ^

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