Masthead CMC Magazine / April 1, 1996
 Waiting for Democracy in Cyberspace, by Amelia DeLoach

Here's the response I received from New Gingrich:

"Thank you for contacting me through the House of Representatives' Constituent Electronic Mail System (CEMS). I am pleased to be a part of this effort to offer citizens a quick and efficient way to communicate with their representatives in Congress.

As the ability of Congress to communicate and share information over the Internet is expanded, I expect that program enhancements will be announced and additional members will choose to participate. Your patience during these early stages of the CEMS is greatly appreciated. You can learn more about the CEMS through the Internet address CONGRESS@HR.HOUSE.GOV.

If you live in my Congressional District, please be assured that any message you send me over the Internet will be brought to my attention. Be sure to include your mailing address in your Internet message. Thank you again for your interest.



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