Masthead CMC Magazine / April 1, 1996
 A Map for the Civic-Minded, by Don Langham

Expanding Policy Discussions

"Democratizing the NII's policy-making process will not be an easy task," Miller acknowledges in his conclusion.

"To make sure that our investments create a future focused on more than escapist movies and endless consumption, we need to expand the discussion to a broader range of policy issues than those that are being addressed by national leaders today." (p. 397)

Civilizing Cyberspace is a good springboard for expanding that discussion. Readers unfamiliar with the political, social and economic issues surrounding the NII's development should find it especially valuable. More knowledgeable readers should find it a helpful map for locating their knowledge within the larger NII landscape. And for anyone with blind faith in the inherent social "goodness" of competitive markets or communication technology, Civilizing Cyberspace provides a helpful lesson in how our technology ultimately reflects our values, whether we take responsibility for them or not. --

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