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ISSN 1076-027X / Volume 3, Number 4 / April 1, 1996

Waiting for Democracy in Cyberspace
Amelia DeLoach introduces this issue on government and democracy online.


* The Status of the Information Society
Michel Bauwens explores the complexity of relationships between political forces--including government, unions, and the media--and their acceptance of technology as a tool for change.

* Building Democracy Online
How can cyberspace be used for fostering and sustaining democratic discourse? Scott Aikens and Erna Koch describe the Minnesota Electronic Democracy Project and what insights it provides into online democracy.

* New Congressional Network Coming
United States House Speaker Gingrich appointed Michigan Congressman Vernon Ehlers to spearhead the effort to revamp the House of Representatives computer system more than a year ago. Amelia DeLoach interviews Congressman Ehlers about the new system to be introduced in September 1996 and the role of the online world in democratic processes.

* Email Goes to Washington
Last November, Amelia DeLoach sent out a questionnaire to Senate and Congressional offices to find out how they view email as a way to keep in touch with their constituency. What she found is that they're grappling with the new form of communication.


* A Map for the Civic-Minded
Don Langham reviews Steve Miller's Civilizing Cyberspace, an assessment of what's needed to design a National Information Infrastructure that will serve the interests of us all.

* From the Nets: The Senate's New Online Majority, Part II
Chris Casey, Technology Advisor to the United States Senate Democratic Technology and Communications Committee, updates us on Congressional activity on the Web and how to access the information available.

* Call For Articles: Education and Computer-Mediated Communication
Is cyberspace a place for education? John December calls for articles on computer-mediated communication and education for the September 1996 issue of CMC Magazine.

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