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Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine
ISSN 1076-027X / Volume 3, Number 8 / August 1, 1996

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We look at how international communication is being used online as well as the influence of politics.


* Little Italy, Wide World
Marco Farinelli describes his experiences with computer-mediated communication and international relations. He hopes that young people will recognize the contribution they can make to global issues via online communication.

* Irish Expatriate Keeps in Touch Via the Web
Sue Church relates how expatriates are using the World Wide Web to keep in touch. They are reading Web-based newspapers, sharing resources, and chatting online.

* China Denies Visa to WWW Conference Speaker
The Chinese government refused to grant a visa to Elizabeth Wong, a Legislative Councillor in Hong Kong, who was scheduled to speak at the Asia Pacific World Wide Web Conference in Beijing this month. Her vision is for an online world relatively free of government interference.


* Book Excerpt: Computerization at Work
In this excerpt from the book, Computerization and Controversy: Value Conflicts and Social Choices, Rob Kling examines how computer-based systems enhance or degrade the quality of working life. He criticizes both technological utopianism and anti-utopianism as key genres which inform many normative accounts about how organizations should or should not computerize work.

* Conference Report: Will the FCC Recognize the Need for Universal Service?
Ronda Hauben reports what went on a recent Internet Society-sponsored conference in Montreal. A United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) representative was there, but Hauben found him unresponsive about the issue of universal service.


* Book Review: The Net Lowdown
John December reviews Rules of the Net by Thomas Mandel and Gerard Van der Leun, a book that shouldn't be judged by its cover.

* The Last Link: O Brave New Net!
Ellen Blais relates her story of what happens when the technical jargon of Net communication gets in the way of human communication.

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