Masthead CMC Magazine / February 1, 1996
 Contemplating Roads Less Traveled, by Kevin Hunt

An Appeal to the Common Folk

In charting out "the road ahead," his blueprint for how computers and communication technology will be a part of all of our lives in the coming years, Gates relies on the experiences he's gained leading a life that most would agree has been extraordinary. And indeed, Gates seems to take great stock in the wealth of his experiences, documenting some of them in great detail throughout the book: early technological tinkering at private school; his first glimpse, with Paul Allen, of the Altair 8800; poker played and contacts made at Harvard; and of course, the cultivation and command of a $16 billion-a-year multinational corporation. In doing so, he shows just how embedded his vision of the future is within --the unique circumstances and culture which gave rise to his own career.

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