Masthead CMC Magazine / February 1, 1996
 Contemplating Roads Less Traveled, by Kevin Hunt

Bill's Vision, For Bill Only

Of course, forging a future vision based on the unique world view that past experiences have fostered is understandable and indeed unavoidable. We all do the same thing. But the difference between Bill and the rest of us is this: as one of the most prominent figures in these early stages of the information age, Bill carries a little more weight than we do; certainly his vision will be influential in shaping how communications technologies will touch our lives. Unfortunately, throughout the book Gates gives no acknowledgement of the other landscapes out there--no recognition that the needs and knowledge, the dreams and desires, of the rest of us, might not always mesh with his. Yet despite this lack of recognition, he still tries hard to play the common man, casually mentioning that the information highway will be --an equalizing, democratizing force.

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