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ISSN 1076-027X / Volume 3, Number 2 / February 1, 1996

* Editor's Page: Blinded by Science?
Is technological determinism another way of saying "if you build it they will come?"


* Shaping and Being Shaped
Daniel Chandler outlines a framework for looking at technological determinism. He examines how the selectivity of media shifts the purposes of users giving rise to resonances which can best be understood by shifting frames of reference.

* Hopes and Horrors
In this excerpt from his new book, Computerization and Controversy: Value Conflicts and Social Choices, Rob Kling explores the social assumptions underlying the stories about computerization and change in social life.

* Information Technology Systems as Publics
John Monberg argues that hard technological determinism has it all wrong: communication technologies don't increase communication--they decrease it.

* The Electronic Colonization of the Pacific
Are Web technologies pushing back control of indigenous cultures? Dirk H.R. Spennemann, Jim Birckhead, David G. Green, and John S. Atkinson examine Pacific cultures and the relationship of communications technologies to their lives.

* Toward Broadening our Research Agenda in Cyberspace
Laura Gurak makes a case that technological determinism can narrow research agendas in CMC. Instead of oversimplified dichotomies, she calls for strong case studies of what is really happening in cyberspace.


* The Cutting Edge: Do We Need Mass in the Medium?
Chris Lapham steps out of the frenzy of technological change to ask what the rest of the world thinks of the wide Web.

* Book Review: Contemplating Roads Less Traveled
Kevin Hunt travels the road through Bill Gates' book and sees only the roadside.

* Call for Articles: Politics on the Web
Amelia DeLoach calls for your ideas for an upcoming special issue of CMC Magazine focusing on politics on the Web.

* Call for Articles: Experiences and Lessons from Web Publishing
John December asks Web publishers to share their experiences and lessons learned for an upcoming special of CMC Magazine.

* Call for Articles: Business Models for the Web
Chris Lapham asks how a successful business model of Web sites can evolve. She calls for your ideas for an upcoming special issue of CMC Magazine.

* The Last Link: I'm Online, You're Online
Steve Jones wonders if the technologies of online communication are indeed in danger of replacing human interaction.

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