Masthead CMC Magazine / January 1, 1996

 A Dialogical Perspective of Feminism and Pornography, by Robert Cavalier

Pornography and Exchange

Rorty's essay, "Feminism and Pragmatism," credits MacKinnon with the skill and imagination necessary to change the framework of a conversation such that the very terms of exchange become altered. "So she sees feminists as needing to alter the data of moral theory rather than needing to formulate principles which fit pre-existent data better. Feminists are trying to get people to feel indifference or satisfaction where they once recoiled, and revulsion and rage where they once felt indifference or resignation." (p. 3) If successful, the redescription of pornography as abuse and discrimination allow one to feel comfortable with censorship and prohibition.

But this view may -- stifle alternate views.

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