Masthead CMC Magazine / January 1, 1996

 A Dialogical Perspective of Feminism and Pornography, by Robert Cavalier


  • The mixed gender editorial staff of "O" Magazine confronts the stereotypes of a misogynist, Mafia dominated 'sex industry' :

  • 'Published' Web-sites bypass the traditional bookstore/mail order distribution routes. The philosophies and attitudes found at many of these sites reveal a surprising variety of perspectives and experiences. See, for example:

    • Yellow Silk Magazine--"Produced for women as well as men, YELLOW SILK always offers up its heat with a great deal of warmth, and figures the heart and brain are too often ignored as erotic organs."

    • "People Empowering People"--An "Organization which Explores Consensual Dominance/Submission, S/M and Bondage & Discipline Relationships with Acceptance, Caring, Respect and Dignity."

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