July 1996

In this issue, we take another look at gender online. Gérard Martin examines gender and network computing and their role in online communcation. Leslie Regan Shade reviews a new book, wired_women: gender and new realities in cyberspace which (thankfully) gets beyond the obvious questions about women online and more closely relates women's experiences.

This issue also includes a call for articles about labor online to supplement the call for this special issue that was published last month.

I'm also asking a very basic question: just what is CMC? This magazine has published a lot of articles and essays about CMC, yet we've not taken the time to contemplate the definition of what we are writing and talking about. I'm interested in a variety of perspectives.

This issue includes an excerpt from the second edition of Computerization and Controversy: Value Conflicts and Social Choices, a book edited by Rob Kling. This excerpt introduces issues relating to social relationships in electronic forums.

I'm pleased to introduce another reader survey in this issue. Please take the time (about 6 minutes or so) to answer the questions--I'm always seeking ways to improve this magazine, and feedback from readers is the most important way that I can do this.

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